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One more site to bookmark.

By John Martin - Posted on 25 January 2009

A few of us RFO's have gotten together to create a Republican party-focused blog.  Even with sites like NewMajority cropping up, there's still a lack of common-sense Republican debate on the web. 

This is our first real public announcement, so we'd be honored to have everyone here sign up and check it out:

We'd also appreciate it if you could pass it on to any other reasonable Republicans out there you may know.  The tone and general outlook will remain similar to that we have around here, but the goals and focus will be different, of course.  

This doesn't mean we're less dedicated RFO, and it doesn't mean we won't continue to support Barack-- it just gives us more to write about.  



I'm not a republican so I think I'll stay on this RFO site. Thank you for keeping this site opened still. I enjoy dropping by.

This is what I have been telling everyone to stay tuned for, a place where we can start to rebuild our party based on more centrist ideals.  If you are or have ever been a Republican, we welcome your input. 

If you're not a Republican, and never have been, as John said, please pass the site on to others who are.  This is our opportunity to begin to reclaim our party that has been hijacked.  

With that said, RFO is still my political home, and I will be here daily.  My hope is that some day the GOP can field a candidate that offers a measure of the same opportunity to all as does President Obama.  

Bookmarked. I wasn't sure that I was gonna but I did.

But the place needs a faq for noobs. I can reply to topics but I'm not sure about starting new stuff or even asking questions. 

"For those who plan with audacity and execute with vigor,
progress is the magnificent by product." 

Eh, It's all good, but I have no intention of ever becoming a Republican so it doesn't concern me. Best wishes to those who do though.

Believe it or not you may very well develop different feelings as you get older.

 I was quite the crunchy democrat during high school and through the first couple of years of college.

I went the opposite way.  I was Republicanish in high school and college, then I learned that life is nowhere near being black and white.  They grayer that I learned that it is, the more Democratish I became.
I was actually independent when I started voting (early 20's), then went  republican(Bush Ist time)now I am a democrat/progressive since I was 36(41 right now). I doubt I'll ever be a republican again, but if the democrats go way too liberal and nutty, I'll go Independent.

Ron, you are still young enough that I have hope you will someday see the light and join us!

You know the old saying: If you are a Republican at 20, you have no heart.  If you are a Democrat at 40, you have no head. 

Wait -- I was a Republican at 20!!

But the Wizard gave me a heart so it's all good. 

"For those who plan with audacity and execute with vigor,
progress is the magnificent by product." 

I think I better start using my browser's RSS functions... can't keep piling tabs up like this.

But that only displays new blog posts, not forum posts or comments thereto. Drat.


And there's no sense crying over every mistake
You just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake.

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