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US to sign UN Gay Rights Agreement

By alina - Posted on 18 March 2009

This is front page news all over Europe, and I don't see it in any of my usual US news sources...

From Reuters:

State Department spokesman Robert Wood said the Obama administration, which took office eight weeks ago, would now join 66 other U.N. member states who supported a U.N. statement in December that condemned human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

My only guess as to why I'm not seeing it anywhere in US sites is that etc. are prepping their servers for Dittohead Overload Syndrome (that one was for fellow geeks out there... anybody?) - basically when the site gets too much traffic from trolls trying to post nasty comments and ends up crashing for a while!

Amidst the recent confusing and sometimes disturbing news stories, finally some good news again!


I saw this somewhere yesterday or last night, but don't remember where.  Huffpo maybe?  Anyway, it IS good news, and I'm happy we signed it.  My understanding is that Bush refused to do so.
Oh boy, the fundies must be about to run to their bunkers!
I'm glad that President Obama did the right thing.

Barney Frank is gay??

Well, that aside does he go out of his way to make himself look awful in the public eye? Bad enough he is one of the main people blamed for terrible senate bills and oversight from more than one area of the political scale, but now he calls Scalia homophobe? Does he not have enough going on right now? I feel bad for the guy and I don't even really like him. He's a terrible politician and a bad representitive for the democratic party. Still doesn't mean I like seeing him picked apart by conservatives but he brings this all on himself and this won't help.

Even for a politician he screws up way too much. 

Yeah, the comments on that article are pretty bad and that's the MSNBC website. Barney Frank is a screw up but ignorance bothers me and I do not really want to think about the nasty things being said on the wingnut sites.

I didn't read the comments (I usually don't) but I thought that it was pretty common knowledge that Frank was gay?

And that he puts his foot in his mouth far too often. 

"For those who plan with audacity and execute with vigor,
progress is the magnificent by product." 

I don't know if it's common knowledge.  It was news to me. Never seen wingnuts discuss it, I guess they were too focused on his senate and foot-in-mouth records. Which is what should be focused on.

I thought it was common knowledge as well.  In fact, he played "Not My Job" on NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, and he talked openly about his relationship with his partner. 


Well then it's commendable that i've never seen wingnuts attack him for that. Of course that might change if this story spreads. Some of the more conservative of the right feel sometimes that some gay people are pushing their agenda on everyone else.

Rush Limbaugh used to make fun of Barney Frank being gay all the time several years ago.  He would have what he called a "Barney Frank Update" and play the song My Boy Lollipop as the introduction.
During the Clinton Impeachment hearings, Congressman Henry Hyde of Illinois was chairman.  When Congressman Barney Frank wished to speak, I recall Chairman Hyde recognizing Frank by saying "Let me swing your way".  I thought his pun was pretty well understood.

I didn't know about this until I saw it at the bottom of the crawl on a video of MSNBC that Misty posted. Vermont Governor to veto gay marriage bill that passed the legislature 26-4.

Now I can somewhat respect a conservative idea of marriage to a fault, it's the governors right and power to veto it, and who knows maybe he's actually following his convictions and not towing the GOP party line. Can't know for sure. However, it's obvious that this will be yet another thing to push voters away. Not that it's a big deal to me because i'm not conservative, I just know it effects people here who want to see their party come back and be effective to all different Americans.

 From the article

"He [Governor Douglas] had said even before Wednesday's announcement that he was against same-sex marriage. He also has said lawmakers shouldn't have spent their time on the bill this session because of the economy and the state's budget deficit."

Which is also a valid point, however we all know the issue will come up again and again for years until it stops being an issue. So there would be money spent on that and this unless it was passed. Not that it wouldn't get overturned eventually because it seems like that's how it works with these things going back and forth(like California), but if so there is some more money used. A couple of different angles here I guess..

Anyway, on one crazy weird side note - while I was looking for a good article on the issue to post - The second one I come across has something that catches my eye when I'm I was quickly looking over the rest of the article after reading the first few paragraphs. A name caught my eye and kind of freaked me out at the coincidence of the article I found. The article says:

"Steven Goldstein, chair of Garden State Equality in New Jersey, said the movement of same-sex marriage legislation in Vermont is having “a huge impact on us in New Jersey.”

That is my name and I was born in New Jersey. Weird, but it's not me. ( :

I was born in New Jersey and we moved to Georgia when I was 2 years old. I just thought that was kind of funny.



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