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...and the lies from Sanford keep comin'.

By mmhiga - Posted on 30 June 2009

How pathetic this man is!  Article from HuffPo here.
I think we've found a real-life Moe Szyslak:


It's sad that we've reached a point where 'government service' is a dirty word... If we're the greatest country on earth, maybe we can have the greatest government.

Lewis Black

     That post receives 5 Stars.
Classic. I've been listening to that clip and seen the episode etc for years.

I think we can all agree that the affair itself, while certainly disappointing, has nothing to do with calls for him to resign. He abandoned the state, leaving no contact info, lied about his whereabouts, and now more lies. It's bad enough his wife can't trust him, but how can anyone trust him as governor? I felt the same with Pres. Clinton. After he pointed his finger at us, denying "sexual relations with that woman" and the lie was revealed, I lost all respect. I was never a big fan to begin with but I just thought, "Well, if he so forcefully lied about that, where will he stop?"

If Sanford had any moral compass, he'd gracefully resign. 

Embattled South Carolina Governor Sanford admitted he has "crossed the line" with other women, but denied he "crossed the sex line."

Revelations from the Governor's private life seem to be spewing out at a rapid pace now.


*wagging finger*  He did not have sex with those women.  lol

 Good Golly Miss Molly... he sure likes to ball!

but denied he "crossed the sex line."

Depends on your definition of "sex." Here we go again wth the semantics? Do you think other women will come forward? He should have resigned while he had an ounce of dignity. This may get ugly. His poor can only shelter so much. 

Here we go again was my exact thought Izzy!! 

His poor kids, and his poor wife..having him publicly state that Maria is his soul mate, and how he is in love with her, but trying to learn to love his wife again.  She would be a fool to ever take him back again, IMO, and I seldom judge this sort of th1ing...but I just did.

I believe that I hinted at this earlier on the sight here that called Mrs. Sanford a hero. Suzi, once again! Something is very wrong in a marriage where the wife tells the man not to go visit his mistress, and he seeks permission to do so! That's a sure sign it has been going on for some time, and she is a enabler. She puts her reputation, his career and etc. first and the more they allow it an stand beside their man, the worse it gets just like a Alcoholic in the family, who they hide the behavior from freind and family. Clinton did it as a gov., and continued on right into the Presidency. I think this lady lost her dignity years ago, and is just now standing her ground after years of this type of abuse. It makes her a enabler, a victim, and a sad figure for us to feel sorry for, but certainly not a hero.
My understanding is that he aske permission to go to break it off.  Yea right Sanford.  Wife obviously didn't trust him to do that.  But I still won't judge her and her actions...we don't know what she did or didn't know, or what was going on in their lives.  And I will make no assumptions or pass judgement on that.  But I do know that she knows a lot now, and her actions going forward will say a lot, IMO,
Let me put it bluntly, Jenny Sanford is not the villain in this melodrama.  Governor Sanford is the sole villain in this melodrama!  He's a bad husband and father for stringing out all these revelations!  But he still needs to leave office because of the bad decisions he has made concerning use of state funds for personal fulfillment and lack of leadership.  As in South Carolina was an Anarchy Republic for 5 days. 
I agree with everything you said lep.  I was trying to point out to jupitor that I couldn't call Ms Sanford an enabler, etc, as I have no idea what happens within her house.  She may well have been blindsided by all of this, or not.  But HE is the guilty one, not her.  Personally and professionally.

Hi Suzi :  I guess I didn't realize that you were trying to point out that Mrs. Sanford was not enabling him.  That's a very good point.  I think the problem is we get into a situation where people's memories change about who said what and who did what.

But we know what he did in his Governor position that proves he is unfit for office.

I admire her when she didn't stand with him while he apologized, as a lot of poloticians wifes have done in the past. But as you said Misty, wife obviousely didn't truest him. So doesn't that tell you a lot about what she knew of his past behavior, and maybe she even feared this one was differrent is why she stood her ground. This time it was more seriouse, than the others for him. If that is the case she is a victim, and a enabler of his behavior. That is hard to change, misty. A friend of mine went through this very thing, and tried to denie it for a 18 yr marriage! It's sad, an now she realize's after counseling she allowed it to happen to her time and time again. she is on her way to recovery, and I wouldn't call her a hero. A survivor, a victim yes, an indeed a enabler of his behavior, and she now knows she has to change herself to.

I also get frustrated when I see wives (or husbands-which I have seen more of within my inner circle of friends, to be honest) enable the cheating spouse. I know one woman whose husband basically said he needed time to see other women, she gained too much weight after the baby, and she is not to see other men and just wait until he "might" be ready to return-and she is fine with that!!!! Even his family is pleading with her to give him the boot! In politics or business, there is no question some stay for the power or money, some have an "understanding." I really don't know where Jenny Sanford stands in terms of what she knew. I base my admiration for her on seeing her reaction to what has come forth in the past week. She seems pretty strong and not a push-over. I wonder how she reacted to his latest interviews. If I heard my husband talk about trying to fall back in love with me (as if it's torture!) while speaking so passsionately of his love story and soulmate, he'd probably have a black eye the next day (and I'm not a violent person by nature!) For someone who pretends to be Mr. Romantic, could someone please enroll him in a class called "What NOT to say to your wife after revealing a steamy love affair" or "You Had an Affair: Now Shut Up!"

On one of the NYC visits with Maria, his spiritual advisor tagged along, probably pushing him to break up with her. That must have been awkward. "OK, Reverend, I'm finally going to end it" He then walks into the hotel at 6pm and returns at noon the next day glowing and exhausted!  Time for more prayer!

The thing is, they would like her to look like a hero in this and push her into his seat if he has to with draw. That is what was talked about before. This really bothers me. Enablers would not make good senators for sure! they allow their husbands to use them, an with out counseling they often go down that same path.Some times in politics it self serveing for the wife to just keep quiet and not ruin their own life and their kids. I feel for the woman you talk about Kelly, it's so sad! A enabler has to be very strong kelly, because they work so hard at covering up for their spouse! It's a hard job, and they become experts at it! they live a life that is centered around a false happiness, and can't show the world the real sadness, or real story. I think they will make her a marter and are doing so to set her up to take his senate seat! I was right about the other women, let's see if this goes any where.
I did not hear talk of her going into politics. I think she is trying to keep a low profile for now and deal with the kids, but we'll see what the future holds.

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