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On Arnold, the future soul of the Republican party, Prop 8 and the Christian Right

By Nightporch - Posted on 21 November 2008

Christian Right Takes on "Terminator"

A major Christian Right organization is calling out Republican California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the latest broadside in the post-election battle for the soul of the Republican Party and a clear sign that the culture war might be shifting back to the states.

The Family Research Council's latest Action Alert urges social conservatives to contact Schwarzenegger's office directly and tell him to terminate his "inappropriate post-election behavior" regarding the passage of California's controversial Proposition 8 that bans same-sex marriage.

Schwarzenegger opposed Prop 8. After the election, he said he hopes the California Supreme Court will overturn the ballot initiative. He predicted that the 18,000 gay and lesbian couples who have already wed would not see their marriages nullified by the initiative. He encouraged Prop 8 opponents to protest "until they get it done."

Thank you for posting this.  I sent an e-mail telling him to stand up to these people.

Everyone knows the Governator is not a "real" Republican.
I have to wonder how much longer Arnold will labor under the illusion that he is actually a Republican.  His social policies are quite open-minded and liberal.  If he wants to avoid the label of "Democrat", he could always take on the identity of "Independent."  (I also have to wonder how he and Maria work out their political differences at home.  But then James Carville and Mary Matalin are even further apart, and they seem to make do.)

How long will any of us labor under the illusion we are Republicans? The old Party is dead and gone.

One can't really be a Republican any longer unless you are expecting to be Raptured at any moment...

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