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Anyone wanna see the GOP's new logo?

Perfect! Republisaurus Wrecks logo to go with the new GOP rebranding effort.

Now that's funny!  The truth can't be beat.


I still like our RINO better ;-)

One correction:  It needs to face the other way.  To the right.
hehehe! Yup! Although, the end that's making all the decisions IS sorta in the right place!

I think it would help if Adam and Eve were standing next to the dinosaur.


I like this one too...

Now that's funny!!!!

Why do I get the feeling that the GOP rebranding nonsense is the "new coke", debacle of the 80's or was it the 70's.

I am loving it.


 I will not throw the first punch but I wil certainly throw the last.....President Barack Obama.

Stinky Democrats

I like this one better!

Oh My G-d!  What is it ... expelling out of it's ... backside?  Are those donkeys? 

Silly elephant.  Don't you know eating a whole donkey can be hazardous to your health?  Moderation.  That's the key to digestive and overall happiness.  


"Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
"Or the one."

- Captain Spock & Admiral James T. Kirk

- Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

That is excellent Chance. Moderation certainly is the key! Along with balance!
Uh... so if we suffocate the GOP, they'll spew out Democrats? I think you have a logo that Libertarians would love.

It's sad that we've reached a point where 'government service' is a dirty word... If we're the greatest country on earth, maybe we can have the greatest government.

Lewis Black

I don't get it.


I can't say that I am entirely surprised.

And what was that supposed to mean?

 Edited to add: That was incredibly rude, now that I think about it. You may think comments like that as you read my posts, but it was very inappropriate to actually type it out and hit POST.


 Incredibly rude? hmmm? The irony that you, a person who uses condescension and rudeness in several posts directed at myself and others, are grumbling about rudeness is confounding.

 You should take direction from Suzi Leveaux. You and her seem to share many opinions and views, yet she is able to voice her opinion and objections without audacity or haughtiness.

 I will make a deal with you TheCharp. If you begin to practice what you preach, regarding the thinking of comments that may appear rude, rather than the posting of them, I will follow your lead.

Thank you MR, I try to always understand that there are a lot of viewpoints on every issue.  That's what makes the world go round.

Suzi, disagreement as to viewpoints is one thing.

Personally directing them to a specific poster in the form of a direct insult, which is what the post was, is something else entirely.

And I am quite confident that MR is aware of that.

Personal insults have no place in discussion. 

I may have questioned someone's viewpoint, but I do not personally attack them.

"I don't get it."

"I can't say that I am entirely surprised."


Means what? That I'm stupid? That I'm obtuse? That I'm lacking in---something?

Is he calling me stupid? Where does that advance a discussion? Where does that describe a difference in "viewpoints"?

I still expect an apology and an admission that it crossed the line.

He may not like the way I answer to other threads, regarding the topic at hand, but just because I respond a certain way that he doesn't like, doesn't mean I am personally attacking his character.

Regarding my comments of Brandon, I addressed the comments Brandond made. That there are times when he makes comments that are hurtful and mean. I wasn't calling HIM mean or hurtful. 

There's a difference, and MR is entirely aware of that.

TC, I was speaking solely for myself, and deliberately didn't address the issue between you and MR.  I do see your point as to his one-liner, but as I have noticed with your other run-ins with RF and Brandon, you are perfectly able to handle yourself. ;-)



 I stand by my statements regarding your rudeness and condescension. I have been around just long enough to have you properly tagged as confrontational, close minded, and rude. I am sorry if my opinion about you offends you, but with all due respect, I have not had any "run-ins" with Brandon, or anyone else on this board. And you have. I am just forming an opinion based on your behavior. And judging by several comments from other posters, asking you to calm down and not be confrontational, I may not be the only one.

 Now, I could take your entire diatribe in relation to my post and turn it directly back at you. I posed a question in another thread about "Reagan's tax cuts, and if they worked in the 80s in a similar situation, why are we so sure they won't work now?". Your response was "REALLY?".

Now what was that supposed to mean?,

Means what? That I'm stupid? That I'm obtuse? That I'm lacking in---something?

 Is he calling me stupid? Where does that advance a discussion? Where does that describe a difference in "viewpoints"?

 Funny how it works both ways, TC? To me, that was a direct insult and as you, yourself, said Personal insults have no place in discussion. You were condescending and rude in your post. What did you mean by that? Did you mean my question was beneath you and your brilliant mind? Am I so stupid that my question doesn't warrant any answer other than a patronizing "REALLY?".

 Now, maybe you did not intend to offend me, or anyone else you have had "run-ins" with in the past, but you did. And it is not always how things are intended that affect others' opinions about you, but their perception of your intent.

 I will address your original question "What do you mean by that?", since you insisted I was throwing insults directly at you before I was able to answer. I meant that I am not surprised that someone here at RFO, not anyone specifically, did not get that someone would post a silly picture on a thread of silly pictures, meant for a laugh. Given the anti-Republican nature of the majority of people here, I was not surprised someone, not anyone specifically, didn't get it. You see, it was a PRO-REPUBLICAN, ANTI-DEMOCRAT picture. If you took that as a personal, direct insult, and attack on you, maybe it is you who has the issue, not I.

 In reference to the apology you think you deserve. If you still feel that you deserve an apology for this, than I am sorry. In reference to the apology I would deserve according to your logic. No apology is necessary. I tend to be somewhat of a mirror, meaning that I give to others what they give to me. If someone is nice to me, I return the nice to them. If someone is rude to me ..... well, you got the point.

 I propose a moratorium on all rudeness between the two of us from this point on. Accept this with my apology for the misunderstanding.

First of all, your opinions as to whether I personally am rude or condescending, does not "offend" me. That does not mean you get to get away with attacking my intelligence directly.

And the fact that you can't handle the reply, "Really?" says more about you than it does about me. It is neither condescending, rude nor offensive, much less "patronizing." That you didn't care for it is one thing, but it was neither a personal attack on you nor was it personal characterization.

Yet outright implying that I am stupid is both.


I can't do much about people who find a single word, "Really?" offensive. It's a legitimate question, albeit one word. Sometimes it's asked to convey incredulity. Sometimes in surprise, both are similar. Neither are "rude" and regardless of when asked it's a far cry from being offensive. That doesn't even make sense. One might as well pick the phrase, "No kidding?" as an offense. Or "Who knew?"


You knew you were attacking me directly in the reply and now you are claiming that you were actually directing it at all RFOers? Really? (Oh, sorry -- No kidding?)

So now you are saying that it was a direct insult to everyone here because the majority who post here are anti-republican? 

So my one comment, legitimately stated, "I don't get it." triggers for you a response meant to insult and demean everyone here and not just me (for not being able to understand what a clothespin-muzzled, democrat sh***ing GOP elephant is supposed to mean).

But you then felt compelled to enter into some peripheral rant against me for my posting style when I call you out for being personally insulting?

Again, really? (No kidding. Who knew?)


Explain to me your high road again?

And your "mirror" would be a much more appropropiate metaphor if you weren't using a Fun House Mirror, one distorted by your own filter. Now if you could read my body language and my tone of voice in the posts you claim to be able to see so clearly, you might have a legitimate case.

But simply reading text, with only your own filter regarding how you would be intending/meaning/interpreting things, well, that's hardly a mirror as much as it's more likely an amplifier.


You certainly have a special gift for manipulating one's words. I never called anyone, including yourself, stupid. I never challenged anyone, including yourself, on their intelligence. I also never insulted "everyone here at RFO" directly, or indirectly. And I think you are fully aware of that. I suppose I can add "Manipulative" to the list now.

 Lets review;

 1) You do not accept my apology

 2) You certainly do not accept the moratorium on rudeness

 3) And you wish to continue to accuse me of malicious intent, when in fact there was none. Yet your own words are to be considered non-malicious, lest it "say more about me, than you".

 Your statement; But simply reading text, with only your own filter regarding how you would be intending/meaning/interpreting things, well, that's hardly a mirror as much as it's more likely an amplifier.

  Your comment;  You knew you were attacking me directly in the reply

 How can you know what I meant, simply by reading text? You were using your own filter regarding how you would be intending/meaning/interpreting my statement, weren't you? How can you presume to know my intent, particularly since you refuse to accept my explanation.

 To clarify something, I most definitely did direct the comment directly at you. But I most definitely did not insult your intelligence. To reiterate, so we do not confuse the majority, I was not surprised that someone here, at a predominantly anti-Republican website, would make some comment about my silly little picture. (nowhere in that statement was anyone's intelligence challenged) That Anti-Republican just so happened to be you. Therefore, I directed my post to you. (there is nothing wrong with being Anti-Republican, given the recent state of the party) I should have known better, based on your confrontational and rude nature. And for that, I am truly sorry to all RFOers here. Many people were made to suffer through this tirade as a result.

 Now that I have you figured out, and I have come to the conclusion there is only one correct side, for you, to any argument, I will demonstrate, rather than "Explain to me your high road again?".


No, MRamsey, had you just meant it as you claimed, your response to my reaction would not have been a diatribe on my personality.

It would have simply been, "No, I meant I'm not surprised a RFOer wouldn't get it, not you in particular."

Your comment: I was not surprised that someone here, at a predominately anti-Republican website, would make some comment about my silly little picture.

Hm. ". . some comment. ."

There were quite a few other comments, mine was the only one that said, "I don't get it." Yet that  triggers an "I'm not surprised"?

"I don't get it" is anti-Republican??

Methinks thou dost protest too much.

Either way, if you knew that I misinterpreted your "I'm not surprised," then there was really no point whatsoever in your rant to call me out as rude and condescending.

There was a revelation here today. That's for sure.  Was your purpose coming to an overtly "anti-Republican" site to somehow come and challenge the anti-Republicanism?

Or just to challenge me?

By the way, so many of the people on here are NOT anti-REPUBLICAN, at least not in what OUR memory or idea of what Republican is.

We most certainly are disappointed in the GOP and are fed up with our party, but we don't bash just to bash and we definitely want it to better represent our values again and we most definitely want it to become relevant again, though it's getting to be obvious that is an increasingly elusive goal.

Now, if that means that the current denizens of the party want to consider the "moderate" Republicans as something to sh** out and call smelly Democrats, well, again, then I guess we are anti-Republican!

Had that clarification of the image been made to me, I would have "got it," but it wasn't.

The fact of the matter is, I was not expecting a member of this site to post something so anti-Moderate Republican!

No, MRamsey, had you just meant it as you claimed, your response to my reaction would not have been a diatribe on my personality.

 Wrong TC. My diatribe on your personality was in reference to your "edit to add" in which you were sniveling about your misperception that I was challenging your intelligence.

 Once again, presuming you know the intent of others. And once again, you are wrong!

 edit; I apologize to the moderator, Suzi. I was responding in order, and did not see your post requesting an end to this.  I would have erased my post in the edit, but given your tolerance of TCs parting shot, I didn't see the necessity.

 I too have said all I intend to on this matter. And I thank you for your tolerance.

Thanks MR.

MR and TC....I am asking you both to stop this ridiculous behavior.  Neither of you have the authority to question the tone or intent of another poster, nor to tell them how to behave.  I'm the moderator, and if I feel such action is warranted, I will handle it.

The two of you obviously dislike each other, so I suggest that you each ignore the other, or confine your discussions to the issues at hand in a more civil manner.

I don't want or need either of you to "explain" yourselves to me, nor to point out the errors of the other.  I can read, and I don't like what I am reading.  Any further posts in this vein will be deleted.


We cross-posted.

I have said all I intend to say on the matter.

Thanks, TC.

OK Suzi, let me ask this cause it seems strange to me: MR has been here six days and already there's combat with TC? Goodness, it would seem to me that a newcomer would be less vocal until the lay of the land was discovered. I know it takes two to Tango but something is INCREDIBLY wrong with this picture.

Or is it just my imagination?

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

Golf, where has RF been?

I don't know...maybe he wised up and figured we all weren't teachable, as such it wasn't the best place for him. You never know though...things aren't always what they seem however.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

As I understand it, he's a busy guy, and I think he was taking care of a loved one with health problems. That sort of situation doesn't lend itself to sitting in front of a computer, even a laptop.

It's sad that we've reached a point where 'government service' is a dirty word... If we're the greatest country on earth, maybe we can have the greatest government.

Lewis Black

Do you have any ideas about that Hope? ;-)
Well, I was thinking he hasn't been around and the last time he was, he was changing his name. Then all of the sudden we have a little spat going on, so I was just wondering that's all. By the way, where has Blakey and Tin been?  
I think Blakey posted this morning in the "republican support for Obama thread" I need to check...
I know, Golfie.  It's very odd, and to tell you the truth, it isn't the first time they have, ummmm, verbally sparred.


Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

You're catching on, no?  ;-)
LOL....that's my girl!  Go with the flow, ok? 

Atta girl! Farewell.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

No, I don't personally attack someone, which is what this specific comment is a personal attack.

RF and I had some back and forth, but that was resolved.

I would rather you offer an apology. 




By the way, I still don't get it!

What's the clothes pin for?

And are the donkeys (dems) supposed to be "poop"?



To tell you the truth, TC, I don't exactly know why putting a clothespin on your nose would make you poop.  I tried it, and it didn't work.  LOL

Though my guess is that the elephant's poop-donkeys must stink, so the elephant needs a clothespin for its nose.

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