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NATO May be against new troops in Afghanistan

By admin - Posted on 26 January 2007

Say what you want about American abuses of power, but it gets pretty easy for these Europeans to be critical of us when they're so unwilling and/or unable to fight alongside us.

We've suffered a lot in the popularity contest since the Iraq invasion, but that's no reason for our allies to forget the threats that were able to grow in Afghanistan and resulted in 9/11. After the Madrid and London bombings, the Europeans should know a just war when they see it.

I tend to agree that Europeans are quick to criticize the U.S. but rarely are willing to intervene. No doubt, two World Wars on their continent strongly influence their resolve. However, we cannot forget the autrocities that went on in Kosovo, on European soil, but Europe was impotent to stop. Likewise, in Rowanda, Sudan or Somalia. As you stated, they are quick to condemn U.S. policy, but when the world cries for help, European governments seem deaf. Although we should not overlook those that do stand by our side, with boots on the ground, the Brits, Poles, Romainians, Czechs, Italians and Spaniards (2003)

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