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$44 for the 44th President ~OBAMA

By SandiLincoln - Posted on 20 February 2008

Barack has sent out a message about nearly a million people now donating to his campaign. That is so incredible. They are asking us to do Matching funds to bring new people in! I did it! I am matching $44 for the 44th President ~OBAMA!! Here is what the confirmation looks like.


We're Finding You a Match ...

You'll receive an email when a new donor has given to the campaign because of your promise.

Want to make another promise?

Many people have asked whether it's possible to have multiple pledges active at the same time -- the answer is yes.

If you make multiple pledges, you'll be able to bring that many more new people into the process.

Make another pledge now by clicking here:

Or bring even more people into this campaign by inviting your friends to make a donation now and double their impact:


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