You are hereTwo media events for R.F.O. today - THANK YOU - and next items...

Two media events for R.F.O. today - THANK YOU - and next items...

By Tony Campbell - Posted on 06 March 2008

From the Press Office:

The campaign keeps moving along and so does R.F.O.  Today, we have an interview in the 11 a.m. EST hour with a radio interview in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  THis is the last triple digit primary scheduled for May 6th.  You can hear it live via the internet.    Put in the zipcode of 28301 and click listen live.

R.F.O. is going to interviewd by "The Moderate Voice" by assistant editor Pete Abel this afternoon.  We will be sure to get a copy of the interview and post it on the site when it becomes available.

Thank you to everyone who stepped up to be interviewed in OH and TX over the last 2 weeks.  Obama still leads by over 100 delegates and this week's primaries and caucuses should add to his advantage. 

PA is the next big contested primary...therefore, we need all hands on deck over the next 7 weeks.  OH, MD, NY, NJ, DE, and WV...we need to come together with our PA folks to make a BIG statement that R.F.O. is going to be visible, vocal and a key player in this crucial primary.



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