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Is Hillary giving WOMEN a bad name? Just a q, chillax.

By SandiLincoln - Posted on 25 February 2008

With this two week period between actual primary and caucus voting, there has been too much time for all the pundints to analyze and disect all aspects of this Democratic and Republican race. I am hanging on to every word I can, between working and sporting events, etc, and I jump infront of the TV switching between MSNBC, CNN, CSPAN (and finally Fox when there are no other options~can't believe I used to love that channel) eating my Wheaties catching everything I may have missed!

Obama remains consistant. Each time he's attacked, he'll say something positive about the other person, answering the attack, and using common sense to put it all in perspective. When Hillary was calling him out on not debating in Wisconsin (how hilarious was that) and he answered with an ad about how many times he had IN FACT debated her...she called it NEGATIVE CAMPAIGNING. WOW, you would have to be deaf, dumb and blonde (I am, so I can say that) to think of a response as negative.

That gets me to my point in my question. Is she giving all women a bad name? She has been running a schitzophrenc campaign, changing course whichever way the wind blows. That has nothing to do with Obama. That was her call to make. Offering her hand at the end of the last debate and then screaming and wagging her finger at him the next 24 hour news cycle, seems unhinged since nothing in the flyers were false. She attacked him to his face about leaving 15 million people uninsured. He answered back to her face and with the flyer, her plan calls for wages to be garnished. THAT IS A FACT she has not disputed. It's a mandate.

She calls the TRUTH negative campaigning? That's such an odd thing. Am I the only one who thinks that? And NAFTA? I guess she didn't like the word "boon". Ok, that sounds a little bonkers to me.

Does anyone know how many times she changed her slogan this campaign? Is she a "Agent of Change?" Experienced, Solutions person, or anything else. How many times did she repaint her bus? I'd be interested to know.

I did see a woman speak today about Hillary and was asked, "Do you think people are just not ready for a woman?" and the woman responded, "Sure they are, just not this woman. Hillary hasn't been consistant, or transparent, and she hasn't taken a leadership role in her own campaign". I agree. Hillary has some merit, but she acts entitled. She won't answer questions unless it's on her own when Obama asked her about where she got the 5 million to lend to her campaign, she said she'll release her taxes after she's nominated. Heck, I am not that stupid. That seems shady. EVEN IF IT'S NOT. She has always done this, and that's why I have such a hard time trusting her even when I like her. (I'd probably never vote for her, but I like her well enough).

She has me miffed right now because it was the last straw for me, to keep these thoughts to myself, when she mocked Obama supporters as she said..........

Let's just get everybody together. Let's get unified. The sky will open. The light will come down. Celestial choirs will be singing. And everyone should know we will do the right thing and the world will be perfect.

Wow, last week I was "duped" into believing Obama was the best candidate, now I am a "Christian Cult" of some sort. That's too bad. I guess even a drowning person is capable of clawing out the neck of the person trying to save them, but what does she think she is doing when Obama has run a better campaign. That's all. He's stayed on message. Bringing people together reguardless of our divides. That's brilliant. She just didn't think of it.

I must be a glutten for punishment, because I still don't DISLIKE her, but I just hope she apologizes for her actions. Which she won't. But her actions make her look like any woman would be behaving so terribly, and that is not the case. Just her. And it probably has a lot to do with who she is LISTENING TO, and that is ultimatly her decision, too.

ONE MORE THING...why is she debating on MSNBC when SHE VOWED NOT TO BECAUSE OF DAVID SHUSTER and Pimp'gate". It's just another rant and rave she thinks we forget. I hope she finds some peace. And I hope she gets herself under control. She has to think of the next woman who will run for President one day and she can admit she made mistakes but still walk out with some dignity. Even Mitt Romeny left with more dignity than what she is displaying. (and he was awful about getting out so he didn't hand the terrorists our country!)

That is my opinion.  (oh and that's just a q, chillax means Just a question, chill, relax.)

I don't really think Hillary is giving all women a bad name.

She is just demonstrating how incompetent and irresponsible she really is. Her campaign started out with a few advantages:More Money, Most recognized name running, full support of the democrat party machine, BILL CLINTON, 35 years of experience(not sure where she learned math) and the country really is ready to vote for a woman for executive office(look at all the female governers)

She however is one particular woman for which this country will never be ready. She is a singularly polarizing and divisive person. She has squandered millions of dollars and all of those other advantages she began with. Her strategy was naive and so short sighted as to be laughable, thinking that the country would drop a jeweled crown on her head and rush her off to stand against a battered and demoralized GOP. When Super Duper Tuesday came and went and she found no crown on her head, she started flailing about, changing slogans, positions and campaign staff, all in an effort to right what had gone wrong, and in the end she may never realize that she is what is wrong with her campaign.

If she had any class she would graciously concede and throw hers and Bill's support behind a candidate you would expect a man like Bill to support.

I do not hate Hillary, but I do not think she has the sensibilities or the leadership skills to be president.

So in the end, I don't think she is giving anyone but herself a bad name...well maybe she is also furthering the tarnishing of Bill's as well.

I hope in my lifetime that there will be a woman on the ticket who is both viable and shares views I can get behind.

She is a Clinton. That is how she is viewed - for better (yes, many like her) or for worse. However, She should think about the fact that she is running as the first viabel female candidate. That comes with a certain responsebility. Confirming the worst stereotypes of women (irrational, pms'ing) is not how she should be conducting her campaign.

 I think she is a decent person, but she surrounds herself with terribel advisers like Mark penn, terry mcauliffe. Worst DLC democrats - despised by true progressives.

I am glad I am not alone on feeling this way. This is not to insult her (for how she looks or old she is because whatever to that.) I am glad we can discuss the things about her characture and her judgement that we disagree with. We are able to have a logical discussion, and she did open the door to our opinion when she made fun of us directly, or mocked us with sarcasm. I am not OUTRAGED by any means. But it does make me feel able to respond to why I am not in favor of her, and in favor of him. I am not blindly following someone. If I did that, I would have voted for Huckabee based on what my religion would say. I am not supporting McCain for my views on the war. I am supporting Obama because he believes to get something done, you have to rally a support FIRST, and then stick together when the going gets tough. Everyone can say what they are going to do, and it means nothing. But the only one saying a plan to get something done IS BARACK and they are calling him naive and the rest of us a cult. WHO'S CRAZY? OH WELL!!!!

I am a little crazy. I have work to do and I am writing a post on this website! I got a new listing...who's in a fantasy world...I am REALTOR. If I didn't believe in the impossible being possible...I wouldn't wake up in the morning!!!! AMEN TO THAT BROTHA!!!

Too Kind to Hillary Y'all.

I'm a Reagan Republican who supports Obama because he has principles -- a quality I thought died with the great one, RR.  In spite of some differences on policy, I prefer someone who speaks his mind and heart.  Old fashioned yes, but I believe in our democracy and that it will flesh out potentially damaging policy before the damage is done.

 What is more dangerous to our country is the potential of someone like Sen. Clinton who does not stand for anything consistent.  She does give women a bad rap because she stands for the worst in us as people and like a lightening rod she brings that affliction down on women.  Three points of distinctive female issues have proven to me she is not my friend on things that matter as a woman.

First.  Women in the workforce.  Bill Clinton's behavior throughout his serial female harrassing history is morally repugnant let alone illegal.  I am a civil rights employment attorney trained under the fallout from the Anita Hill /Clarence Thomas nomination battle.  As a result, every professional in America and most workers of every level have learned that an executive in a position of power is de facto behaving against EEO laws when he messes around with an underling.  The fact that he stupidly believes he is God's gift to women may be pathetic, but is no excuse.  "Stand by your man" does not cut it when she and womens' groups conveniently turn their eyes away from his behavior because they mistakenly see him as a political ally.  No principles.  No consistency.  Sen. Clinton is either in a sham marriage for political gain or she is a sad victim of public emotional abuse and humiliation with no power to improve her lot in life.  Neither character trait has my respect.

Second, she takes reinventing herself to a new level like the political wheat sheeve she is - blowin' in the wind.  Remember the Clinton White House era when she was constantly changing her role, image, hairdo and everything in response to public perception and political advantage?  Women need to get past this.  This is not sexist because it is just as bad when men do it.  Dukakis driving a tank?  Puh-leeez!  Hillary doing this so blatantly just attracts the negative fallout to the female gender.

Third, I need a woman who is a positive model for womens' choices and strengths.  Women are equal but still uniquely different from men and should add to the diversity not deny who they are.  I have never gotten over her comment on Bill's campaign trail that, "I have never been the kind of mother who stays home and bakes cookies."  As a woman who gave up lots of money and prestige to stay home and raise my two girls for ten years, (and baked lots of cookies and helped sell Girl Scout cookies endlessly) I take her comments very personally and interpret them as at worst an insult to those who made the choices I did and at best a denial of her own maternal instincts.  Motherhood has humbled me at the lack of power we have to forcibly direct our children's thinking.  It also makes me proud that I have been able to foster their independent thought.  (My 9 year old likes Hillary and my 11 year old likes Barack and both are respectful and open to John McCain's positions)  Again, no help from Hillary.

I'm still waiting for either candidate to address women like me, struggling to rejoin the workforce after time devoted to childrearing and take some of  the burden off my underpaid and overstressed husband.  Checkout for some perspective.

Mr. Obama, do NOT team up with Hillary or you WILL lose this Republican.  Women are better represented by someone more dignified such as Kathleen Sebelius, Gov. of Kansas.  Shrill and obnoxious is a negative for either gender but we don't need a female president to make us all look that way. 

I don't necessarily think the objection to her is a female thing, I think it's more of a repugnance to blind ambition.

Let's face it: to go through the political ringer in America you have to have an outsized ego.  And even though HRC claims to have America's best interest at heart, it somehow feels like her run is more about her own need for power and legacy.

She's a turn off, plain and simple.

Some of us women feel that she's somewhat of an affront to feminism in the way she parades around her husband's legacy in trying to attain office. Riding your husband's coattails to success is not exactly progressive.

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