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Dynamic Duo

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 06 March 2008

Considering a mere 5-10 delegates changed hands Tuesday, it seems absurd to try to argue that anything has fundamentally changed in the race for the Democratic nomination. But that's exactly what the New York Times claims today - that the dynamic has shifted.

Apparently, should Clinton win all the remaining states 60-40, she'll only need 46% of the Superdelegates to clinch the nomination. Of course, 60-40 is a huge, some would say unattainable, margin. The NYT's point is not about numbers, though, it's about trend. The suggestion is that over the last few weeks more and more party bigwigs had been convinced the party would have to find a way to get Obama the Superdelegates he needed to wrap up the nomination in order to satisfy the voters who awarded him the popular vote. But the appearance now is that Obama was unable to "seal the deal" with Ohio and Texas, and that the Superdelegates - and the nomination itself - are again fair game for both candidates.

I honestly don't know what to think anymore. A month ago, I thought it was clear they would override the popular vote and give the Clinton the nomination. I figured there'd be rioting in the streets. Then I realized there was no way the Party would risk that much negative publicity. But now, I think there's a possiblity that "they" (whoever "they" is) could arrange matters so that a Hillary nomination seems legitimate, though somewhat litigatious.

But I do think the party has passed the point at which there is a simple solution. Two weeks ago, perhaps, they could have shown Hillary the numbers, insisted that she concede, and perhaps all this would blow over. Now it seems as though the Democratic party is a ticking time bomb just waiting to self-implode.

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