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We're almost there

Fellow Republicans,

We don't want to jinx ourselves, but things are looking good for Barack. In 12 days, voters from Vermont, Rhode Island, and delegate-rich Texas and Ohio could end this stage of the campaign once and for all.

What are our chapters doing to help the effort? Our Ohio chapter is being featured in an upcoming LA Times article, which should be out shortly. Our Texas chapter just started a 12 day push to get Texas Republicans to pledge their support for Obama on the March 4th primary:

What can you do to help?

  • Tell every Republican in Texas you know that their primary is open and that Obama needs them to turn out. Have them sign the pledge!
  • Continue to post your thoughts on our site! If you haven't noticed, some of the most heated and passionate arguments for an Obama Presidency are happening right on!
  • Don't stop our fundraising efforts! If you know a Republican Obama supporter who has not yet given through our site, please encourage them to do so. Our growing membership has been very generous thus far. Let's keep it going!


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