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Who knew the Brits were funny...

Heh. Interesting article.

But I thought that the British were well-known for their humor? Monty Python? Benny Hill? Red Dwarf? Douglas Adams? Etc. 

"For those who plan with audacity and execute with vigor,
progress is the magnificent by product." 

I have always found the Brits very funny. Funnier than N.Americans actually IMHO.
Yeah, I agree. Humour kicks humor's ass, IMO. The IT crowd is funnier than any American sitcom I've seen.
My father and I used to wait for "Keeping Up Appearances."  That one was truly funny.

That WAS fun.... thanks for sharing.

I agree with many here: I've always preferred British humour.  I'll name another example - Ricky Gervais.  Hilarious!

Ooohhh, and John Oliver of The Daily Show.


I guess we all knew the Brits are funny...although I am still a big fan of Keeping up appearances and Ricky Gervais...

Oh well, take the headline


 I will not throw the first punch but I wil certainly throw the last.....President Barack Obama.

i love brit humor, they have me roflmao, while american comedy just have me, UK red dwarf vs US red dwarf ( love UK male holly).UK Coupling vs US coupling....UK office vs US office .. .US media cant compete bcos it`s too favorite british comedic character is Edward Black Adder(played by the awesome Rowan Atkinson, u know, i really cant stand Mr Bean bcos he is the complete opposite of Black Adder).... PS i recommend The Vicar of Dibley or the irish Father Ted for outrageous laughs..gotta love UK humour, no harm in it :-D
Vancouverite :  Speaking of funny, I just found a Canadian tv show (filmed in Ontario) that is quite funny.  The name of the show is "Testees" and it's about two guys who are unemployed so they do medical experiments for income.  As you can imagine it's all about the side effects.  All of season one is on FX video episodes if anybody's interested.

That's cool, lep.  I'm going to check it out, too.

If you haven't experienced Trailer Park Boys -- a dark comedy mockumentary filmed in Nova Scotia -- you should try it.


thanks lep, i ll check it out


Testees is by one of the Kenny vs Spenny guys. It's funny but growning thin with each episode. Perhaps it's difficult to keep a premise like that fresh. ;)

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