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Barack Means "Blessing"

By Rick Petry - Posted on 25 February 2008

During church service yesterday, our pastor said that in the original Hebrew, Barack means "blessing."  He then said, "Did you get that?  I just want to make sure you were paying attention" and then he got a glint in his eye and smiled.

Interesting, huh?

There's a great story in the Old Testament about a guy named Barak. I ran into it on accident about a year ago.

I think that line must be pressed harder by the Obama campaign, to neutralize that "Muslim" garbage that's (sadly) believed by many people.

Honestly, I don't know if he'd be willing to play that game.

Barbara, it doesn't have to involve "the game," or I am assuming the term you gave to negative campaigning.

Its the basic art of the political spin, to either deflect an attack, or to outright neuter it.

Take that plagarism charge that Hillary launched at Obama.

While he did bring up how she herself "stole" some lines, what killed Hillary's attack totally was when the Governor that Obama "plagarized" came out that he gave Obama permission to use those lines.


Barack may have to put a real positive spin on it after the pictures released, supposedly by the HRC camp, today.  Obama, in cultural dress, doing what politicians do when in a foreign nation, is now fodder for the rumor mill.  And HRC issued a statement saying that his reaction is just a distraction from the issues.  Give me a break!!!  How Obama has managed to stay above it all so far is beyond me.  And she thinks his pointing out inconsistancies in her rhetoric is dirty politics.  It is NOT dirty to campaign on facts, or to neuter an attack.  I am so anxious to see how this plays out tomorrow night.

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