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Words of Wisdom from a GOP Congressman

By lephead - Posted on 10 August 2009

I wanted to point out the very rational opinion of Congressman Darrel Issa of California concerning the Sotomayor nomination.  I think he points out the test of a candidate for the courts.  We can all speculate how someone might vote on an issue, but that is not a real good indicator of whether they should be confirmed or not.  As he points out, there was plenty of opportunity to air concerns.  And I hope I was correct about Senator Graham of SC, who voted FOR confirmation, that he was trying to get those potential concerns out there, so others would vote as he did.

I agree with the good common sence of Pep Issa on this point.  In another thread I said that Judge Sotomayor met all of the requirements, and that should be all that is needed for confirmation.

I admit I was watching to see how Graham voted, after his questioning, but all the while giving broad hints that he would vote "aye".   More should have followed suit.

The GOP senators are so afraid of the NRA tarring and feathering them that they just caved. Don't forget, at least some of the GOP senators who voted "nay" on the Sotomayor confirmation would likely have voted "yea" had the issue been in doubt.

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