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Talking to the Press -- Some Things to Keep in Mind

By John Martin - Posted on 27 February 2008

As many of you've noticed, a few of our state leaders have been doing a great job reaching out to the press. This is greatly encouraged, and can have a great impact in helping us help Barack. Please just remember to conslut with our Press Officer, Tony, (I think everyone's been doing this so far) before you or any of your state members do any interviews on the organization's behalf. Tony's email is:

Also, make sure to review the "We are Republicans for Obama because We Believe in:" on the About Us page. These are some of the themes we've been trying to stay focused on and help explain why most of us are on board.

Here are some other facts about the group:

  • All-volunteer, web-based group of rank-in-file Republicans.
  • Created in December 2006-- before Barack even announced his candidacy.
  • No connection with the Obama campaign.
  • Founded by:
    • John Martin--Law Student in NY (and still technically on active duty with the Navy reserves until 2nd week of March).
    • Ken Whelking--Computer Programmer in CO
  • Our purpose:
    • To help Republican supporters of Obama link up and get organized
    • Some State Chapters have already coordinated physical meetings between our members. More such boots-on-the-ground campaign activity will be coming as we get into the general election and continue to grow.
  • Our progress:
    • MUCH better than Hillary or even McCain could ever expect from a grassroots, crossover group.
    • HUGE success-- over 1000 members from across the country have joined thus far.


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