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Limbaugh refers to "Barack Ogabe" we go again

By Kelly Thomas - Posted on 24 March 2009

From Huffington Post: Rush fans will be pleased. Here we go again.I think the underlined part is way over the line. Here he is accusing our president of not being a U.S. citizen in a not-so-subtle way.

Rush Limbaugh was at it again on Tuesday, "confusing" Barack Obama with Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe, and referring to the president as "one angry guy -- his wife is angry as well."

...Limbaugh went on to "accidentally" refer to Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, as "Barack Ogabe."

"The standard of living has increased in places where there are basic free markets," Limbaugh said. "Where there aren't, of course the standard of living has declined, such as Zimbabwe... now run by Robert Ogabe. Ah -- it's Mugabe. I was confusing him with a well-known Kenyan named Barack Ogabe. This is Robert Mugabe."


An editors pick in the comments of that article:
HuffPost's Pick


In order to gain the political control they"ve enjoyed over the last ten years, Republican moderates and Reagan conservatives made a pact with the devil (faux Christians, bigots and misanthropes) to achieve the numbers they needed to defeat Democrats. They made a strategic decision to manipulate and exploit the ignorance, fears and hatreds of dysfunctional and vulnerable voters in order to win elections rather than lose them by being intellectually and morally honest.

Today, those who conspired with the devil are caught between wanting to disassociate themselves with and or casting out the devil they empowered and the karmic reality that they don"t have the numbers to hold on to or regain power without continuing to accept and "advocate" the immoral values, hypocrisies and corruptions that are dividing and destroying their party.

The survival of today's shrinking Republican Party has become so dependent on extremism that they have no significant power left WITH or WITHOUT the support of America"s increasingly pernicious lunatic fringe.

The idiom "caught between the devil and the deep blue sea" is certainly appropriate as Republicans are facing the dilemma of choosing between two equally undesirable alternatives that both result in Republican impotence in mainstream American politics. They are suffering the consequences of their treachery.

Their irresponsible propping up of George W. Bush cost them their credibility, and their disgraceful and shameless licking of Rush Limbaugh"s storm trooper boots is costing them their viability.

Posted 05:44 PM on 03/24/2009

LOL @ another comment:

"Stop the presses: Rush Limbaugh says something really bad about Barack Obama."

And a link I saw on the side:

Tammy Bruce says about Obamas:

 "Trash In The White House"

The Yahoo Buzz crowd chimes in and reminds me why I love RFO

I read this last night....and listened to the audio.  This was about as ugly and personal as it can get....while being painfully obvious in attempting to avoid being called racist.  This actually made me feel unclean after listening. 

No worries, Suzi. It just proves Michael Steele's original lament of the Rushbo being an "entertainer" rather than a solid journalist or broadcaster. Too bad Steele had to backtrack in deference to Limbaugh's being the "voice" of the Republican party.


I meant the audio of the Tammy Bruce diatribe.  It was disgusting....calling Barack and Michelle "trash".  Have you read or listened to it? 

Of course, re your comment, NONE OF THEM are solid journalists, but rather hate mongers.

I try not to read or listen to BS.
You are so much wiser than I. ;-)  I can't resist "spying on the enemy" from time to time. 

Yes, Rush saying something idiotic is nothing new. I just don't know how any politician can speak respectfully of this man, saying that he has been a "conservative leader" without ramification. Maybe I am wrong, but I would think (hope) comments like this would turn off even some of Rush's loyal listeners.

Between Rush and Cheney, they are doing a good job campaigning for the Dem's.

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