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Press Opportunity

By Tony Campbell - Posted on 25 February 2008

Hey, folks.  I have a reporter from NBC who wants to do a story on any R.F.O. members traveling to OH from out of state to campaign for Senator Obama.  If anyone is planning to make a trek, please contact me!!  State leaders, I am not putting this up on the main board (this is just for R.F.O. members), I would appreciate it if you can send this out to your internal state membership groups.


R.F.O. Press Office

Oh, well...I still have to get used to doing this stuff.  Please let me know if you are traveling to OH

Thanks    ;-)

ac, you should go.  You represented us well on FOX.

Hey, I just got an email about groups going to Ohio from Chicago and from Virginia..which I will send your email to. Let me know your email address, too.

Sandi Iowa

Why are you betraying your party for? I was a yellow dog democrat all my life and finally realized that the democrat party was using its voters and I became Republican after years of wondering. Our country does not need more government and weakness on national security. If you want to support Obama, then join the Democrat Party for godsake. He is as left as you can get, he's even further to the left of the Clinton's. Please close this website and come back home to your party and America. Ronald Reagan said it right, years ago, the democrats are so far to the left, they left America.

Why are you betraying the ideals of America?  When did petty partisanship overtake being a responsible citizen?

Ronald Reagan, in 1980,  reached out to Democrats and Independents.  The American people responded because they cared more about bringing our country together than worriying about whether a candidate was a Democrat or a Republican.  That was an election that was a watershed event because a conservative Republican had not been elected except for one time (Nixon - 1968) for over 50 years.

Your response is exactly what President Washington warned this country about in his second inaugural address regarding the fracturing of American due to partisan political parties. 

Partisan politics did not exist in 1980.  This is a media, power and egoistic phenomena of the last 20 years.  It is time to let it go.  We are Americans first! 

Who's really picking our Democratic nominee? If it's the Democratic youth or African American voters, I'm okay with that. That's fair. If it's Republicans, I'm not. We'll get trounced in November. Without reliable stats to show Obama's support is from those who will for the Democrat in November, I'd say the best way to ensure Republicans stay out of our race and don't steal another election from us is for Dems to vote for Hillary to be the nominee.

So if the Republicans start backing Hillary, will you switch your support to Barack?

Your argument doesn't make any sense. You're suggesting that Democrats should reject their party's lone candidate with crossover appeal. So you're saying you'd rather run Hillary and cede the White House to McCain than run Barack and win?

You're right. I can see how that benefits the Democratic Party.

Im hoping for a huge republican turn out supporting Barack.  Im a Republican who is supporting Barcak Obama. Baracak has shown so much compassion and he is  guy who can reach and work with all and get things done!!!! I urge all Texans and OHIONS to came out and support Baracak Obama.

Martin, I saw a newspaper article in the Houston Chronicle that said 15% of Republicans polled claim they'll vote for Obama on the 4th. I don't know how accurate the poll was, but that's a huge number.

That is great!!!! Im hoping this is so true being that TEXAS is huge.

that's why he voted against Pres. Bush's supreme court nominees, because he is Bipartisan. What a joke. He is Liberal and will only govern like a liberal. Jane Fonda come to my mind.

Your not Republicans, you're probably not even Americans. Just his wife ,your embarrassed to be an American.

Let me say this. Hillary recently was quoted  saying that the republicans now in days only think with their wallets and not with thier brains, they have become distacted to what is reality. I find this very insulting to us republicans.  I hope texans and ohions republicans go out and show her with what mentallaty we think!! Lets vote her OUT!!!!! Hillary is just not wanting to work with no one only herslef!!!!

Im just  so ready and able to go out and do what whatever it takes to make sure Barack wins!!! If theres anyone out there who is willng to help me out to go to TEXAS and OHIO..Please let me know!!! I can travel like tomarrow. Im also thinking if we can get a group republicans to go to Ohio or Texas and campaing for Barack that will be great. 



Are you joking around with your name?? If you are. please stop. This is a serious and educated site.

Of course I'm joking. Thank you for the kudos on the serious and educated site.

I thought the middle name had been thrown out at us one too many times. It's like a show of solidarity. 

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