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One thread gave me a thought on another topic....

By HopeForOurFuture - Posted on 15 October 2009

After the athiest thread and everyone's thoughts, I was thinking more about "the Truth" or how we all have our own beliefs on how things are, how God is or isn't. I came across this story after reading a book. I urge you to read it as it is very interesting to say the least. Then we can discuss.

 Read the story here:

Also here is a link on Noetic Sciences:




Like The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown's new book, The Lost Symbol, is creating controversy. This time it's about what's real and what's not in his interpretations of the many mysterious symbols that are in our nation's capitol. Were our founding fathers, who carefully designed and placed these mystical symbols, trying to tell us something? (They were Freemasons whose motto is ordo ab chao or "order out of chaos".) Are Brown's descriptions of noetic science (exploring the nature and potentials of consciousness) and quantum-indeterminate electronic noise REGS (Random Event Generators) fact or fiction? Are his assertions true that existing organizations had "categorically proven that human thought, if properly focused had the ability to affect and change physical mass" and that "our thoughts actually interacted with the physical world, whether or not we knew it, effecting change all the way down to the subatomic realm?"

Read more at:
That is very interesting, and I find a lot of it to be facts. My husband wanted to die at home. We have a large loveing family full of C.N.A,nurse's and care givers. One took a leave of absence to be with the man who raised her. Another stay at home mom brought her little one an moved in the last three weeks of his life. Two sisters slept on blow up beds during that time. The radiation of love for this man poured out of all them. He couldn't sleep for the pain, an ea person took turns sitting an talking day an night about the good times, happy memories an just holding his hand an smiles never ended for him. The tears waited till he passed on.  Knocks at the door never ended as freinds an family poured in to say their final good bye. Remembered an talked with him about the good he did for all of them. Thanking him an not giveing him time to ask,"Why me"! Not giveing him time to pity himself. It was probally the most out pouring of LOVE in the most raw stage I have ever witnessed for one person! It could be felt whenever you walked in my home an looked upon his happy face to have his family an freinds here so many at one time. The Sadness was just as profound upon his passing! But, we celebrated his passing with a camp out an barbeque an not a funeral service. this was his wish, an we honored it. To say the least the whole camp grounds was reserved for family an freinds four days after his passing. We talked,laughed,eat, cook an some even went fishing. We said good bye, an went home missing him, but still smileing from the huge turn out an generating of love that is still felt today by all of us! I only hope I die with half as much love,dignity an care from others, as he did. This out pouring of love helped him through days/nights of pain from the cancer slowly eating him alive. The stories an memories they talked about put his focus on the love they had for each other, instead of the pain an the fact he was to leave us. As he lost his voice, they spoke for him an to him. As he slowly sank into unconciousness they kept talking, hugging an telling their stories as if he could hear them, untill he drew his last breath. The energy of Their love for him, an his for them hung in the air like electric shock waves that sustained us. Yes, after feeling such power, I know it is true an real.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this with any one, untill now. These written article finally put into words what we had felt, an how powerful emotions an the Inbetween can be. I have sent this on to a lot of my family, an freinds an thank you for posting them here on this sight.
jupitor, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your beautiful and touching story.  I could almost feel the power of the love for your husband, and each other, as I read your words.  The memory of that powerful love, and the electricity it generated, will sustain you in the times ahead of you.  God bless you, my friend.

Very interesting and intriguing article.  Call it love, a consciousness shift, the law of attraction, the secret, or even the power of prayer....there is a cosmic something that we are only beginning to understand.  Or maybe to understand again.

a consciousness shift . . . I agree

On another note:

 Or maybe to understand again.

Yes!!! I think that is it, maybe again to understand. What fascinates me is some of our ancient cultures and how they built things that seem impossible without the equipment we have today.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power
the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix

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