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Dodd in CT

By Frances Buckley - Posted on 04 July 2009

Don't know what to think about Dodd. Bugs me that smug friends predict he'll get ousted but I'm not happy with anyone who was in bed with the banks ... but on the other hand he's done so much to get the bill passed to reign in the credit cards ...

Which way should I go?


formerly klaf

Kate!!  Where have you been?  I've missed you.

I don't know what to think about Dodd either.  I think his hands are as dirty as they come, but he is a big help.  I don't know which way to go either....

Dodd might have a tough time in 2010, but he does have one big thing going for him... D behind his name. That is not a liability in CT.

Harry Reid is hated in Nevada, but he might get easily re-elected next year because either the state GOP there can't find a candidate, or won't bother fielding one.

As for Dodd....his rivals will have to say three letters:




He is part of the problem.  I am surprised there hasn't been more done with his ethics issues and quite frankly nothing he has done since has removed that stench.

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