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The Iraq Clock is ticking...

By John Martin - Posted on 19 April 2007

So apparently Robert Gates was in Iraq today telling their government that our committment there wasn't open-ended.  What does this mean?  They obviously know we'll be there through January 2009, because that's when Bush gets to pass it off to whoever the next President it.
Bush is concerned with his legacy, though. Gates apparently told the Iraqis that the U.S. would be there long term, just maybe not patrolling the streets. Maybe it would make more sense for Bush to pull troops aside, and try laying the blame on the Iraqi government.
Anybody else see what Bush had to say about Iraq?  Looks like he expects us to have troops there pretty much indefinetely, just like we have in Korea.  We already have about 30k there and then another 80k in Germany.  Will we have 50 thousand more committed to Iraq now?  Looks like our empire is going to be strechted pretty thin!

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