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Can he pull this off....?

By Golf11 - Posted on 07 March 2008

This editorial is spot-on.

He needs to tell people WHAT he's going to do for them, that's what went wrong in in Ohio, I'm still trying to figure Texas out. Anyway, immediately after New Hamshire I sent this email to Obama; I hope he pulls it together becasue if he can't beat Clinton he won't be able to beat McCain and the vicious members of our party. If anyone cares, here's what I sent:

I just wanted to let you know that as a black republican you have excited me in the way Ronald Reagan did during my voting experience back in the 80s when I was 20 and really active in politics in Washington DC (now I'm in PR/Communication) in NYC.

You have an exciting message that's uplifting and motivational but please, please weave more details about your positions. The motivational things work really well for the younger set who don't yet have the worries that we older folks have (I'm your age) but to win you have to keep the younger folks and bring the old folks to the fold with the details of what you will do for them (when you're older hope is good but we're also watching the clock).

As for your young supporters, when you take office have something in the works to put all the youthful excitement you've created to good use for these kids, otherwise they will be disappointed (it doesn't take much); follow JFK's example with something similar to the Peace Corp but have the focus be the United States instead of foreign countries.

Don't let the Clinton's amp up the rhetoric, as they did in New Hampshire (there's nothing worse than a cornered rat). Hit them hard and keep smiling.

I listen to you and hear similar messages espoused by Congresswoman Barbara Jordan during her two speeches from the democratic convention in 92 and 96 her '96 speech speaks of change. You're very close to winning my vote come general election time (sorry, I can't help you in the primary), not because you're a black man, but because you're about bringing the pendulum back to the center; it's normal for things to get out of whack over time.

Good luck to you and no matter the outcome hold your head high and remember that at the end of each day you return home to a beautiful family where you're a winner no matter what you do.


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