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Why Obama is my choice

By Kagemon - Posted on 04 November 2008

Why I support Obama.  A brief list and essay?

I suppose it starts back last year during the primaries.  At that time my sixth sense was going off with Obama making me sick and other things when I watched him.

I came to find out it was something preventing me from looking at Obama closer.  Whatever it was I was able to work past it come the nominee runs.

Obama is for me because in all truthfulness, after the last 8 years we do need change.  McCain's supporters made sure I knew this as well (they tipped the scales for me).

Here are the reasons:

1) I have needed a cat scan for 6+ years now because of my down moods and also lightheadedness that comes and goes.  Even before I didn't have a job I wasn't able to afford it on insurance.  The copay plus percentage was always horrendous.

2) Why I need a cat scan - I have chemical/clinical depression.  I can't control it, its something deep in my body that no matter how happy I am it will affect my sleep schedule as well as other functions.  It fully affects my emotions if I'm stressed .  Medication helps, but not as much as it should.  I get too stressed, I get depressed sometimes killing myself seems like the best option.

3) I have no job, and its not because I was laid off.  I got so stressed by the major bosses in the building (who will deny any part of it) that I had a break down.  Then after the break down they lied to me and "punished" me mentally for it.  I then left because I physically couldn't handle it anymore.  So now I'm without a job.

4) I'm on food stamps and trying to get on medicare, and though I don't want if the cat scan says I need to be on disability for me to be on that.  Its a last resort thing, I'm hoping the cat scan can shine a better light on my problem so I can fix it.  I don't not want to work..I'm only 27.  I just wish I could get a hold of my social worker to get on the medicare so I can at least get on my meds :(.  Funny thing is because of insurance cost (and ONE credit card) I have more money to eat on now then when I was working..I'm finding that pathetic...

5) I went to university on student loans.  I have private loans on top of it.  These private loans are what are killing me.  Even without a job they don't care and hound me..again causing undo stress and my depression welling up, etc...sorry but this is how I feel.

6) McCain supporters when I posted on a forum (which I don't recall the name..I had them delete my account and the post and never looked back at was a one day find click post and delete thing) decided to berate me for all the above.  They told me I didn't DESERVE to go to university if I had to get student loans to go, they also told me my major (Fine Arts) wasn't worth it and I should have stayed working at Wal-Mart and I wouldn't have wasted my time and the governments money (note I NEVER got a grant my family made too much).  Then linked it back to me not having a job now saying I wouldn't be in the situation I am (on food stamps and jobless and "leeching" as they called it) had it not been for me going to university and that it's my own fault.  Yay..just what I wanted to hear the same thing that's gone through my mind over the past few years, one of the things that makes me feel like I wasted my life up until now..

7) I know this may seem silly, but it is also important to me to support the arts, because of the funding for the arts being removed for the war in Iraq, and other things before that, animation studios dropped internships (except for some for people that haven't graduated yet).  Because there are no internships I can't get experience, because there is 5 years experience necessary I can't get a job... I'm trying my best to be good at the art I do, I'm trying to work in pre production work now because while in university I didn't learn to animate all that well (it just isn't my thing I'm a more detailed person) so I'm an illustrator by craft, animator by degree, which doesn't matter longs as I have that degree right?  I'm trying my best to be the best and I work every day toward that.  One day I hope to have a job and pay my student loans back.  A good my major. I'm leaning toward graphic design but even that does not help me...

8) I just want a better life for me and my family.  I want a home of my own.  I just want to be able to live.  I don't want to see my brother in law killed because of this war we fight, even he wants to go after the real terrorist which he knows are not in Iraq.

This is why I support Obama.

You've made the right choice and hopefully you can get the health care you need. Always follow your passion in life.

Thanks for sharing your reasons.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

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