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A couple of good health care articles

By TinSoldier - Posted on 08 August 2009

Well, one I don't have a link to, but it's in the current issue of Reader's Digest called "Quick Study: Bill of Health". It's kind of a digest of articles from other sources on the definitions of rationing, socialized medicine, overtreatment, the culture of medecine, comparative effectiveness research, and incentives. Good stuff, really, except maybe the one on incentives.

 The article is probably worth the cover price of the magazine, but maybe it will be up on the website when the next issue comes out.

The other article is actually an op-ed by Charles Krauthammer. Now, personally, Krauthammer is a bit too far to the right for me but he is a pretty smart person and I think this piece bears reading:

Some interesting points there. Now Misty mentioned actual malpractice insurance premiums in another thread and linked to some interesting information. However the costs in our sue-happy nation go beyond just the insurance.

Then again, as the article Misty linked pointed out, neither do we really want to stop a wronged party from being able to sue for wrongdoing.  But I still wish that I could have found a good link for the RD article... 

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