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"Cultural Socialism"

By Tony Campbell - Posted on 29 February 2008

It is amazing how the far the "cultural socialists" have moved our party into the dark ages.


Republicans are supposed to believe in a government that stays out of the lives of its' people.  A Republican supports individual freedom and liberty instead of governmental mandates.  A Republican believes in lowering the tax rate AND lowering spending to achieve a balanced budget and let its people achieve the American dream.


The current Republican party, since 2000, has done none of the above.  The party leaders have allowed our GRAND G.O.P. to be hijacked by blowhards on the TV and Radio airwaves that have made their livings (paid for their houses and nice cars) by preying on the fears of Americans and dividing us as a people.


Government should exist to provide needed services to its citizens, NOT to mandate the societal wishes of a few on the entire citizenry.  National Security, Economic Viability, and needed Domestic Policies, such as Education, should be the purview of the national government.  Our party would rather focus its energy on gay marriage, the right to live or die, and kicking Howard Stern off of the air.


It is NOT the responsibility of the government to mandate to people what their individual decisions should be.  This is the antithesis of Republicanism. 




This election is too critical to waste on partisan rhetoric that does not solve any of the serious problems of our country.  We are moving beyond the name calling and finger pointing of the politics of the last 20 years.


We should focus on strengthening our borders, cutting our debt, allowing the middle class to prosper by cutting taxes and reduce overall spending (yes, Dorothy...that also includes the DOD budget).  We should let GOD deal with the moral issues surrounding individual decisions, let's get back to true Republicanism


It is time to stand up, be counted and come together as a people! 

 United We Stand!  Yes, We Can! 'Nuff Said ACS

Blame Karl Rove

Ever since he went after the Christian Evangelicals - the moral issue has become the fulcrum of the Republican Party.

So the remaning question is wether Conservatism is a fail ideology. Especially in the light of the 21th century. I know many of you hold Ronald Reagen in high regards and he was a transformative leader. But his Economic Policies nearly wiped out middle/working class america. Bush is only following the same principles.

 Hopefully this will give the GOP an opportunity to reinvent its party platform - it will be a long and hard road, but I think they'll come out a stronger party for it. 

I don't know how you can say that Reagan "nearly wiped out middle/working class america". I was in my early 20's during Reagans time, working as a sub-contractor in the construction business. I have never seen such a boom in the economy since then. And when I talk to the older guys in the trades, they tell me there was never a boom like that before Reagan either. Reaganomics worked for me... but I'm just part of the "middle/working class".

"I'm just part of the "middle/working class". LOL

So of course,how would a working Man,know about his own situation better than the Armchair Elite Intellectuals whove never done a days honest work?? 

The government never fixes peoples lives. I am old enough to recall the start of the so called 'Great Society" of the 60s. I have seen social programs added to social programs in the U.S. mostly (overall) pushed by Democrats. Now some 40% of young black males are in jail. Some 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. This is a national catastrophy. It is also going to happen to hispanic families if those who push social programs and government "help" have their way. I go to the poorest neighborhoods in Houston Texas and into the poorest homes in my job as a home health nurse. These include white, black and hispanic homes.  30 million hispanics in this country are poised to go through the same social changes the Democrats have 'helped' the black population endure. I am for fixing the GOP, not  joining the Democrats.  A people get the government it deserves. We have to demand better. Just going along with the flow into more socialism  because a candidate is personable is crazy . The results of socialism so far stink to high heaven. And as for the government running healthcare....Billions with a B in fraud will be the result. It already is. Just google Medicaid fraud in New York if you doubt it. One program,one state, and a Democrat dominated state at that. Wait until it is the entire country. Even gridlock is preferable to that. The government is not going to fix the healthcare system. They are going to make it far worse.  Really guys, tell the truth. This whole site is a shill, no?

My friend

I live in Norway were we have strong government. We have been able to use our natural resources wisely with good government. After the WW2 we were a very poor country - having gone through a 5 year war against Fascism. We will always be grateful for the Marhsall plan from you. But we were able to build one of the best societies with good government along with ethical private sector.

 Our healthcare system is one of the best in the world and is run by the government. This is the case for many european countries. 

 Instead of labeling europe the 'old continent' like many of your politicians have, maybe you can learn something from how we protect our working class people which are the backbone of any society.

I'm not saying everyhting is perfect here - we have challenges of our own. But the continued disdain for any government practise will only lead to the failed policies that have marred your country for the past 6-7 years. 

another European harping on its exceptionalism. I guess we can call these people "ugly Europeans." I'm a French woman living in Florida for 12 years. I live in paradise . to me nothing like this seen in Europe. Europe has its extremist of death mongering tyrants--not just in history but today. Anyone hear of Milosovic? I find no troubles in America. NOt perfect, but where is? At least America deals openly with its problems and not to blame others, unlike Europe which blames America for everything. it troubled that Europeans project their issues onto America. America fascist? Trying walkign down a street in Paris with a Jewish symbol around your neck. Scandinavia, when it comes to race relations, is decades behind the United States. Without Amercia's innovations and generosity Europe's welfare state would not be possible.  I'm too glad to be gone from that place. Funny how Europeans criticize Americans for being religious tyrants when they are living under Sharia as I write!! Europeans are the kings of projectionism.

Respectfully Mr Norwegian

You cannot compare a nation with a tiny racially homogenous population of 4.6million(?) to America.You had great Natural resources relative to your Pop and Uncle Sam picked up the defense Tab for all of W.Europe for teh last 60 years,allowing your countries to prosper in Peace

When our party was in control of the House, Senate and the presidency, we passed the largest social welfare program since Johnson. Where is the outrage. You hypocrites have none. Wake up.
ANONYMOUS   are you like the president bush   out of  touch with the problems we face, you need to wake up  we are not  in control of the house we will lose the house in november, we are not i control of the senate we are going to lose the senate in  november,  and  last but not   least we are going to lose the presidency to a  democratic,  which i am proudly a republican who is going to vote for him,   anonymous  what planet are you on?
Med Prescription Reform??



For to us a child is born,
       to us a son is given,
       and the government will be on his shoulders.
       And he will be called
       Wonderful Counselor, [b] Mighty God,
       Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

  Of the increase of his government and peace
       there will be no end.
       He will reign on David's throne
       and over his kingdom,
       establishing and upholding it
       with justice and righteousness
       from that time on and forever.
       The zeal of the LORD Almighty
       will accomplish this.

Well Put Symboit!!
Something of a difference of scale here. Norway is how big? And what are their tax rates? Not to mention the influx of poorly educated folks from other nations, (30or 40 million, God bless em. I would come here too if I were born in some hell hole) who stand to cost the U.S. a bundle in health care costs but who cannot possibly contribute enough in taxes to make up for it. Never mind, we have lots of filthy rich people whose pockets we can pick for funds to run this new health care system, at least for a little while.  But that still doesn't answer the question of where the Canadians will go in the future when they need surgery. Oh well, thats there problem.
All I'm saying is that if Sen.Obama can push through some of his progressive agenda, you might be able to turn the ship around. These next couple of years will be difficult, especially economic wise due to the reagan-bush policies. I do not envy the next president that job, it's going to be tough medecine for the american people.
anomyous  at least  give him a chance
What is going to be tough medicine is when European learn how to live with a United States that will increasingly refuse to pay for their defense, leaving the European tax payer trying to figure out how to control Muslim extremism and continue on with the welfare state. Europe is going to be seeing some hardcore growing pains the next few decades.  Just look at France currently. Not a pretty picture. A higher education system crumbling to the ground (Harvard has more money than the entire French university system combined); unassimilated immigrants demanding more welfare; university students who cannot get jobs demanding more welfare.... It's a tough addiction to overcome, Europe, but I'm sure you can do it....

Actually, symbiot, with our muddled mixed-up system, we pay more for healthcare than any other industrialized nation, yet we rank near the bottom in every quantifiable category of overall health care quality.

And you forget that we're already paying for the care of those who can't pay. We're the ones covering the cost of what the hospitals have to write off.



My Sister,(Vancouver Nurse) had to come to Seattle for tests or face an 8 mth wait

many dont know the harm reagan did including spending more money than the entire 200 years before him.  and handing the democrats the bill. because the democrats got handed the bag. and because he was a popular movie star  and  a cutie to the seniors  the seniors who he screwed by policy re-elected him.!!!!!

bush is noticed because he dwarfed that and did so much more...and never did a movie.

the GOP isn't  taken over by socialists equal fro all.. but has been held hostage by  its communists (an elite nad all rest poor- one religion one thought- in your private business out of your corporate economic business. )

huge difference. 

bush and the cheney gang are commies -not socialists 

in the USSR  socIAlism was the plan.... communism is the actual result

Obama often says that good intentions are never enough. Without political power, and political influence it won't get done. However, that's one half. When we the people embrace these "social reforms" we must know how to work them and the gov't leave them up to us. Government doesn't do everything for us, but it is there job to help us. The purpose of social programs was never to hurt people and make them more dependant on government, but to help give them the stregnth to become independant. Oh this is a sidenote, but how many of you Republicans will turn on Barack bcuz his middle name is Hussain? I sure won't. Not now. Not when there's too much to lose.

"The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments."
-George Washington

"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
-Thomas Jefferson

Here's a few more to think about:

 "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

 "America goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy." - John Quincy Adams

"The executive has no right, in any case, to decide the question, whether there is or is not cause for declaring war." - James Madison

"Government without a Constitution is power without a right." - Thomas Paign

"Great is the guilt of an unneccesary war." - John Adams

"The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home." - James Madison

"Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism." - George Washington

 "If tyranny and oppresion come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." - James Madison

"The spirit of this country is totally adverse to a large military force." - Thomas Jefferson

If these don't ring a bell, I don't know what will. No matter what happens in the elections, who's side you're on, what your faith is or what you want to call this (Cultural Socialism or whatever) one thing is certainly clear, our government has not been working for the people and nothing is going to change unless we give change a chance. This is our opportunity.

Lastly, in the words of Albert Einstein - "You can't solve a problem with the thinking that created the problem.

Obama in 08!

Wish we could be isolationist and pacifistic like those quotes would seem to suggest.

However the World has changed a bit in the Intervening 250 years!! We have to adapt or die 

I agree that the entire world is embracing cultural socialism--or what I prefer to call cultural Marxism. It has alrady occured in Canada and Europe and the rest of the world. We are increasingly embracing it here in the US. Obama is no better than the George W. Bush and his cronies of Big Government Republicans. Both Democrats and Republicans are analogous to each other--birds of a feather. How did this happen? Well, I'm not a religious man, but from my observations most people need to believe in something they can neither prove nor disprove. People also seem to need some form of collective worship. Socialism is replacing traditional religion in a world that increasingly finds itself questioning the existence of God. The aetheist Left sees itself as intellectually superior over the "heathens" who still believe in God and go to church on Sundays; however, these are the same people who believe in conspiracy theories: 9/11 an inside job, Bush conjuring the seas to flood great cities, magic bullets that can make 90 degree turns in mid-air; global warming--and they will enmass in collective "church-like" settings to protest.... Sometime around the early 1900s someone penned "when man no longer believes in God, he'll believe in anything." No saying has ever proven to be more true. Mankind, apparently, NEEDS to believe in fantasy and conjecture. Ironically, the aetheist Left, despite its hawking that it's intellectual superior to "simple-minded" religious folk, is more fanatical in its thinking than our great grandparents. Step on a crack break your mother's back. We've entered a New Dark Age. But what did the Republicans do in the 21st century to counter this kind of irrationalism and move toward government worship? Well, they embraced it in a hunger for power. Post 9/11 thinking is nothing less than a form of mass hysteria, where all sides believe that the sky is falling: to the Right, it's God's wrather; to the Left, it's the wrath of Karl Marx's ghost. Both sides are nuts. Traditonally, religious people in America saw government as dirty and corrupt. To seek the government's validation was something considered abhorrent. They used to see government as something that sullied their religious beliefs. Today, unfortunately, they cannot worship without the government's validation. Everyone now--including the religious--worships the government. There's no turning back. Once the government has power, it won't let it go. (At least the Amish today are still repulsed by government and want nothint to do with it.) To me Obama is the better alternative because he's a protectionist (I have always been a closet protectionist despite being a devout capitalist--especially now after the disgusting Air Force/EADS deal that will take $40 billion of American tax money and put it in the hands of French/European buraucrats); and Obama is also willing to harshly criticize our allies, something which Bush rarely did. Calling Europe "Old Europe" was about as close as he ever came. Other than that, despite the Left polemics, Bush was the most diplomatic president in US history. I've had enough of diplomacy. It's refreshing to see a US politician come down hard on foreign countries for their hypocrisy. Obama had me when he criticized NAFTA and called it a gift to Canada--and then told Canada to fix its own backyard--a big one with a dismal environmental record (killing 300,000 baby seals a year is just part of it) and its selfish NAFTA concesions that cost Americans extra in millions--such as labeling products in French. Although Canada and Europe signed Kyoto, they have done NOTHING to improve their environments. Whereas the United States didn't sign, yet we have done more to improve pollution output than any other nation in the past 50 years--with the exception of maybe Iceland. Australians put out more carbon per capita than any nation on earth--and Ireland has more garbage per capita.

"Actually, symbiot, with our muddled mixed-up system, we pay more for healthcare than any other industrialized nation, yet we rank near the bottom in every quantifiable category of overall health care quality."


Woops, someone's living the Dark Ages as I mentioned in my previous post. "[O]verall health care quality" in the USA is superior. There are more MRIs in Chicago than in all of Canada. Prostrate cancer in the US is considered a simple, treatable disease with 85% of men surviving, whereas in Britain only 45% survive. This is just one example. Asthma in Britain is considered a deadly disease, since they have few specialists who can treat it, and few medicines. In Europe, certain cancer medicince which have been approved for use in the USA by the FDA are banned. They are not banned in Europe because they are thought as inferior--they are banned because the EU cannot afford them. You see, even in socialsit countries it always comes down to costs--even more than in the USA. When the world is sick, it turns to the US. More Americans win Nobel Prizes in medicine than any people. We have the world's most technoligically advanced health care. This explains in part why it's so expensive. Americans live unhealthy lifestyles, we're fat (althought not the fatest in the world and even places like Sweden are catching up quickly) and we abuse our bodies---but that is not an indication of inferior health care. Tell me, if you had brain cancer, where would you rather be? Canada, Australia, Cuba, France, Britain, China??? The Untied States??? That's what I thought.

Woah there, hotstuff. Let's not get carried away. I believe you misinterpreted my post.

We do indeed have the best health care technology, provisions, and providers in the world. HOWEVER, that's not the same as having the best health care system in the world. We pay significantly more to support our system than any other nation, period. Yet over 15% are left uninsured, and our system ranks near the bottom in nearly every measure of quality. You can look it up yourself, or I'd be happy to provide a bibliography.

"Yet over 15% are left uninsured, and our system ranks near the bottom in nearly every measure of quality."

 Not being insured is not the same thing as not getting healthcare. 85% of hospitals in the US are nonprofits. You are as likely not to get healthcare in the US for not having insurance as your are for not getting healthcare in Canada if you forgot to bring your National ID card (which happens). Also, the "measure of quality" you speak of comes from incoherent methodologies that do not take into consideration a persons health BEFORE they went into the health care system. Those studies are conducted by UN or UN-like orgs that are trying to perpetuate socialism. They measure a countries quality of life by how much socialism there is, i.e. mass transit, universtal health care, etc.... The fact remains, one is more likely to survive cancer in the United States than any place on earth. Sure, even in Britain head colds are treated well, but god forbid you have something like a tumor. They don't have the techonly--or they don't have the money to treat it. In the US, you show up at the ER with a headache, you get a MRI automatically. 1 in 1,000 will show up as a brain tumor. In Britain, you show up at the ER with a headache, they send you home with a tylenol. If you have happen to be one fo the 1,000 with a tumor, likely it will go undiagnosed and you die. There is a great article from Britain's Spectator magazine called "Die in Britain, Survive in the US". You must read it:

The bottom line is, if healthcare isn't affordable, it doesn't matter how good it is.   As much as we would like to think that the care is the same for those with good heath coverage, and those without,  the fact is, there is a vast difference.  Our "charity" systems are so over burdened that the quality suffers greatly. 

Obama's plan to lower the cost of heathcare so that all people can be covered seems to me to be a logical solution.  It will be a difficult process, as he will have to battle the greed of insurance companies (big business again), but with reason and clear thinking, it can be done.

I'm fully aware that the uninsured receive healthcare, though that care may leave something to be desired. In fact, there are estimates that there's an "invisible" $1000 per family tax to cover the cost of providing healthcare to the uninsured (this is not to cover medicaid/medicare; this is to cover the cost of hospitals writing off care). 

An uninsured woman diagnosed with breast cancer is twice as likely to die than her insured counterpart.

Most of us are better off with the US system, but not all of us.

im going to swim to Havana for my next EKG!!!

"A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned -- this is the sum of good government."

-Thomas Jefferson

Nice try, but we are not talking about the destitute (which will always need our help). We are talking about changing the outlook for the hard-working middle class. Those who make just enough ($40,000 to $75,000) who currently are, if you look at %, paying the bulk of the tax burden in the US. And they are also the backbone of our industry and our economy. A lot of these families are dual income, yet they have little, if any, expendable cash. The middle class has suffered over the last eight years---AND THEY ARE MORE THAN WILLING TO WORK.

And, Down with "cultural socialism." Obama '08

Here's why I support Obama. I generally buy into the ideas of Kansas City Star report Jason Whitlock, that is that the whole Rap/Hip-hop/prison culture which has come to define African-American youth is not healthy for our young people. At times he will also imply that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton give poor leadership to the African-Amercian community because they lead with the "victimization" approach. In essence, these leaders have been telling the African-American community that they are victims, whites are racists, the system is rigged, and your socio-economic situation in life is the result of institutional racisim. This is poor leadership because they are enablers. As an educator, if I told my students that I liked about half of them and would giving them A's and B's and told the rest that I did not like them and that I would be giving them D's and F's, the second group would not bother studying. Who could blame them. Who would be motivated to work within a system that they are told is corrupt. I understand why Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton give this advice.  Consider for a moment that Jesse Jackson was 27 years old in 1968. By that point in his life I'm sure he had personally witnessed a lot of racism and if I were of his generation I would find it quite hard not to be bitter. Obama on the other hand was born in the early 1960s in Hawaii and because of time and place by did not witness or experience that level of racism and thus does not have that visceral hatred and victimization ingrained in him. He obviously embraced school and a successful track. His message on this subjuct seems to be "put down the video games and pick up a book." I believe he sends the message that education and hard work are the route to success, not trying to convince everyone else in the community that you are a victim. If he is elected president, I think he will be a great role model for African-American youth and he will replace the latest hiphop/rap/prison-culture-like role model. The hiphop/prison culture does not only attract African-Americans. Young whites, hispanics, and Asians are also attracted to these hiphop artists as role models. Perhaps if the young African-Americans redefine who their role model is, and decide that their education will determine their fate, they will drag up other youth. As a high school teacher I would love for all of you to increase my pay by another $10,000 per year. However, the students in front of me are not going to suddenly change their mindset because I just got a $10,000 raise or because their history book is from 2007 instead of 2004. However, electing Obama will do much in this regard. In terms of national defense, Obama can hire a ton of specialists and evaluate the advice of the specialists just like JFK did in the Cuban Missile Crisis. However, if Hillary or McCain win, they can't hire a Obama to accomplish what I just talked about. After all do you think it would really be effective if McCain gets elected and then he hires an African-American like Obama and then tells the African-American youth, "Yeah, be like my assistant. Work hard and someday you too might be qualified to be an assistant." I don't think that would work too well. Obama can hire a McCain, but McCain can't hire an Obama. If you really want to cut the expenses of government, consider this approach. Take care. 

Sam, this is a great post!  It expresses clearly a factor that many believe in, but are afraid to express for fear of being called racist.  This is exactly what I mean when I say that Sen. Obama wants to give the poor and the inner city children a hand up instead of a hand out.  The cycle of poverty is far reaching, and when a child has little more than a rap artist or athlete to use as a role model, there is little for them to aspire to.  Even though there are many African Americans that are successful in every field, these kids do not live in an environment where they are exposed to that in their daily lives. 

I did live through the changes of the 60's, and posted about it on another thread, so I can understand the anger.  But it is time for ALL Americans to move past that, and let everyone become the best person that they can be.  To  have the education that will allow each and every one to achieve their it a construction worker. tech job, CEO or President.  Any honest profession is honorable. IMO

It is my sincere belief that many of the so-called entitlement programs have not been designed to accomplish the change that is needed.  They are designed to keep a whole group of people dependent, thus guaranteeing votes.  Obama's plans reverse this and aim to truly break the cycle that came with the hard fought battles of the 60's.  It is past time for this to be done!

I liked your analogy of the grades, and would like to share one of my own.  If you took two groups of children, told them to create a beautiful picture of a rainbow, and gave them the materials.  You gave one group nice art paper, a large pack of crayons and some paints.  You gave the second group old wrinkled paper, and broken grey crayons.  Which group could express their rainbow and bring it to life?  Many of us take for granted the tools that are there for our children to use to build their future.  Those tools are not now available for all children, and Obama will change that, while teaching the lesson that nothing comes free, you have to give back to society,  ie his community service for college aid,  etc.  This is a lesson ALL of the youth of today need to learn.

Thank you for writing, and I hope to see more of your thoughtful posts.

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