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Press Issues

By Tony Campbell - Posted on 29 February 2008

From the Press Office:

First of all, this was a great week!  We had several national and international interviews this week and they all helped us get our message out.  In a two hour span, we were on progessive "Air America" and the conservative "Laura Ingraham" show where we received a majority of good e-mails from the appearance...even some money from the latter appearance.

Today, OH and TX media contacts had interviews with the press and are doing a great job representing R.F.O.  That being said, there is a issue to keep in mind...

R.F.O. is not a part of or connected to the Obama campaign in any way.  If you receive a call from a media outlet, bring it to our press office, NOT the Obama campaign.  Our leadership team will decide if the interview is worth doing. 

Thanks everyone for your hard work.


If you are a part of this organization you have never held any Republican ideals or conservative virtues in your life.  If so, you could not in good conscience support one of the most liberal senators to ever be in the senate.   Obama says he reaches across the aisle, but there is no evidence of that in his past.  Do you actually know anything about the man other than the fact that he is charming and a good orator and a great celebrity?  He has a no vote history the majority of the time and when he does take a stand it is extremely liberal.  I think the people that founded this organization are Democrats trying to bring into question legitimate Republican ideals.  Shame on you. Democrats have historically supported partial birth abortion, how can you sleep knowing that you are helping turn the tide back in that direction?

If it makes you feel better to think that all of us who have voted with GOP for our entire lives were faking and were never true Republicans, then I guess you can think whatever you want. While you are musing about things though,remember that it was us who watched with concern and then horror as you neocon right wing evangelicals took over our once great GOP and turned it into the party whose number one issue is abortion followed closely by gay marriage.

The GOP stands for small government, fiscal responsibility, state's rights, individual rights, peace through strength and constitutional rule, including the seperation of church and state. Our party has completely abandoned these principles and the only viable Republican nominee is at best a popularist independent with liberal tendencies. Thatleaves me stitting here looking at three candidate, all liberal to one degree or another, and none representing those ideals the GOP used to champion.

So I am picking the candidate who has shown the best judgement, whose track record and promise is to bring the broadest swath of views to the table to find concensus and make progress.

I have voted for Obama in the Texas primary and intend to caucus for him on Tuesday. Further, I fully intend to vote for him for President of the United States of America.

Put whatever label on me you want, I know where my votes and my voice were directed for the past forty years.  


You say "Obama says he reaches across the aisle, but there is no evidence of that in his past."

ACTUALLY, there is a lot of evidence of this.  You see, when a bill gets signed into law in this country, that goes into the public record, so folks like you and I can go look it up and find the evidence.  Amazing, right?  Apparently you haven't bothered!  Surprise, surprise! 

Senator Obama introduced the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006, along with Tom Coburn (R), John McCain (R) and Tom Carper (D).  This bill requires the full disclosure of all entities or organizations receiving federal funds on a website maintained by the OMB.  This bill was signed into law by President George W. Bush (R).  Kind of nice, right?  Nice that "one of the most liberal senators to ever be in the senate" wants to make it easier for you and I and the millions of other taxpayers to be able to easily see where our tax money is going.  

President George W. Bush (R) also signed the Lugar-Obama proliferation and threat initiative initiative into law.  This law expands the Nunn-Lugar program that helped destroy thousands of weapons of mass destruction to also cover conventional weapons.  That's right-- it helps keep our enemies from getting weapons that then kill our soldiers overseas.  That's right-- Obama worked with Senator Dick Lugar (R) on this bill.  Lugar has been a respected Republican member of the Senate for over 30 years (I found that by looking it up as well).

Shame on you, Mr. Anonymous.  


Come-on you can go back and vote for McCain in the general. Obama needs you now.

I'm not one to play games, so, Obama now, AND Obama in the GE! 


Fantastic week Acspark. It's going to get CRAZY until Obama gets the nomination. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, and watch your back for all the CRAZY'S out there who don't get who we are and what we stand for. There are crazy's on all this is not directed at anyone (unless you are a crazy!) ha!


it's not hard to be the most liberal senator when compared to the rest of the people who have been in he senate since the earth cooled. Quite simply you haven't cast as many votes as the other life-termers there and the the few items you have voted on were "liberal." Do the math!

Aaron, RIGHT ON man, that's exactly what I'm ticked about with the republican party they're two note sallies: abortion and gay marriage (and the insanity of amending the constitution and codifying discrimination for this bigoted/sexist/puritanical non-sense) and what's even more shocking is that MEN are the most visible and vocal people in the abortion argument for the neocons. Hold on, let me go check with Larry Craig to make sure I'm correct on that issue. ;)


Wall Street Journal talking about Republicans that are voting for Obama:


Do you people even know anything about this man except that is stands for change?  What kind of change is what I am afraid of.

He belongs to a church that believes that blames the Whites in America for 9/11.  They believe in the Black Power Value System.  Do you actually think that he will help anyone except the Blacks?  Get real! 

Here is his list of friends: 

1) Farrakhan – he calls the Whites Blue-Eyed Devils and the Jews bloodsuckers.

2)  His Pastor Wright blames the Whites for 9/11 and gave Farrakhan a Lifetime achievement award.  Says Farrakhan is the Epitome of Greatness.

3) Rezko -  Rezko is currently facing federal charges of attempted extortion, money laundering, and fraud.

4) William Ayers – A Terrorist that planted bombs in Federal Buildings.

5) Exelon - Obama's fourth-largest contributor, having given him $269,000. NBC exposes Obama's campaign funding ties to nuclear power. I thought he said he didn’t take money from Special Interest Groups?

6) It turns out that one of Obama’s mentor is Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist.

Need I say more?  Do we really want this very Liberal as our President?  I say NO!



Sorry Linda, you totally lost my attention when you used Newsmax as a source.

Sorry Linda, you totally lost my attention when you used Newsmax as a source.

 goodness, let me dig up some stuff from a few white politicians who are LESS than tolerant. Oh, never mind, it would just add to the silliness.

By the way, Richard Nixon said some pretty hurful things about black, jews and quite a few others...


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