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By lephead - Posted on 01 July 2009

Ok, we have a consensus among Republicans on an issue!!!  A majority of Republican South Carolina State Senators are calling on Governor Sanford to resign!  Apparently, though, it would take place through the House and the Speaker is a Sanford ally, but having a majority of the Senate Republicans on record as asking the governor to step down should be a signal.

It still bothers me though that 13 of 27 still approve of him staying in office.
It's called, trying to save face. They are in a crisis mode. They get out of one crisis and hits another. First Sanford this week, than they lose Coleman, and Al F. becomes the 60 Senator. Enough to freak any party out.

Actually, they (Republicans not calling for Sanford's resignation) must be waiting for nude photos to appear on the internet.  This is a grandiose vindication of Bill Clinton, who should have been forced to resign by Democrats well before the 2000 election.

If Clinton resigned in '98, Gore is incumbent in 2000, Clinton baggage is gone from the election, and the economy is probably good enough so Gore doesn't lose on it. Gore would win his home state of Tennesee in 2000 (he lost it to Bush), which would give him the  electoral vote win with or without Florida. But no dice.  Bush wins (or gets it close enough to steal.) 

Bush was the Democrats' punishment for over protecting Clinton during his scandal. 

The longer SC Republicans tolerate, or appear to tolerate, Sanford, the more they will suffer down the road. State democrats (blue dogs, to be sure) should be able to make inroads on Sanford the longer this mess continues.


I liked some of Clintons policys, but thought he to steped over a line where he should resign. I think we are all human and make mistakes. But these behaviors are a choice by our Politicians, an they are suppose to be roll models in their behavior. They are sending the wrong message to the younger generation. What bothers me is Sanford was a big critic against the same behaviors out of Clinton back then. I'm not hearing Demacrates speak up that loud on this. Some in his own party are fearful this is just another nail in their coffins if they don't stand up against this behavior. I think some are becrying the lie's he's told, more than the affair or affairs he's had, an rightly so. He endangered his state, and thousands of people if a emergency arose, he used their money to travel to have that affair and then tried to cover it up.
Actually, I think the Dems are afraid of attacking Republicans like Sanford and Ensign because: 1) they are wimpy Democrats and 2) if they did say anything about the G.O.P. flings, they would be called hypocrites by the Republicans and get the Clinton/Lewinsky affair thrown back at them.  The G.O.P. would make so much noise about past Democratic trysts that it would overshadow the more recent Republican ones and thus take the limelight off of them.

It seems that Jenny Sanford is heir to the Skill Saw empire.  I would suggest that the governor watch out for the circling saw...


 I will not throw the first punch but I wil certainly throw the last.....President Barack Obama.

So far she reminds me of Scarlet O'Hara. Ya'll come back now, ya hear, and we'll sit out on the veranda and sip some juleps.
With all those Republicans hopping on the "resign already!" train, I can only imagine they are getting many calls from voters in SC. He gave way too much info in the Ap interview. Not sure if it was on purpose or subconscious, but Sanford is clearly trying to push his wife out of the picture, making it way too tempting for her to say "get out for good and have fun with your soulmate!" I think we all agree he wants out of his marriage and is deeply in love with Maria. And his lies and lack of "moral fiber" make us all want to vomit!

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