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flash cards

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 27 February 2008

I was going to buy my son some addition flash cards. He's eight. Second grade. But then I figured I could just have him try to start posting here every day. He'll have all his addition facts down in no time!!

Um, out of curiosity, when do we start subtraction? 

Barbara, don't be so quick to give up the flash cards.  A few minutes captcha told me that 13 was not the correct answer to "What is 6+7?"  I had to enter it 3 times before the system decided I was right.  :)

Yeah, I've noticed I get an awful lot of those wrong. You might be onto something, there.

You know it's pretty embarrassing when you "miss" 2+0. Maybe Evan can do the Monty Python thing and start asking us our favorite color...I think I can get that one right.

LOL!!!  If he does, I'm gonna change my favorite color to red.  That's shorter to type than burgundy.  :)

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