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Why has Edwards remained silent?

By Aaron_Hussein_Musick - Posted on 20 February 2008

I have been digging around on the news sites and blogs, looking for anything on a guy I had almost forgotten. Has there been any news of John Edwards plans to endorse one of the cndidates?

Just curious. If his endorsement is to have an impact, when would it be best announced for either of the candidates? 

Obama met with Edwards on Sunday.

The word has been that Edwards wants a commitment from one of the candidates to carry on his work on behalf of the poor and economically disadvantaged. I don't know how much convincing it'll take for him to endorse.

I might add that the news channels also reported that Edwards met with Clinton previous to the meeting with Obama.  But Edwards, to my knowledge, has been mum on both of those meetings.

Edwards is an opportunist.  He is looking for the Attorney General's Job and will support either Obama or Clinton.

His record in the Senate was  terrible.  Believe me, if Edwards wants to jump on the Obama band wagon; it means nothing. At best he could serve as the Ambassador to Haiti.  He will not bring in votes.

So I say forget the Edwards hype.


That's kind of my impression, too, he's holding out because he wants to make sure he backs the winning horse. But I would think the winning horse here would be becoming increasingly obvious.

I think he has missed any oppertunity he might have had to make a decisive contribution to either of the candidates. His choice or lack of will have absolutely no efeect on my choices, I just find it odd that he continues to be silent.

Keep on keepin on Batgirl 

No more trial lawyers...

If Obama would end up getting the nod from Edwards, I'd certainly want him to come out and assure us all that this doesn't change his stance on trying to reduce the power and scope of trial lawyers in the American judicial system. It's one of the (many) reasons that, as a conservative, I'm supporting Obama... making a guy like Edwards your AG would be a pretty huge bummer.

I'm with coastalreport and Barbara on this one... Obama has little to gain but much to lose by allying himself in any way with Edwards. The guy is a non-entity... Obama has already shown that he can win in the south, after all. He plays much more strategically into Hillary's hands... So, in my dream scenario, here's what's happening behind the scenes:

Edwards meets with Obama and says something like "If you relax on us trial lawyers, ole' buddy <wink, wink, nod, nod> you might see 26 delegates coming your way with my endorsement...", to which Obama simply replies, "I'll think about that, John... but right now I've got about 47 much more interesting things occupying my time."

Wounded, Edwards goes to Hillary and wants to play tough guy... He holds all the cards in that game. Again, in my dream, he wants Hillary to literally get on her knees and beg (which of course she'll never do). And so, as we've seen, he remains silent; scorned by the man he wants and playing hard to get with his courtier...

Isn't that a fun scenario?

WOW, FIRED UP! That was pretty awesome. I waiver back and forth thinking I don't like Edwards, then I do. But I agree here. I don't think it will make a bit of difference anymore. He may have waited too long.

I noticed Clinton made a reference to Edwards last night, then paraphrased him in her closing statement.  It may mean nothing, but maybe another famous Clinton back room deal is in the making.......

Sista Sandi.....where have you been GF?????  I've missed your enthusiastic posting.....SS

Gee, do you think Hillary mentioned John Edwards enough in last night's debate?  It wasn't just the citizens of Ohio and Texas that were getting pandered to!

Yep Rick....yep yep yep

I might be way off base here, but I think she threw his name in so heavily because she knew it was the closest she was going to get to an endorsement. (Now, I've been WAY wrong before, so... I'm prepared to be WAY wrong now.) I've wondered if he isn't going to endorse anyone, and instead play a role of talking one or the other to concede prior to the convention. A statesman, if you will.

Whatever the case, it seems too late at this point to be much of a boost for either candidate, imo. 

John Edwards as statesman.  There's a novel idea.  :)

I have no idea what all of this Edwarditis is with Hillary.  It just all seems strange to me.

It was a tragedy today about the motorcade policeman that got killed.  And surely I misunderstood something along the way about Hillary's reaction.  The motorcade was traveling from Dallas to Ft.Worth, which almost overlap.  The accident happened en route.  I heard that she appeared at the rally to cancel it, saying that it would be inappropriate to hold a rally at such a time, and that she was on her way to the hospital to meet with the family of the officer.  That sounded like a very compassionate thing to do.  Later I heard that she had called the family and talked to them on the phone.  My question is this....surely even Hillary wouldn't spin such a tragedy to her advantage, would she?  There must be something that I missed to explain this difference.  Anyone, feel free to enlighten me, please.

Wow, this is wonderful that we can reach across party lines. Obama is a true uniter. As of yet I haven't hear Hillary say I want to reach out to Republicans.  He has the courage to do so and that is why he has my vote!

I guess the reason why Edwards hasn't endorsed Obama yet is that he's waiting for March 4, and then back whoever survives the strongest that day.

Either way, I'm sure both Obama/Hillary have offered Edwards the Attorney General posting in their respective Cabinets.


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