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Message to Michael Steele

By lephead - Posted on 02 March 2009

To Mr. Michael Steel, Chairman of the Republican Party, do yourself a favor and visit this website because Oxy Rush L. IS NOT the head of the Republican Party, at least until they change the party symbol from an elephant to a pig.  If they do this, then he will be the de facto head of the Republican Party, and you won't be able to say anything negative about hizzoner without being labeled a traitor and being threatened to be thrown in the Wasilla Gulag.


Until that time you are welcome to criticize one of the biggest reasons the Republican party is in trouble and looking at loosing more elections.

I had to apologize sad!!!!


 I will not throw the first punch but I wil certainly throw the last.....President Barack Obama.

Well, that didn't take long!

And I posted this before even remembering that it's Dr.Suess's birthday... 

Best Yahoo Buzz i've read in a long time....

For a comment this was a good one.

And people are still watching daytime soap operas?

Rush won the battle for the GOP pretty easily. The latest usurper (Steele) was easily crushed under his meaty foot. A party led by an extremist blowhard will be easy to defeat. The Party of Lincoln has become the Party of Limbaugh. That's just so delightfully pathetic ... I have to make a cup of tea to celebrate.

Don't forget to pour in a little bit of Obama Kool-aid.

Glenn Beck & Ann Coulter carry Rush's water for him regarding Steele's comments

It seems Michael Steele had this odd impression he was the head of the Republican Party.

 All will kowtow to the mightly Limbaugh...

Are you trying to make one of us sick? Do you know what Beck AND Coulter talking about RUSH of all people can do to the mind???


Coulter sounds desperate, begging for a TV show so obviously at the end.

My eyes are burning.... help me!!!!


  Any street cred Steele had with Black population that -0.05% just left the building.

15 min until the Daily Show starts. I wonder if and how much Jon will cover the CPAC, Rush, Steele etc...

Jon Stewert just tore CPAC a new one("one" bigger than Rush), and most here will love it. A fantastic video i'll post tomorrow when it's up. It was capped off with the clips of people at CPAC distancing themselves from Bush and linking him to Obama, and Jon showed a clip of last years CPAC where the crowd chanted "4 MORE YEARS!!" When Bush entered... Well, actually, if Bush is connected to Obama's policies now, shouldn't they be happy?

Full Episode with good interview with the auther of 'The Art Of Science and Politics' Harold Varmus, who is also one of Obama's science advisors.
Okay, I know that they'll probably scream that Stewart took them out of context, but they really should step away from the "fascist coup d'etat" rhetoric.

It's sad that we've reached a point where 'government service' is a dirty word... If we're the greatest country on earth, maybe we can have the greatest government.

Lewis Black

He had plenty to choose from...
Thanks SG . . . that was funny. Rush looks like a ... Oh, never mind.

Two good segments to start on tonight's show: Steele apologizing to Rush and Obama using similiar words as Bush did two years ago in regards to troops in Iraq.

And for the last 15 minutes of the show(1 commercial break inbetween) he's talking to Sandra Day O Connor. I'll link it tomorrow.

Ok thanks
You know what I just realized that they changed tomorrow's guest. Last week it said Rick Santelli would be on Wednesday's show. Maybe afraid Stewert would tear him apart? I can dream it was that reason, you never know...

Jon Stewert is ripping apart Santelli and CNBC to start tonight's show. Santelli was suppose to be on the show today and canceled on Friday. Santelli wimped out. Jon Stewert is a very smart man and behind the funny he is a man that does his homework...

I can't wait to post this video tomorrow. Wow.
Colbert is going after Glenn Beck pretty good too.
Or I should say making a mockery of his war room thing or whatever it was. As if you could mock that any further than Beck did on his own...
Which one was the half man ????

With Steele's apology Mr. Limbaugh has now become the voice and face of the Republican party.  While Rush may try to say he is actually a voice for the conservative movement, he should know better.  The average American doesn't understand the difference between conservatives and Republicans.  Rush should know this concept better than anyone, spending years telling us there is no difference between a liberal and democrat (or communist). 


It seems that part of the Republicans biggest problem, and a component of their downfall, is this irrefutable edict for them to continue marching lock-step with Grand Poobah happens to be in charge. It doesn't matter if Grand Poobah is dead wrong, just make sure you agree. It shows everyone that their united for "The Cause". I guess they'll continue to do this until they're extinct.

Oh well...

I have a dumb question...since when did a party chair become "head of the party"?  I thought their job was to strategize winning elections. 
In this case, it's because there's no one else who is well enough liked to be considered the head of the party.  So when this thing about Rush being the de facto head of the party came out, a lot of us began looking for someone kind of normal.

Let me know when you find them.  LOL 

Ya know, I was almost proud of Steele on Hughley's (sp)  show.  He dropped the slang, discussed things intelligently, and stood up to Rush. Then he went crawling to apologize, and I lost my last shred of hope in him.


It gets worse Suzi.  Now Jindal has stated that he's glad Steele apologized to Rush.
So now both Steele and Jindal have proven that they are Rush's b____hes --  oops, I mean lapdogs.

You were right the first time, CTM!

Lapdogs don't quite do the situation justice.

Suzi, see why I had very little faith in Steele?

Yes I do, wc, and you were certainly right! 

Can't you just imagine both of them saying to Rush:

spank  "Thank you, sir!  May I have another?" 

spank  "Thank you, sir!  May I have another?" 

spank  "Thank you, sir!  May I have another?" 

Hee hee.

Coke Zero™ all over my monitor, CTM.


Don't laugh.  That could be the new Republican Party slogan :

spank  Thank you sir!  Could I have another one, please!


I think they like it.

I watched that interview last night, and didn't find that statement as troubling as was the whole general tone.  Jindal has obviously been well coached in talking points, and repeated them when Larry King tried to ask him about specifics.  This is not the Bobby Jindal that I know, the one who has repeatedly stood up for what he believes.   This young man needs to stick to governing our state, while he decides whether he is his own man or another lapdog.
I guess the men in black that talked with McCain paid him a visit as well...
I am just imaging Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith barging into RNC headquarters...

I was thinking Johnny Cash myself. 

"For those who plan with audacity and execute with vigor,
progress is the magnificent by product." 

LOL!!  Perfect!
Leno just made a joke saying Jindal's speech was so bad that his new secret service code name is Joe Biden. ( :

Rachel Maddow is on Leno right now talking about Obama, Rush, healthcare etc. I know Suzi respectfully disagrees with her a bit but likes her, i'm not sure about some others. I could link the interview tomorrow if anyway cares.

I love her personality and intelligence, and often watch her show.  I disagree with her when she thinks President Obama doesn't go far enough to the left, but I'm much more the centrist.

I would personally love to see the video of the interview.

Here's the link. I could only link to the full episode. It's the fourth segment. Although you might like the first interview too, it was Bob Newhart.

Leno's friend paid $26,000 for a broken arm? That's ridiculous.

Newhart has not aged at all.

Just funny, this is a commercial that they've had for a couple of years about vehicle registration in Texas.  It reminds me of Michael Steele' street talk.

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