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"Special comments" by the Big O on the Clinton Campaign

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 12 March 2008

I got this today from a local atty in my Obama group list. I wouldn't miss this for the world.

If you watch, hang on to your hat......:)

<Tonight on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann", Keith will deliver one of his "special comments"; tonight's subject will be the Clinton campaign.

If you are not a regular Countdown viewer (and if you watch tonight, that may change)-- on occasion, when there is something in the news that he finds sufficiently outrageous, Keith will deliver a "special comment" on the subject. After watching his past special comments, I have always been left speechless. They are extremely well-written and passionately delivered. Mostly, it's just stunning to see someone on cable news with the courage to say what needs to be said.

Keith doesn't do special comments a lot, and he doesn't use them to deliver praise; they always take the form of a sharp rebuke to the subject of the comment.>

Did anyone else watch this?  I was astounded.  He pretty much summed up all of the compaints I hear about Hillary.  I would love your thoughts on it.

PS....You're welcome SS :)

What network is he on? Is there any chance of a rerun or video on a website?

MSNBC   In the central time zone, he came on at 7, with a rerun at 11.  His name is Keith Olbermann.  Watch it if you can. The whole show was pretty good tonight, but the special comments were about the last 10 or 15 minutes of the show.

For me, the big O takes some getting used to.  He always makes me think of some comic's parody of a news man.  Don't ask me why.......;-)

My cable company doesn' carry MSNBC, so my only hope is their website.
Check out the website then, it may be on there.  If not tonight, maybe tomorrow after the replays have finished.  Too bad about not getting MSNBC....They have the best Obama coverage on TV!

Carly, Golf posted this on another thread.  It's the link to the Special Comments by Olbermann.  I just watched it again on TV, and was still astounded that a cable newsman would have the guts to say these things...these truths that we have all discussed here.  Here ya go....." frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe


Here's the YouTube link for the same thing...

Did they fix it yet? Last night I tried to watch the youtube version, and they had sped it up. It was like watching Mickey Mouse try to give a political commentary. It was really funny!

Quote from Olbermann: 

"Your own advisers are slowly killing your chances to become president. Their words and your own are now slowly killing the chances for ANY Democrat to become president...This is not a campaign strategy. This is a suicide pact...This is your campaign and this is your name. Grab the reins back from whoever has led you to this precipice before it is too late."

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