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Upcoming debate

By Aaron_Hussein_Musick - Posted on 25 February 2008

Given the tone seen in the last two days, it looks like Obama should be gearing up for a session with the Shrillary aspect of HRC's multiple personalities. She has turned harshly critical, sarcastic and vicious. I take it to be signs of the rabid response of a campaign that knows it is about to flame out and is desperately trying any new tactic to change its fate.

I have no doubt that Mr. Obama will easily come out on top in usch a confrontation, and I am actually looking forward to seeing whether it is Hillary, Billary or Shrillary who really shows up at the debate. I think this will be Clinton's last desperate gambit, and that it will fail miserably.

Barack's positive message of inclusion, unity and tackling the issues we all have in common trumps any negative burst of attacks from the Clinton campaign. Barack just needs to stay positive, deflect her vitriol and counter the silliness with wit and humor.

Go Obama. 

Way to call it like a sportscaster! I LOVE IT!

Unfortunatly I will be on a BUS with a bunch of REALTORS. Tomorrow we are storming the HILL to meet with our legislators and have some cocktails on the way back. I was trying to find a way to watch the debates coming back, but I wasn't able to figure it out.

I know my debate party that we had last Thursday was fun for us, but without the fireworks...a bit disappointing. NOW I won't be able to watch it first hand, I just might ditch the bus and stay in Des Moines and hitchhike back!!!

I should give you all my cellphone number to text message me the action, play by play (on words) , hit by hit, blow by blow!!!! Woooooooo I LOVE POLITICS!


I am planning to have dinner in front of the tv. If it is like any of the last few debates they will replay it ten or twelve times.

I'd be glad to text you updates, but ya gotta know I am a slow texter.


I'm having another debate party, complete with jambalya this time! :)  I told you, my friends love to eat.  I have invited that same group which includes one convert, one wavering, and one with the "anti-christ" ideas, and a few more who support various candidates.  I am hoping (not gonna say praying to sorry couldn't resist:) for another convert tomorrow night.  Aaron, bring your TV tray on

I wish I could join you, sounds like fun, food and politics, three of my favorite things.

Good luck with the converts, I have been working on some of my friends who are still on the fence or are thinking they can hold their nose and vote for McCain. 

SUZI! Yummy I wish I was there.

AARON! ha, I am a slow reader so we will be just fine! 641-512-5427! (maybe by 8 pm central, my battery will be dead, tho. every break from meetings, the REALTORS come out and there is a tower shortage in the state! it's hilarious!)


She really has two options:

 1. Show her gentel side, like she did at the end of the debate. This will play well with her base and she may garner sympathy votes.  And rack up the negativity after the debates. She'll probably have to answer to her stumps.

2. Go nuclear and attack Sen.obama on his inexperience, can he stand up to the republican attack machine. etc 


Mr.Obama just needs to stay on his message, show a bit of wonkiness and counter her attacks. And defends his mailers has factual points on her positions

Why doesn't she understand that it's just too late either way? I really feel like this is mostly coming down to the Clinton's undermining Bill's legacy the longer this drags out. It's not good for them.


 What you're witnessing is the end of the DLC establishment of the democratic party. They've had a stronghold on the party for a very long time. I wouldn't put it past them to try to destroy Obama in order to go for another bid in 2012.

 This is a battle for the hedgemony of the democratic party. That is why so many of the major players are on the fence. Obama is facing probably the most powerful political machine we've ever seen - honestly I thought he didn't stand a chance.

Let's just say I'm mildly shocked...

If Obama were to lose the general election, I just don't want to hear the Dems and the Clinton camp complaining, "We told you we should have run Hillary." (Though you know they will.) We've all known from the beginning that Hillary is completely non-viable in a general election, and her poor performance in her own party's primary only underscores that. She's apparently not terribly popular among Democrats and she's public enemy #1 among Republicans. There's no way she'd be a more competitive candidate than Barack. It's certainly possible that he won't win, but Hillary would fare no better. Somehow, though, there's a whole lot of Dems who still don't believe it.

I'd laugh if he responded to the "how you can stand up to the republicans attack" with:

"Oh, you're campaign has given us a great deal of practice, and we thank you for you misguided vigor!"

He did actually say that on a interview with 60 min.

 'well, going up against the Clinton Machine is no cake walk..(laughter)'

An hour before the debate so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that He wins this one hands down. I do not think Hillary is focused enough on whatever her own message is today to do much damage to Obama.

That said, I'd love to hear her saying she is ready on day one and he is not. He should respond by asking her how many days(or weeks or months) into the co-presidency were they before Hillary and Bill were ready to be president?

He did really well last time. She's seemed muddled and confused about what direction to take her discourse lately.

Lies on top of lies....

A true American would never support Communisum!


wow...communisum, Is that something like Communism? And where is the commy pinko &^*%$, oh I see, you haven't done anything but read Hillary's and McCain's attack jargon and so you have no idea what Obama stands for.

PS..He is also not a sleeper agent for AlQeada, and yes, his name is Hussein, but no, don't get scared, he is also not a terrorist or a dictator. 

<And where is the commy pinko &^*%$,>

Right over there by the long haired hippy freak! :)

Seriously, it amazes me the way some people's minds work.....or not.

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