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Let he without sin...

By Golf11 - Posted on 25 June 2009

Sanford, Ensign, Vitter, Craig... wow, it seems that everyone in the world sees the trouble Republicans are in BUT the GOP leadership. This from the Washington Post:

Some political strategists question how Republicans can get traction when two pillars of their message -- family values and fiscal rectitude-- have been undermined by errant politicians' transgressions, and by the collective failure of GOP leaders to control spending when they held the White House and Congress. 

I tell ya, the party needs to find the verse in the Bible that says let he without sin cast the first stone. Otherwise the whining about deficits and Obama's programs and the moral crusade, coupled withour lack of ideas will continue to fall on deaf ears.  Even when asked directly what we should be doing, we deflect and use the opportunity to complain about what Obama shouldn't be doing.  It's like the silly circus has pitched its tent right at the front door of the RNC.  Makes me wonder what's next on the menu of freak show attractions.
Let the church say AMEN!

May The God bless you. Amen.  

I'm trying to figure this out...It's ok to refuse stimulus funds to help the people, but is ok to travel to the arms of your mistress on the taxpayers dime.  Do I have that right?

Yep...the silly circus is here. Send in the clowns.....

I suggest gifting the GOP with a copy of Jimmy Swagert's tearful "I have sinned" sermon as a primer for their press conferences.  ;-)

Just got the chance to watch his 20 minute press conference; if I had been in his shoes I would have simply released a statement and begun the work to repair my family.

It's curiously odd some of the statements made during the briefing which seemed to stand out to me: 1.) his apology to his wife and family seemed to come after he had sucked up to his political hacks (I think she/they were THIRD on the list); 2.) he huffed and puffed about being a man of faith and how God's law is there to protect us from ourselves and that there are moral absolutes and the CONSEQUENCE of breaking God's law is "this." Which I took to mean this public confession. 

The consequence of marriage infidelity is a BROKEN home, a failed marriage and loss of trust...this is just for starters. Of course if this had been a democrat we would now be listening to a litany of causes from all the evangelicals about moral decadence and how liberal policies contribute to this lack of family commitment and the poor moral compass of Americans in general which is why we need all these moral dictates to clean up this "mess."

I don't know whether he was overcome with grief or shame, but his sense of action and outcomes seems really warped to me. One thing is for sure: he now knows that human emotion is real, imperfect, vulnerable and despite the Bible there are no moral absolutes when love is involved. Many of us can empathize with what he's going through, wrong as it is. Political leaders should seek to relieve him of his duties so he can focus on what really matters and the people of SC don't have to listen to the drips and drabs of this soap opera after today.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

"trying to figure this out...It's ok to refuse stimulus funds to help the people, but is ok to travel to the arms of your mistress on the taxpayers dime."

Apparently Sanford had finally decided to embrace a stimulus package.

Edit: Response to Suzi's post

Surely, the people of South Carolina are mad about it, right? Stupid question. Even wingnuts have to be mad though, and despite what Fox News says, he was a Republican. Conservatives have to be furious, first with the infidelity, and then using state money to fund it.

What did I miss?  From what I read, he had traveled to Argentina prior to the 'start' relationship (purported to have started a year ago intimately ) on state funds?  Or was that just a convenient excuse? 

Haven't read up on the latest to know if there are any new developments. 

And you wonder why I have such a problem with government and religion - it is not the institutions themselves but the perversion of them by people and their agendas.  Phooey.

If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing. W. Edwards Deming

And you wonder why I have such a problem with government and religion - it is not the institutions themselves but the perversion of them by people and their agendas.  Phooey.

Suzi, hold me back! Don't get me started MaryMoo! :)

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

*firm grip on Golfie, but struggling to maintain it* 

I think this is another area where we can agree.   Religion in and of itself is a beautiful, personal thing.  But I will repeat one more time...I don't want religion in my politics, or politics in my religion.  Each person's relationship with God, or lack of same, is between them and our Creator.  Perverting religion for political gain is nothing but a sin.  There, I said it!!

Someone just told me there is tape of Sanford -- back when Clinton was President -- saying Clinton should resign b/c of his affair. 

Darn technonolgy, where video and the Google machine can bring up the past and show the hypocrisy. 


Here's an article from HuffPo, complete with video, showing some of that hypocritical holier-than-thou  rhetoric.

Please let us not forget the constant infidelities of John McCain and Newt Gingrich, who as I recall gave terse admissions and then proceeded to date as two of the most arrogant and non-humbled men in the universe.  By the way there is video somewhere of Gingrich railing against Clinton and the Lewinsky scandal, all the while, he was conducting his own bedroom of shame.

Golf, you are so right about the following:

"Of course if this had been a democrat we would now be listening to a litany of causes from all the evangelicals about moral decadence and how liberal policies contribute to this lack of family commitment and the poor moral compass of Americans in general which is why we need all these moral dictates to clean up this "mess."

Where is Tony Perkins and Dobson from the Family First "Holier than Thou" crowd who are never this silent when it is a Democrat?!  Hypocrisy!  Is anyone else sick?  Look this is not about which side is worse, but Lord, this is a man issue.  Men, who as a result of becoming successful politicians get so damn insulated that no one is calling them on their bullshit, before they get into trouble.  The"Bubble" is the devil to public servants.

just another reason i am staying a RFO Sanford is a hypocrite and should resign as Gov and have that law-breaking Lt Gov take over LMAO!!!

Welcome to RFO GaRFO.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

I was repulsed by Mika and Joe (on Morning Joe) defending poor Sanford this morning. Get the violins out (maybe the Daily Show will use such a concept when they highlight this madness!) At least Eddie reminded them that the issue is not the affair, it's the hypocrisy. Duh! These high and mighty Republicans who were happy to cast the first stone on Clinton and Edwards are now caught in sinful acts, but apparently now it's just a "personal/family matter." They fight for the Defense of Marriage Act yet I know so many gay couples that value being faithful much more than they do. Ensign and Sanford should resign and repair their families/make things right. When they brought up Spitzer, Mika got all flustered and said "That's totally different. He broke the law." Well, spending the tax payer's dime to see your mistress may not be breaking the law, but it sure breaks the trust.

spending the tax payer's dime to see your mistress may not be breaking the law, but it sure breaks the trust.

Especially when that someone was so concerned about the federal government's wasteful spending while grandstanding about receiving funds from the stimulus package for his state. Yet another instance of hypocrisy.

I would bet that if he did spend taxpayer money for the trip, this one or any other "foreign relations" trips to Argentina, it might be against the law; perhaps misappropriation of public monies for private purposes or gain when there was no state interest involved.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

As it may be known, I lived in Spokane when the thing with Mayor Jim West came out.  Even though it is more memorable to me because I lived there and actually voted for him when he ran for the legislature a few times, I won't explain it much.

Although of course, some of the neanderthals voted to recall him simply for being gay, most of the people that I asked how they voted, they voted to recall him based on the fact that while he was a practicing closet homosexual he was voting against gay rights legislation in the state legislature.  He even stated during the recall campaign that he now thought it was a bad idea to have voted for legislation that prohibited gay people from being teachers etc.

I say to emphasize the point that if you are taking this high road moralistic stance and bashing other people with it, but doing the thing you are bashing other people with, I think it is totally appropriate to call these people out.  If they condemned Pres Clinton and others then they deserve their lumps and need to apply the same sentence to their behavior.

If I have a problem with Governor Sanford, it is limited to disagreements about policy questions.  As far as traveling to Argentina to visit his mistress, I really think that is none of my business.



It is yours and our business when he travels to Argentina on government money and time. Leaving the state without a governor or a plan for 5 days etc.
If you've read most of the postings on this thread, you would realize that there are three things at work in our criticism of Sanford...Hypocricy, misuse of funds in paying for his trip, and leaving his state without any one in charge or a number where he could be reached if needed. 
And even the Neocon at my work who worships Limbaugh has said the guy has no integrity and should resign. Go figure, I agree with him!!!

As a conservative, I love Mark Sanfords politics and conservativism in regards to Government. However, I feel he should resign. If not for any reason other than to save face for the Republican party. We cannot call for the resignation of all DEmocrats, past and present (and there are many) for their immoral and illegal actions, while we allow our own party members to behave immorally and illegally without punishment. We need to not be hypocrits in this matter.

 Speaking of hypocrits, I am sickened by the liberal media (CNN and all the NBC networks) and their "grab a rope" attitude towards Sanford. Isnt this the same media that refused to cover John Edwards long affair and child born out of his marriage? Isnt this the same media that chose the "this is between him and Hillary" attitude in regards to slick Willie Clinton? And correct me if I am wrong, but didnt Clinton stay in office AFTER his infidelity? Did he resign? Did this bogus biased media call for his resignation? Isn't Clinton still in the forefront in Democrat politics, speaking on behalf of Hillary, and then Obama for presidency? Did he not speak at the DNC?

 If we are calling for Sanfords resignation for immoral and illegal behavior (and we most certainly should be calling for his resignation. He was wrong) Shouldnt we be calling for Clinton to sit down and shut up? And if immorality is the basis for resignation, shouldnt the liberal biased media step down as well? What about Pelosi?

 EDIT FOR ADD: Step down Mr Sanford. And take this bogus joke of a media with you!

"Government doesn't solve problems, it subsidizes them" ~ Ronald Reagan

I agree with you, he should resign.

I do disagree with the concept that the media is picking on him and setting a double standard. The media makes a "fuss" about it when it comes to our party simply because WE have chosen to stand on a soap box and moralize to the American public about the sanctity of marriage, the importance of family and family values and children need a mother and a father, not to mention various sundry other pronouncements. The "do as I say, not as I do" mantra is just too easy to call out so the media pounces to make a point about the hypocrisy; that's why there's this flogging. Speaking of social flogging, look at the flogging and front and center media hoopla given to Obama's lack of attention to gay and lesbian issues and media's willingness to parade a key voting group out to chastise the president for supposed inaction.

If you hadn't noticed, Fox News does the same thing.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

I don't know about everybody else, but I saw plenty about Edwards, and am still seeing his wife on vaious shows pushing her book.

As for Clinton, the Clinton/Monica scandal filled the airwaves for months on end.  And the right wing media and politicians not only called for his resignation, he was impeached.  (Of course, lying under oath is never a good idea..)  I'm no Clinton fan, and am in no way defending him, but am reminding you that the scandal got plenty of coverage by all media, not just Fox and Rush.

The bottom line is, there is nothing like a good sex scandal to get the media's attention, and give us more information than we ever need to know.

 Apearances in which the sole purpose is book peddling are not what I consider press in regards to the biased media. And I dont know what news channels you were watching, but I saw very little coverage from any news channel regarding the Edwards issue, and I never heard a call for his resignation once from the left.

 The Clinton thing got tons of coverage. It was an impeachment (based on lying under oath, not infidelity). But I still did not hear the left leaning liberal media call for Clintons resignation. Not once! So why the sudden call for Sanfords resignation? I mean, HECK! Sanford didnt lie under oath! He just cheated on his wife because hes a pig. Isnt that between him and Hillary ....... oops ... I mean, Jennifer. I guess I heard so much of that from CNN during the impeachment, I slipped up. *wink*

"Government doesn't solve problems, it subsidizes them" ~ Ronald Reagan

I saw a lot about Edwards, on all of the channels.  I saw the videos of him hiding in the bathroom over and over.  I saw his repeated denial, then admission, and the speculation about the baby, and on and on.  IF there had not been tons of media attention, the audience for the book would not have been there.

As for Clinton, I'm sure we all remember Hillary's  not being a "Tammy Wynette" kind of woman, all of the cigar and blue dress info, etc.  And the press hounded Monica for years. The right wing media was calling for his resignation and when that wasn't forthcoming, calling for his impeachment.  I know, because I was listening to them at the time.

Now, with all of that said, what mainstream media is asking for Sanford's resignation? (Keith and Rachael are not mainstream, but the flip side of the Fox coin).  I don't hear any media calls for resignation.  What I do hear, however, are stories and clips of others calling for it.  There is a huge difference.



Just seeing the name ReaganFan makes my day!

Where have you been? 

I was just about to tell you that I finally heard from him, and poof, here he is. ;-)


 I go through phases where I have no desire to go online. But an email from a very good friend and the concern this friend had for my disappearance prompted a return.

 Thank you to my friend! And thank you Brandon. Its good to be missed.

"Government doesn't solve problems, it subsidizes them" ~ Ronald Reagan

Yea, well, disappearing while recuperating from surgery can cause a friend to be concerned.  I'm just saying'......

 Yea. I am sorry. I should've dropped a note to say I was still kicking and screaming!

 Surgery went well. Recovery went well. Therapy went well. Im back in my truck, ornery as ever! Thanks to the greatest PRIVATE health care system in the world! (I couldnt help myself) 

"Government doesn't solve problems, it subsidizes them" ~ Ronald Reagan

hello reagonfan, nice to see ya back! What Clinton are you refering to? It's my understanding our leaders should lead by example! Is that not true? Maybe my pain is to close to the surface today, but here it goes! Congress King apparently does not believe in innocent untill proven quielty! He believes your quielty when your found innocent by the courts!He believe he has the right to overide the courts decisions, while Sanford feels he has a right to overide GOD"S Laws! It seems our republilcan Law makers believe THEY and only they have a right to say who is quielty or innocent ------------Not our court and certainly not GOD! So, where does this leave us? What Law do we teach our children to follow? While one congressman says, "our courts are wrong",  our senator says, "Gods laws are not there to follow for Them"! Have I missed some thing all these years being a republican, or is this the way our republican leaders always was and I've been wearing blinders? I am so disappointed in the republican party.
Apparently there is a misunderstanding. I never said the media was "picking on" sanford. I have no problem with their reporting on this matter. Nor did I ever mention there was a lack of media coverage on the clinton scandal. I said I was sickened at the hypocrisy of a media that calls for sanfords resignation, but I didn't hear one peep about resignation in regards to the others. As for republicans and their soap box. I haven't heard any conservatives say sanford should remain in office. In fact, I'm hearing them ask for his resignation as well. You'll have to forgive me if I view that as consistency on the republican side, and hypocrisy on the democrat side. It is my opinion

"Government doesn't solve problems, it subsidizes them" ~ Ronald Reagan

I don't think an elected official should resign because of infidelity. That is a personal issue with the wife and family, and the people get to render their judgement over the polls the following election.

 Just don't talk about the sanctity of marriage or the evils of gay marriage, when you clearly are a hypocrite!

The infidelity is less of the issue than using state funds for his trip and abandoning his state for 5 days, leaving them without a plan, a governor, or a clue about his actions it seems.
*headscratch* Did Spitzer top that (other than paying his soul, an arm, and a leg for some hookers)? He resigned, didn't he?

It's sad that we've reached a point where 'government service' is a dirty word... If we're the greatest country on earth, maybe we can have the greatest government.

Lewis Black

Are you asking who spent more state money on their stupidity? lol

Well Spitzer was smart...he exported/imported his hookers when he was out of town on official business. That's why there was such a big dust-up about whether he should be charged under the Mann Act.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

So if you're a Democrat cunning and unfaithful, you are pressured into resigning, whereas if you're a clumsy buffoon on top of being unfaithful, sticking it out is okay?

I'll never understand governors.


It's sad that we've reached a point where 'government service' is a dirty word... If we're the greatest country on earth, maybe we can have the greatest government.

Lewis Black

Of Course, magus.  IOKIYAR!  

you forgot RELIGIOUS and can quote scripture, sure...hang in there! :)

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

 So if you're a Democrat cunning and unfaithful, you are pressured into resigning, whereas if you're a clumsy buffoon on top of being unfaithful, sticking it out is okay?

 Like Clinton? Sticking it out after more than one verified accusation of cheating (or attempting to cheat. i.e. "kiss it" to Paula Jones). And Magus, I am hearing many Republicans, and conservative talk show hosts, call for Sanfords resignation. So I hope you dont think there is a lack of pressure for him to resign. I wish he would. We need to re-establish ourselves as a party of integrity. Nothing about bailing on your post and having an affair says "integrity".

"Government doesn't solve problems, it subsidizes them" ~ Ronald Reagan

I think Sanford was absolved of charge of using state funds - the charge of stupidity on all other counts remain.

I believe he paid it back Mary, before he was brought up on chg's. All the other circus around the GOP saved his bacon. We have steel that he'd invite all GOP african-american to have chicken/potatoe salad with him, and "Ya all" phrase sliped in there like they were uneducated. You have a Senator telling Sotomayer "That unless she had a complete melt down, she would be confirmed". It just keeps getting "Dummer and Dummer", with the GOP! You have a gov. who claim she,"I quit, because I am a fighter", Who cost her state more with her nomination mess, and summer sessions needed to clean it up-----Than it cost of the complaints to defend her, that she says she quit to save her state.

 True! There is no more concern over the misuse of taxpayer dollars. Just the MIA in regards to the gubernatorial office and the adultery.

 Although I wish he would resign, and I hope he does. I cannot help but think about Clinton and the fact that he ran, successfully, for president after his scandals with Jennifer Flowers and Paula Jones, and then remained in office after Lewinsky. So I may be in agreement (somewhat) with the thought that adultery is between a man and wife, and is not reason enough for resignation. Except that the REpublican party stands tall on a soap box and preaches morality. So in effort to not be viewed as hypocritical, its best to resign.

"Government doesn't solve problems, it subsidizes them" ~ Ronald Reagan

What GOP Leadership?  Rush, Ann, G. Gordon Liddy that seem to speak for the right wing extremists that seem to make up the current "base" of the party they want to play to?

To me the GOP is still wandering in the wilderness- totally leaderless- with no direction or no ideas. Just becoming the party of "NO"- a word which they should have thought about during the period when they rubberstamped anything GW did.

If Powell were in office or active in the RNC, he would be a fine leader. But as it stands, there really is no one who can not only speak to the GOP, but also draw in people outside the tent. For over a decade the "leadership" and its most ardent supporters has been busy driving people away.

And again, it's not a problem of packaging-- if it were, the Facebook/Twitter/hip-hop upgrades would be seeing at least some results about now given the speed of the online culture. But here's reality: the online crowd, where all the young voters are, still laughs or scoffs when a Republican speaks. No amount of new media or youth-oriented trappings can solve a message that is apparently at odds with reality.

Frankly, Steele should ditch his current efforts that resemble a circus and focus on honesty and humility-- God knows we all need more of those. If they can make noble actions speak louder than the charlatans in talk radio, they can retake Washington and marginalize the most dangerous component of the Right.


It's sad that we've reached a point where 'government service' is a dirty word... If we're the greatest country on earth, maybe we can have the greatest government.

Lewis Black

 The problem I see with Powell is inconsistency. And democrats and Republicans alike feel he is somewhat disloyal o his party. (not that having a mind of your own is a bad thing, but its what I have heard or read some Ds and Rs say)

"Government doesn't solve problems, it subsidizes them" ~ Ronald Reagan

"Inconsistency"? Seriously? Anything to back that up?

He is one of the most deservedly well-respected Americans of recent times.

And sometimes, I think, that being "disloyal to his party" is not such a bad thing, as you alluded to. 

"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so." -- Douglas Adams

He's respected for his military service, but most Republicans will never forgive him for his party disloyalty so he has ZERO future in any kind of political leadership role. 

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