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Hillary's Speech:Did you notice this?

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 05 March 2008

Last night in her "victory" speech, Hillary rattled off her “big battle ground states” victories, state after state. She INCLUDED Florida and Michigan.  Clinton is claiming she won these two states that were disqualified by the Democratic Party.  That suggests to me that the rules only count if they are in her favor. Obama chose to play by the rules laid down by the party, and said today that he will still do so.  Meanwhile, Hillary was trying to tell the committee how they SHOULD do her benefit, of course.  Hmmm, could this be a character issue that may prevent her from having the opportunity to answer that 3 a.m. call?  I think Sen. Obama needs to call her bluff on this one.

Howard Dean is going to make the rounds on the morning shows tomorrow to explain, but in a statement today, Dean basically laid his foot down and said that they don't get to get their way since they broke the rules. His statement basically said, they either run another primary or caucus, or they don't count, and that the do-over must be completed by June 10th. His office said that if they are seated, then the party might as well not have any rules if they are going to be rewarded for going against what was set up.

I heard that today too, and totally agree with him.  The hitch here is that if they have primaries, the state has to pay for them...again.  If they caucus, the Dem party has to foot the bill.  Of course, I'm hoping for causus'.:)

I was still blown away that HRC could twist and bend the facts so much that she could call those two states "victories".

Well, she *did* win MIchigan and Florida. Of course, it's relatively straightforward to win when you're running uncontested.

Yea, uncontested because your opponent is playing by the rules. 
There were more candidates than Obama up against Hillary at the time of Michigan and Florida. MANY MORE! The only other one who left his name on the ballot in Michingan was Kucinich. Oops, Chris Dodd and Mike Gravel also stayed on. WHO WOULD WANT TO BE PROUD OF THAT VICTORY? It is embarrassing to women, let me tell ya! Even then, Hillary didn't get ALL THE VOTES. It is not only embarrassing to women that Hillary is trying to twist the FACTS, but it's embarrassing that she thinks people are not going to figure it out! She is so out of touch! PLEASE, I hope NO ONE JUDGES US BY THE ACTIONS OF ONE.
As a woman, I agree totally.  How sad that the first viable woman candidate for president is manipulative, self-serving, whinning, scheming woman who will stoop to any low to get what she want.  In my mind, this could set women's issues back a decade, as her methods feed into the old stereotypes of women in general.   Heaven help us! :)
I can only speak for myself, but I hope people are smarter than to allow her actions to reflect on all women. The Clintons are all about power, and they find it incredulous when the little people would dare to question that. Smart people won't tarnish all women based on her actions, any more than they would judge all priests based on the actions of a few. :)

I totally agree, and hope it is true.  But just as many have become (even more) anit-Catholic in view of what has happened with a few priests,  the same fallout could occur as a result of HRC's behavior.  After all, she keeps calling attention to the "last great glass ceiling" and whines that she is bing picked on.  Grrrrrr

Oh well, I will just have faith in the intelligence of the American people.

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