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Obama and Reagan - "Tear Down This Wall"

By Tony Campbell - Posted on 18 March 2008

NOTE: This is the press release we just put out to the media.  We wanted the entire R.F.O. community to read here it is... 


OBAMA AND REAGAN – “Tearing Down Walls”

Baltimore, MD (March 18, 2008)

Today, Senator Obama gave the most insightful and important speech given by a person holding a political office since Ronald Reagan’s speech at the Brandenburg Gate in June of 1987.

Tony Campbell, Republicans For Obama (R.F.O.) spokesperson states, “This was the 3 a.m. crisis moment of Senator Obama’s presidential campaign and he dealt with the issue head on.  What I liked most about the speech is that he dealt with the larger issue of race from different vantage points (White, Black, Latino and Asian).  Like Reagan in Berlin before him, Obama in Philadelphia today challenged the American people ‘to tear down this wall’ of racism so that we can finally end the ‘Cold War’ of identity politics and move onto the issues that affect us all.

In his speech, Senator Obama addressed racial, gender, religious, and ideological differences for the distractions that they really are.  Many of Obama's detractors will take apart bits and pieces of this speech to distract and confuse the American people. It is up to the American people (Republicans, Independents and Democrats) to work together to make this dream of change a reality.”

John Martin, Republicans for Obama co-founder, states "today, Senator Obama reminded us why he is the one candidate in this race who can bring us all together as a nation.  As Republicans supporting a Democratic candidate, the members of our organization understand the divisions that have held us back.  We will continue to work with Barack to help bridge those gaps to create a stronger America for all of us."


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The speech by Obama was beautifully crafted oratory, delivered poorly by Obama, and full of insults and lies.

Comparing the hateful public rhetoric of his beloved pastor of twenty years to the fear his real life "white grandma" told him of privately, was profoundly despicable. He added that she loved him "more than anything in the world" but never bothered to treat her as if he loved her or was even grateful for all she did for him--and by the way, the Rev. Jackson spoke of his fear of black men, so "white grandma" was in good company.

Obama called for an "honest discussion" and more dialogue on "race" in this country. I'm 50 years old there has never been anything but talk on race. It permeates every aspect of our lives every day and goes on and on and on and on. Enough anyway. All that chatter has helped to prop up racists like Rev. Wright and other race hustlers who have helped to promote the policies that destroyed the black families of America through idiotic entitlements and welfare programs all promoted with good intentions while absolutely destroying the dignity of black Americans.

Obama joined the Trinity United Church to give himself not just a black identity, but an African identity. Well, we all know what that church is about and if you haven't caught on yet, do a little research. You'll find Trinity United to be an anti-American pro-African nationalist hate group that works to destroy any hope or desire for young black men and women, boys and girls to join the American melting pot.

Obama is an ambitious man with no leadership skills or experience and is utterly unfit for the office of President.

It's clear there are few, if any, Republicans on this site.

It's clear there are few, if any, Republicans on this site.

Hermies, I kid you not, we get that remark like every single day. I am so tired of the unwarranted assumptions and utter condescension with which "real" Republicans approach our forums. It's no wonder the majority of us here are so very discontent with our own party (yes, the GOP).


To Hermies -re:Barack's speech on race. 

Hermies said that the speech was beautifully crafted but poorly delivered.  In my opinion, this perspective was half right. The pleasantry of the wordsmithing - needs no further elaboration. However, poorly delivered - HMMMMMM !! Obama is a member of a very small, very select group of oratory "gentry" that could provide a listener with an inspirational and uplifting experience with a presentation of listings from the local telephone book.  Other esteemed members of this exculsive club include President Ronald Reagan, President  John F.Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I don't know but could it perhaps be that the ubitquitous replays of the  irrational rantings of Rev. Wright might understandably cloud objectivity when it comes to fairly asessing this point?? Just a thought! 

Hermies, and I are about the same age, and I agree  that substantitive dialogue on the issue of race has been in short supply in our beloved and great country. I also agree that it (race) permeates EVERY aspect of our lives. Also, Hermies is definitely preaching to the choir when he states that entitlements, their intent notwithstanding, have significantly contributed to the rapid downward spiral of the black American family. Now, it is at this point that Hermies seems to leave this reader hanging. There is nothing offered in the way of suggestions that might facilitate our (all Americans) moving forward in a more effective and efficient manner. I was dissappointed that from one, as obviously as learned and well read  as Hermnies, -there were no suggestions, no ideas, no offerings regarding moving forward from this point????

I must also admit that there might have been a few other points, in Hermies elegant and insightful transmittal, that left me wanting more -more answers - more how do we resolve this - more how might we fix that. Hermies describes Trinity United Church as an anti-American pro-African nationalist hate group. Now, they may be - who am I to say that they are not precisely what he is purporting them to be?  However, I have searched using the titans of the browser industry (Google and Yahoo) and have yet to be able to identify an objective conventionally reputable source to affirm, confirm, or document this assertion. If Hermies could direct me to his documentable source of this conventional wisdom,  I would be most appreciative.

Lastly, I firmly agree that Obama is an ambitious man. Gee, I will even protract this a bit and say that he is an extremely amitious man! Yes, an extremely ambitious man with an extremely amibitious agenda. However, at the risk of seeming picky - I must, respectfully disagree with the contention that he has no experience or leadership skills. Webster offers as one of several definitions of leadership  - "one who has authority or influence". Gee wiz - I think that an objective admission of fact - would have to conclude that Obama has influenced millions and millions of Americans. Now, this is not to posit that we (me, Hermies, others) feel that the referenced influence has been positive. One of the many, many GREAT things about being an American is that we can think, we can judge, we can even say (almost) whatever we want. However, for Hermies - to say (in reference to Obama's leadership skills) that he is "unfit" - well that may be a tad harsh. Let me humbly offer that the word "unfit" can carry a connotation that implies judging one's morals - one's ethics. Therein, (ethics, morals) lies a bed of lightening rods of every color, kind and persuasion. For example, some with a world-view not as learned and well read as Hermies might offer a counter claim that McCain is "unfit" because he began a relationship with the current Mrs. McCain while he was still married to the former Mrs. McCain; or even worst that Reagan was unfit because he had two living wives. Who knows what "smaller minds" could decipher from Hermies' intellectually elegant and documentably substantitive vitriolic diatribe. Hopefully, I hope that Hermies will continue his epiphany laden postings and take solace in the fact many of us can sincerely "read between the lines" :-)

Of yeh - Hermies offered that there wereNO REPUBS on this websight. That is something abouth which I am at not certain. Here is my quandry. In this age of obsessive demographics I am not sure how to correctly label me and/or my family. Perhaps Hermies could help? I am: an African American female with 3 earned college degrees (BS: M.Ed; MBA); a recent early retiree from a senior executive position at a Fortune 100 company; married to a senior sales proessional with another Fortune 100 company. We have 2 young adult daughters -one is a practicing attorney and the other is about to complete her second year of law school. In national elections I voted for Bush twice and I voted for Clinton twice. In state elections, my votes have been for the Repub candidate. Maybe I should be categorized as an "Eclectican"; or a "Repubocrat"; or a "Demopublican"?? There, however, is ONE THING about which I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN; ONE THING about which I feel that Hermies and I probably agree upon ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. We absolutely, positively CAN NOT allow "BILLARY" to return to the hallowed halls of the White House!!Can we keep them out? Come on Hermies, you know the drill - say it with me, ........YES WE CAN!!!!

"It's clear there are few, if any, Republicans on this site." Really? Just because W didn't provide this specific free-speech zone and no loyalty oaths were sworn to? What's the real accusation you really want to make?

kathryn for obama

  "It's clear there are few, if any, Republicans on this site." What research have you done to support this claim?  Or is this your opinion and your opinion only?  I believe it is inaccurate. That makes it rhetoric. Old fashion rhetoric.  That's what we're sick to death of.

I am a life long Republican.  Really, when you search your heart, do you really want to coninue down the rode we are travelling?  In the areas of health care, support of our educational system, the care of our elderly, the loss of jobs at home, the ongoing financial and moral drain of this war on our economy and our relationships in the world, the irreversable damage that endangers our invironment?  Really, do you want to coninue this?  McCain voted, 98% of the time alongside President Bush.  Hillary, I hate to say this, as a woman, she does not represent the freedoms we have gained since the 60's to me.  She reinforces the weaknesses we lived under in the 1950's.  In my view, she let a man take her down.  She was a 'Tammy Wynette' standing by her man.  In my view, she was brighter, more talented, more gifted in authentic desire to serve, and has been debilitated by an ongoing philandering man.  That's not change I can believe in.  Not to mention their sketchy business dealings and questionable relationships with other business partners.

 In my view, there is no choice.

 If he'll take us......Obama is a choice both my mind and heart can support, 100%.

 I thought his 'race' speech was courageous, honest, and historic. It has become difficult for Americans to recognize honesty, openess, genuine caring, when they hear it.  It sounds funny to them.  We've become so polluted, by the strategic and the manipulative, so that when someone does tell just the honest truth, it sounds funny.  We must elect Obama, before we become completely deaf and dumb.

My question is becoming do the American people deserve a President like Barack Obama?

We may have lost the ability to recognize the genuine when it appears.  We will get what we deserve.

Let's not miss the opportunity to regain our moral compass, our sense of service to others, our joy in being an American.

Obama, now. 

As an Obama supporter, I am disheartened by the fact that many GOP members believe that because they wrap their words in the U.S. Flag that somehow they own the corner market on patriotism, and that they are infallible and are entitled to throw stones.  Wow!  The arrogance and pride that this shows is truly something from the crowd that professes to be more Christian than anyone else. 

What offends me more than anything is the fact that they refuse to ever acknowledge that they could ever be wrong about anything during the last 8 years.  In the last 24 hours, Cheney responded to a question about the fact that two thirds of this nation believe that this war is wrong and that we should get out by simply saying, "So?"  Once more proving that he and Bush don't care about us public peons and their supporters never stand up to their arrogant and unfeeling perspective.  If every domestic program is cut to continue our participation in this war, the homefront will continue to crumble and the middle class will continue to grumble.  There is no money to take care of our veterans, our crumbling infrastructure, our healthcare crisis, and the list can go on and on. 

This man along with Bush have been claiming that any dissent against their policies is unpatriotic and un-American, and bordering on treason for the last 5 years.  According to this mental thread, Democrats and Independents and God forbid wayward Republicans should not be allowed to exist, much less dissent.  This means that in this democracy/republic, two thirds of this population is not important to Cheney and Bush. 

Isn't it funny that most of the Cheney business cronies (Blackwater and Halliburton) are so patriotic and grateful for the overwhelming support of the U.S. Government, that they now have relocated their corporate headquarters outside the U.S. tax territory.  Nearly 4000 of our young men and women have died, over 60,000 servicemen and women have been severely wounded and over 600,000 Iraqi people have been killed, and they do not even want to pay their corporate taxes to the country that supports their businesses.  When will our nation wake up from this dangerous state of denial? 

The Bear/Stearns crisis is a signal that the global economies overseas is calling in their margins.  I fear that our country has been sold out while we assumed that our public servants were truly serving us, with flags waving, they were actually serving themselves and selling their souls to the Global devils.  The Economic Stimulus Checks are coming from creditors in Asia for us to purchase Asian made products.  Whose economy are we supposed to be helping?  I forget.

And now after one of the most phenomenal speeches ever written and delivered, we are now expected to accept gross double standards in many areas of our political stream.  The media and the GOP seem to dictate a double standard about white preachers versus a black preacher such as Reverend Wright. 

Rudy Giuliani never disavowed the priest that was accused in grand jury proceedings of child molestation.

Mitt Romney was part of a church that did not acknowledge black Americans as equals until they were forced into complying with Civil Rights Legislation.  He never disavowed his church.

Jerry Falwell claimed after 9/11 happened because we tolerated gays, feminists and liberals and therefore, it was our fault as a nation.  John McCain wants Falwell's church membership support.

Reverend John Hagee has called the Catholic Church the "Great Whore".  He said further, that the Anti-Christ will rise out of the European Union and the Anti-Christ will also be Jewish.  He said all Muslims are trained to kill and will be part of the devil's army when Armageddon comes.  Senator McCain is proud of his endorsement and will not denounce or reject Hagee's prejudiced views.

Reverend Rod Parsley believes that America was founded to destroy Islam and all Muslims.  He infers that even Muslim-Americans cannot be trusted.  He has stated that this nation was intended to be run as a Christian theocracy.  Senator McCain has stated that Reverend Parsley is his spiritual guide and he has not denounced or rejected Parsley's prejudiced views.

Really, one could argue rather successfully that the only thing that separates these preachers from Reverend Wright is the color of their skin.  If this is not racism within the GOP and the media, then what is it.  Their is tremendous disparity in the way that the media has covered these issues and from my point of view typical over the last 8 years, with Fox News manipulating the view. 

The fact is people have been participating in sending malicious, slanderous chain emails.  Again, from such good Christians, no less, bearing false witness against their neighbor, oh my!  The bottomline, Limbaugh and Hannity and their supporters will never support a black person and will use any excuse to avoid admitting that they are racists.  Therefore, they will label him "Un-American", "Un-Patriotic", and a secret Muslim to justify their hatred of him.  This is very similar to the social and political dynamics that drove Germany to support Hitler and his war and we should all be scared when there is no tolerance for political dissent in our country.

If you look at the last 40 years of White House control, the GOP has held control.  They do not want to share power or even observe the constitution and the inherent 'Checks and Balances' of the different branches of government.  There is no sense of fairness anymore.  Goldwater must be rolling in his grave to see where the GOP has gone.  He and Bobby Kennedy were actually good friends!

I will continue to pray and hope that people will start thinking for themselves and praise God that there are some truly principled people like you, Republicans for Obama.  You are proof that we can put our loyalty for America ahead of our political affiliations and greed.  Bravo to RFO leadership.  You are brave and I am proud to know you through this venue and hope that you will gain more media attention for your sanity and good sense.

Well....Wow....Hmmm....  I'm not usually speechless, but this time I am.  I was prepared to answer Hermies' diatribe, but find it has been done so well, so perfectly, that I there is nothing more I can add re Hermies....except this...

In his speech, Obama had faith that the American people could understand nuance and context.  It appears he may have over-estimated the abilities of a few.

Maggie Cat,

Excellent write up.

I  myself question why I remain a Catholic; especially considering the priests "RAPED" children and our church was deceitful in covering up the truth of the repulsive acts!! All religions hide things......

Why do I remain, because I am a cradle Catholic and the faith has been passed down from generations and I just cannot break the bond but I do not agree completely with the Catholic church.    

So judge me...guilt by association because I stay does that mean I condone those horrible acts?   NO

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