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Chuck Hagel: GOP being "irresponsible" on healthcare

By John Martin - Posted on 24 October 2009

Here's some of what the former Senator had to say earlier this month at the University of Michigan:

"As some Republican senators have said publicly -- that if we kill Obama on this, and we destroy this, and we defeat his, that will drive a stake through his political heart on this administration," the former senator, who retired at the end of his term in January, added. "I just find that about as irresponsible of a thing as I can think of."

Here's the entire speech, if you're looking for some context.  It's a little long, so here's the link to a The Hill article discussing it:

Ah, the right needed a new target. They can never get enough. Hagel is a RINO liberal now?

This won't convince anyone, because they'll easily pass him off. The GOP are too chickensh** to go against the base, Steele, Limbaugh, Beck etc etc etc. (sorry for that, i'm just kind of fed up)

I mean we all accept that there will be legitimate opposition because of true concern over the legislation but how can we tell who that is when 95% of the Republicans are lockstep with the 'if it's good for Obama, then we must oppose it' plan. They keep playing games with the issues, especially healthcare trying to manipulate the numbers so they can tell us things aren't so bad. It's hard to find concern or real discussion just video clip after video clip of talking points, talking points, talking points....

LOL, sorry for the rant. I just know that Chuck won't be taken seriously by those he's calling out so it just gets under my skin. If the base will dismiss Chuck then the GOP have to also keep them happy. 

It is becoming more and more apparent that the Republican opposition to health care reform is fueled by fear of the radicals in control of the party right now. Why else would all the Republican support come from those no longer in office, those who no longer fear the consequences of acting on what is in the best interest of the country. The hope for the Republican party may be in the New York congressional race which has split the party. The radicals, led by Dick Armey and supported by Sarah Palin, have produced an independent to run against the Republican candidate who is considered tooooo liberal (translation too moderate).  Maybe they will split off to form a third party, leaving the Republican party to return to its true values.  One can only hope.

Actually, Mitch McConnell has no fear or respect for the GOP "base."

He doesn't need it.

He owns Kentucky and has the Big Business (including the coal industry and insurance industry) badges to prove it, so he has no fear of the "base" dethroning him if for some bizarre fluke he were to suddenly care about his constituents (instead of his pockets) and agree to any participation in or compromise with Healthcare reform legislation.

But that doesn't mean he isn't above using that noise from the "base" to drive his control of senate Republicans.


I begrudgingly admire McConnell and knew him (slightly -- he would not remember me) when he was Exec. of Jefferson Cty, KY and I was a college administrator in Louisvlle (we actually worked out at the same health club, LOL).  

He is about as safe in his seat as anyone can be, but has taken his very insignificant political home base (KY offers relatively little nationally to either party in terms of regional clout, electoral muscle, or leading industries) and converted it to national prominence-- smartly identifying himself as the protector of big corporate and private donations in the campaign finance reform wars of the 1990s.  You may not make LOTS of friends that way, but the ones you do make can return favors in spectacular fashion.

McConnell rose to the top over Republican Senators from big political centers like Ohio,  PA, Texas, etc.  Gotta give credit where credit is due.

Plus, the guy could pedal the hell out of a stationary exercise bike.

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