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Don't forget!

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 21 February 2008

Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton debate tonight live on CNN and at 8 Eastern. For the first nine months of this race we watched Hillary debte as the presumed heir apparent to the Democratic nomination, and she carried herself as such. For a few months now we've watched her debate fully realizing that it has become a legitimate competition. Tonight, really for the first time, we're going to see how Obama debates as the frontrunner for the nomination. It'll be interesting to see how both he and Senator Clinton handle themselves in their new roles.


I expect her to go on the attack and that her negativity will backfire.  One article suggests she has to win the remaining contests by a 57% margin to catch him.  Given how close the races have been, that is simply not going to happen barring a major gaff on Obama's part.  

You called it, Rick. 

She's gone with petty attacks as a last resort and the audience is clearly unimpressed.

Here's a new line from Hillary, referring to Obama's heavy reliance on speechwriters, "That's not change you can believe in, Barack, that's change you can Xerox."

Classy, Hillary.

Like she could even come up with a line like that. It was obviously a line given to her by a staffer or speech writer. Sounded fake and her delivery was flat....and she got booed.

Her closing words, saying she was honored to be on a stage with Barack Obama was classy and sounded genuine. Genuine is something you rarely hear from either head of the Billary monster. 

Yes, Aaron, that was the truly ironic part...that she clearly had someone else write the line for her...a line she's using to attack Barack for having someone else write his lines.

I couldn't decide what to think of her closing lines (the part after the stuff about Barack). It seemed over the top to me. 

Since she was booed for that stupid statement, I feel sure she regrets is.  I think she probably also regrets the  "time to get real" charges.  Obama sure took that one and turned it on her.  You could almost hear Hillary thinking "Man, you're good". :)

I do think Hillary was pretty good in her closing statement.  It sounded to me as if it were almost the beginning of a swan song though.  Next week is going to be crucial.  Texas and Ohio......get out there and vote.  Rally your friends and family.  If we win those two, it may well be in the bag. 


I was glad to see Obama discuss his ideas in more detail so that all of these people who have been saying he is all talk and no action can start looking for something else to complain about.

He was very Presidential tonight, and I have to say, grudgingly, that Hillary, with a couple of notable exceptions, was gracious and surprisingly non aggressive. I am with the rest of you in hoping that this is a sign of a gracious stepping out of Hillary and that she will work to help get him elected. Ouch....I just pinched myself...did I really just write that Hillary might be gracious in defeat?

Here's hoping's more than wishful thinking. 

Great point, Barbara.  I think the "Xerox" line was to, ahem, coin a phrase, "counterfeit spontaneity" and obviously her scripted attempt at a zinger along the lines of, "You're no John Kennedy."  It  was completely crushed by his response and the crowd's reaction.  Booya!

I Bet people who opted for Obama, when he was a different choice, a change from the old to achieve happiness in unhappy time, I bet many of them, including famous and powerful people, wished they had waited to discover brain of Hillary, heart of Hillary, Hillary the fighter, Hillary the Warrior, Hillary the leader that they didnot know, Hillary the clear choice for their families, Hillary the practical Senator who can bring Congress and Presidency together. Yes, there will be buyers regret.

I agree with you that we have seen, and will see, many different Hillarys.  :)

Buyer's remorse?

If we're talking about Senator Clinton, caveat emptor seems more likely.

I'm glad Hillary voters are so involved and active in their support of Ms. Clinton. That's great. But to assert that Hillary is the stronger general election candidate, or the candidate to unite the country, is to succumb to denial in the worst way. There are lots of valid reasons one could support Senator Clinton. Those two are not among them.



You wiould lose that bet Anonymous.


Thos of us who have been witness to her "35 years of experience" are well aware of the strengths(yes there are some) of Hillary Clinton, but we are just as aware of the vast negatives she brings. She is a singularly polarizing figure who can never hope to bring democrats together with the Independents, much less Republicans.

There is no buyers regret here. 

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