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R.F.O. in the News - Watch Tonight on CNN.

By Tony Campbell - Posted on 28 February 2008

Dear Fellow R.F.O. members:

One of our own, Bill Waters, was interviewed by CNN today in Houston. The interview will be on during the 8 p.m. hour in "The Situation Room."  I hope you have a chance to watch it.  Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to make themselves available between now and next Tuesday. There are still opportunities to help spread the word in Austin and DFW this weekend.

Best wishes,

R.F.O. Press Office

My Family is very tied into the National and Maryland Republican Party as a donors, volunteers, and even office holders. Folks I know well in the party would have a stroke if they knew that my ENTIRE family supports Obama- but we do. We have been very cynical regarding politics for a long time, and for the first time we have real hope. Our problem is that everything we have built up over many years with our party will evaporate if we publically come out for Obama. It is not a small thing to give up that influence.  We have been on the verge of donating heavily, but with finance disclosure....

 If Republicans come out for Obama, is there any REAL hope for us participating in what could be the greatest period in our history since its inception?

Thanks for this great site. I just read about it on

UPDATE and to MY Family:

The piece that was supposed to air on "The Situation Room" was postponed and should air this weekend sometime.  We will keep you posted.

To "MY FAMILY" - I am from MD as well and even served on the State Central Committee.  My hope is that our voices will finally be heard by the folks that have taken over our party.  It is time for the "cultural socialists" to gve up its hold on our GRAND G.O.P.  Individual liberty and responsibility is the hallmark of the Republican party that I joined, not empowering government to subject its citizens to moral and fiscal mandates.



Taliban to Raise $100 Million From Afghan Opium Crop (Update1)



Isn't the Taliban the ones who supported Al Qaeda?! Let's see. wouldn't this mean they will continue with this support and apparent monetary flush!? Why aren't we wiping this ability out?!


This only proves the insanity of the Bush/Chaney/Rice/Gates world order of anti terrorism!


I will never support the surrogate McCain or poor judgment Clinton! 

nice blog, and its nice to see i aint the only libertarian/econonmic conservative down with obma,  I mean we are coming on the <a href="">4oth </a> year after kings death and things still seem the same, and the dolar dropped again to the EURO today

Bush-McCain foreign policy, in a nutshell, 

simply mortgages our domestic policy,

with deficit spending, and bankrupts



a 'surge' is brief and unsustainable,

by definition it recedes,

if not, 

it bankrupts reserves, 

of morale and materials,

it is red-ink warfare.


preemptive war without diplomacy,

inflates the price of victory,

often beyond 

what we are willing to pay.  


trickle-down cold war diplomacy,

propping-up governments

and their failed policies,

bankrupts bottom-up goodwill,

and sells our principles short. 


free-trade is only fair-trade,

when we are paid

in jobs,

and the price over the worker's head,

accounts for their health and safety,

and therefore doesn't bankrupt our


our heritage,

our fundamental freedoms, 

and our own value. 


no going out of business sales. 


war to reduce terror,

is akin to

borrowing to reduce debt,

it is an insolvent paradigm.


we should instead be investing

in social capital,

in terms of our foreign

and domestic policy,





out of existence. 


hopelessness is their blank check. 


innovation is our voice, 

let us speak together,

all of us,

and invest in our collective destiny,

 for a change we can believe in. 


 Finally!  I've been calling myself a "Veteran Republican for Obama" and knew that I couldnt be alone - I was so glad to see this on CNN today - I didnt even wait for the article to finish playing before I came to the site.

Yay for Obama - I really just want the country to get back together and stop with divisive politics.  I'm also interested in reigning in some out of control spending.


Nope. Not alone. Far from it. Welcome!

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