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Palin 2012/Mondale 1984?

By RRA - Posted on 08 February 2009

Oh come on, you know I'm onto something here people, an idea not exactly new around these parts.

The similarities are there:

(1) BEATING THE DEAD IDEOLOGY HORSE - By 1984, Liberals within the Democratic Party had been basically campaigning against Herbert Hoover since 1932, and save for the dud New Deal-revival that was The Great Society, had run out of fresh new ideas to evolve the ideology to suite not just the times, but also hold answers for topical contemporary issues and concerns. Not knowing that they were on their deathbed, the Liberal Congress crippled Jimmy Carter's Presidency and tried to win the party nomination in 1980 with leader Ted Kennedy. Moderate Carter lost in a landslide, though unlike many GOPers contest, it was more Reagan winning against the Carter Years (Iran, Economy, Oil) than necessarily an ideological duel per least thats what the liberals argued.

But 1984 was, and Mondale was whole-heartedly a liberal, what when the nucleus of your campaign plank includes supporting the deader-than-General-Franco Equal Rights Amendment, which died a slow painful death after many years of inaction from the states. In the 1984 Democratic Primaries, you had moderate candidate Gary Hart who realized that the nation was going right instead of left, and he sought to drag the party back to the center, for the future national relevancy of the party.

But Mondale won, and instead of trying to campaign for 1984, he campaigned for 1932 (or to be more accurate, 1964) and he gained the biggest defeat in Presidential electoral history. If you watch the Mondale campaign ads on YouTube, you'll notice how for every apparent problem regarding the economy at the time, it's with outdated rhetoric and mentality.

Cue Palin and her followers, who last fall and currently is positioning themselves to work 2012 as if its 1980 or 1994 all over again. Apparently, just yelling TAX CUTS! TAX CUTS! TAX CUTS!, paranoid over the Gays,  and Abortion are and will be the real pressing concerns of most Americans that year. Sometimes it takes a defeat or two to get the point, like the Dukakis landslide after Mondale helped Clinton emerge...

(2) STENCH OF DEFEAT DOESN'T COME OFF - Mondale was the Vice-President under Carter, who was landslided into unemployment in 1980, and that loser hat was still on his head in '84. Palin as VP candidate in 2009 wasn't defeated THAT badly, but still a butt whoopin none the less. Now that doesn't mean a VP on a losing ticket is doomed to never win the big job, for FDR lost badly in 1920 as Cox's running mate, but it took him 12 years, three GOP Presidents, and one Great Depression for FDR to make his comeback.

(3) POOR CANDIDATE - Watch the Mondale/Reagan Debates on YouTube, or any of Mondale's speeches, and wow......what a lame candidate. So besides no real vision to solve 1984's problems, he could probably make you feel lukewarm if he only spoke about kissing babies. Now in the early debate, Mondale did better than expected against Reagan (probably because Reagan was in early stages of his Alzheimers) but even Mondale knew he was screwed when Reagan cracked that "age" joke at him.

Plus, his infamous pledge to raise taxes at the DNC made him a punchline, like the Couric interview did for a certain Alaskan Governor. That was the knife to her own section of the McCain campaign, and Tina Fey twisted it.

From her interviews to debate to speeches, Palin came off idiotic not necessarily because she was stupid, but because she was a terribly undisciplined candidate that lacked experience or preparation on at least the safe attempt to B.S. out of a tough question or topic. Joe Biden has said some SILLY off-the-cuff remarks over the years, but otherwise he's been around politics for 35+ something years, and usually knows how to handle himself as a politician. Except for when plagarizing speeches of course, but thats besides the point.

....and yet like Mondale, offered no new party GOP vision after the Dubya Debacle. Her fans, especially the Christianists, seem to think that the problem with Dubya wasn't his ideas, but just the guy himself. If they could just get the right western Governor goofball who sleeps & breaths Jesus 24/7 and you could drink a beer with, all would be well.

Of course everyone else thought she was Dubya with Tits, but anyway...

But just imagine the Palin/Obama debates in 2012. Like Reagan, Obama has that disarming smile and smooth as Shaft under fire. I mean guys and gals, remember the post-debate polling? He blunted McCain's biggest credible issue advantage, Iraq/Terrorism, a draw, which helped Obama more than McCain. Yeah Obama stumbles here and there when making his point, but otherwise the dude prepares. Don't Understimate him!!! I think GOPers should have paid attention when O'Reilly grilled Obama extra crispy, yet Obama had his gloves on and stood up to that pundit prick.

All I'm saying is, Palin better practice and drill with intensity this side of a ROCKY movie montage if she even hopes to come out respectable with Mr. President.

(4) LIMITED REGIONAL ATTRACTION - Mondale couldn't win any of the traditional Democratic states in New England or West Coast, not even friggin Massachussetts! Hell, he only won his native Minnesota (another long-time blue state) by about 6,000 votes. If the McCain election results are any indication, when many Appalachian/Southern counties where the GOP candidate scored more votes than Dubya ever did.

(5) REAGAN DEMOCRATS/OBAMA REPUBLICANS - Whoever wins the center, always wins the election, every single time. Clinton won liberals, moderates, and split the Conservatives in 1992 and 1996. Because for many reasons listed above, moderate Democrats looked at Mondale in 1984 and said bolderdash!, like they did for Nixon in 1972. or moderate GOPers did in 1964.

Now between 2009 and 2012, many things may and will happen that I can't foresee. Does the economy improve or decline even further? Will more international hot spots erupt? Will Hair Metal attempt a comeback? Who knows.

But, my RFO.....who do you feel comfortable with as your leader?

CONCLUSION - I'm simply warning GOPers who want Palin badly with intent for 2012, including those freaks who rented the Hustler-produced "biopic," that they may reap what they sow. Now I guess some alternatives exist in moderate GOPers like Crist or Hutchinson, but if they are to wrangle the Nomination from the Palinites, then they must have a concise and precise-hitting message, and unite behind one opposition leader, like the Anti-Hillary Democrats did behind Obama.

I'm sure I had more points and better argumentational points, but I'm tired. Nite! 

I figure if Palin is the nominee, it will be a contest to see if she can do as well as Mondale in 1984 (one state win) or Carter in 1980 (four states).

Lep - But the benchmark is Dukakis in 1988 with 9 states.

Above or Under?

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