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What do ya like and what do you dislike?

By BlakeyV - Posted on 30 July 2009

 I havent had much time to be on here and rarely even get the chance to view what ya all are yacking about..but I was wondering how you feel about the first 6+months. Good change?? What do you like and what do you dislike? You happy about all that has happened?? You can add on whatever you feel like sorta like an open thread...I may not be back to check real quick but maybe over the weekend....See ya later.

I like that Obama is trying to change the mindset of the country, and of the world.

He has made mistakes (commenting on the Gates matter without studying it first was one; not presenting his own health care plan, and vigorously defending it, has been another; possibly putting too much emphasis on bi-partisanship was another). I am sure there are other examples. Admitting to the world that America has been wrong in its foreign policies many times was NOT one of the mistakes, nor was being "cool and calculated" about the Iranian election fiasco.

It's only been a little over six months; still a long ways to go. Let's see what happens.


Among other things, I like:

(1) The admission that he misspoke about the Gates arrest, and had the Happy Hour at the White House. (2) Obama's overall accessibility; I know lots of people joke about how much press he gets, but he really had to be in the public eye a lot after the secrecy and inaccessibility of the previous Administration. (3) His picks on many in his leadership team you DON'T hear about every day, esp. in the field of finance (w/ possible exception of a certain Treasury Sec'y, so you can count that as one of my dislikes). (4) His handling of the Somali pirate mess. (5) His class, calmness, and leadership style.

My dislikes (I prefer to call them disappointments):

(1) see #3b above. (2) Pushing health care reform on top of cap & trade.  I wasn't crazy about cap & trade -- I truly wonder if we get a good return on investment (however, I'll point out that McCain supported C&T as a Pres candidate, so that wasn't a decision-maker for me).  He also used up some political capital on C&T, making HC reform less sellable.  (3) Also on the HC reform issue, I wished he would be more forceful in fighting the lobbyists; I sense he's giving in to them, or standing by while Congress gives into them, too much.  (4) The lack of action on Don't Ask Don't Tell. 

Overall, I knew I would have disappointments the day I voted for him.  He's human and imperfect. 

I also knew that the issue of massive gov't spending would be a factor, since Congress is controlled by Dems.

My vote was NOT b/c the liberal media convinced me to vote for a rock star; my vote was b/c I had done thorough research on Obama and McCain, as well as the issues, and came up w/ my decision all by myself.  If I could live Election Day Nov '08 all over again, I would still make the same choice.  No doubt about it. 


I agree with much of what Kim said.

Likes that come to mind:

1. Ability to admit that he is imperfect and the U.S. has been imperfect (aka "the apology tour"-don't see that as weak at all, actually shows much strength)

2.  Efforts to reach out to Republicans and appoint them in his administration.

3.  Cool & collected demeaner. He really thinks things through (Iran situation comes to mind) rather than blasting another country just to vent. He is a role model for all of us quick to anger.

4. He talks up, not down, to the American people. The press accuse him of using too many big words and answers that are too lengthy. We can handle it and appreciate the elevated level of discussion!

5. Accessibility and openness

6. I applaud his role in helping the U.S. to be embraced again (or at least better liked) by other countries (Europe, Middle East, etc.)

7. His devotion to Michelle and his kids. How wonderful to have such a true "family guy" in the white house.


1. Gay issues seem to be on the back burner. I undertand it but wish he could quicken his stride.

2.  Efforts to reach out to Republicans when it goes too far and waters things down or when they refuse to vote with him anyway

3.  Seems to keep up some of the policies of Bush in regard to Guantanamo (limited rights), secrecy, and transparency when it comes to past activities of the CIA (protecting them)

4. Not being supportive of investigations of torture for the senior people involved.

5. Not calling out the lobbyist connections enough or passing laws to limit their role more (healthcare debate influence, for example.)

Overall, I have been very impressed. He has so much on his plate yet he seems enthused about tackling every important issue. 

I think I gave him an A +++++++++++++ for his first 100 days and he now stands at a solid A. He is doing just fine and I'm sure he will keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing him sign a good health care bill.





He talks up, not down, to the American people

I love the way you said that!  And I happen to agree with your point. 


Thanks for the support!

I like Kim and Kelly's comments.  I was hopeful about a certain Treasury Secretary and have become disappointed too.

I might add that so far I feel like I voted for a Democrat who has not disappointed me.  I say that because today I HAD to send an email to my senior US Senator (Baucus) about why he should vote for Sotomayor.  I'm beginning to be a little unsure about voting for him.  This should be a bread and butter Democrat issue.  When I lived in Washington, if Murray or Cantwell did this, I would be flabbergasted.

This may sound negative, but I can currently come up with more dislikes than likes.

Except -- I'm still behind the man 100%, so I'll have to come up with some like! Trying to restore our respect around the world is the first that comes to mind.

The thing which I'm most disappointed with is his continued support for FISA and the Patriot Act stuff.  

"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so." -- Douglas Adams

Foreign Policy:


Domestic Policy:


Why do I give him a far lower grade for domestic policy?  News like this on how Obama sells us out on healthcare to the powerful interests!!

According to this article from the LA Times:,0,4078424,full.story 

Obama is practically handing Billy Tauzin (I hope you all know who he is ugh!) a "reform" package on a silver platter!  If Tauzin is happy with the shape healthcare is taking, that is VERY BAD for the rest of us!!  Thanks a lot Obama!  What happened to: "They will not fund my campaign, they will not run my White House, they will not drown out the voices of the American people?"  Remember that?  I do!  Our voices are drowned out every time he betrays us by making nice with these special interests!  This is SO NOT what I voted for!!  6 months in and he's already forgotten his roots! 

I am agreeing alot with Kim and Kelly

1.Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (this alone justifies his Presidency),   2.Reaction to Iran elections (McCain was screaming about America as leader of the free world; my gawd, he would have sent troops in), 3.Sotomayor,
4. Denouncement of torture and related issues (although sloppy, at best, on Gitmo),
5.Trying to get health care legislation (never going to be easy; I am ok with some compromises now if, like farm prices, health care becomes a standing issue in Congress and White House, to be perpetually worked on). Just getting A BILL that moves things even partially the right way would be amazing.
6. Diplomacy: taking global view rather than shoving America's wonderfulness down everybody's throat.
7. Accessibility to media (ok, he ain't exactly camera shy; all good);
8. Abilty to frame whole sentences
9. Cash for Clunkers...  what a HOOT!!!
10. He (and Rahm Emanuel) are VERY skilled at keeping conservatives fighting among themselves,
11. Michelle.

1. VERY SLOW getting stimulus money out into targeted areas for jobs where needed;
2. Too blaze, politically and economically, about how much his various economic packages are costing
3.Gates "stupidity" business was awful, and he was slowww to get that;(even blamed the media before rolling his language back: DUMMMM)
4.  a bit too chipper about getting us deeper into Afghanistan;
5. Letting so-called "Blue Dog Democrats" steal the debate and the p.r. on health care (this was one of the big costs of Gates "stupidity" statement -- he lost a whole week as nation's spokesperson on health care reform during which time the Blue Dogs became media darlings and folk heroes.)

Still, there is no one better in either party.

Re #2 in dislikes.....I'm assuming you meant blase? (I have no idea how to get the accent mark up there)

I pretty much agree with everyone's likes...My biggest dislike is the spending.....both in attitude and actuality.  I'm willing to trust that it is necessary, but it worries me.

Yup..  that's what happens when you catch an English teacher off duty. LOL and Ouch.  Got me, Suzi.  

LOL....I assumed it was a typo, but wanted to make sure I was getting the right meaning from what you wrote, before agreeing with it.  ;-D

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