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Art Ahead of its Time

By Kim Miller - Posted on 10 October 2009

I have run across two artworks -- one movie and one book -- that I have added to my must see/read list for apparently foreshadowing what we see today. 

I wondered if anyone here is familiar with either, and has any commentary.

The movie: A Face in the Crowd, starring Andy Griffith, 1957. My understanding is that it is the exact story of Glenn Beck, told 52 years ago.

The book:  It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis, 1935.  Here's a copy & paste of a synopsis:

It starts with the highly contested election of an oafish yet strangely charismatic president, who talks like a "reformer" but is really in the pocket of big business, who claims to be a home-spun "humanist," while appealing to religious extremists, and who speaks of "liberating" women and minorities, as he gradually strips them of all their rights. One character, when describing him, says, "I can't tell if he's a crook or a religious fanatic.

I'll let you guess which real life person that reminds me of....

I am always amazed when artistic media predicts real life, especially so far ahead of its time.

  1. Has anyone seen the movie or read the book and want to comment?
  2. Any other movies or books that you know of that do the same thing?


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