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I understood Michelle's statement.

By Aaron_Hussein_Musick - Posted on 20 February 2008

Michelle Obama proclaimed yesterday that for “the first time” in her adult life,” she was proud of America.

I know that she could have stated her sentiments in better terms, but I understood what she meant. I think that as a black woman in America who will soon be the First Lady and whose african american husband is leading the largest political movement to sweep America in twenty years, she has a right to stand up and speak of her pride in us as a country. She meant no dis-respect to any of the infinite things America has to be proud of, despite the Clinton campaign and the media jumping on the story with stinging commentary.

I am a 42 yo white male and I also wish to express my pride in my country and fellow citizens who are working to get past America's greatest sin.

Michelle Obama will make a great First Lady and I hope she continues to speak her mind.

I agree Aaron

She's not a politician, so it is naturally that she sometimes says something that can be interpreted ambigious. Especially with so much media scrutiny. Hopefully, she will not be discouraged.

I agree. It's too bad! And what is almost worse, some of the people who were outraged, were faking it. They take something that they can show a snipit of, twist it, and fane OUTRAGE. What's the worst of all, is it works on some of the people. It's silly and harmful, but won't ever be stopped.

GET READY FOR THE ROLLER COASTER RIDE THIS IS GONNA BE NOW....It's the excelleration of the end. There is going to be no holds barred for sure. If Obama can keep his cool ~OH MY OBAMA YOU GOTTA KEEP YOUR COOL!~we have this one won, then on to McCain, which be even harder. (Even I love McCain, less than before for the pandering to people I find so vile)!


sandi when they debate  obama is going to eat him alive, all mccain has to say is  he didnt put his hand on his heart, other than that,  mccain is going down  what do u think?

Not necessarily Angelo.

What Obama must do, as he is doing already, is to spin that "Pledge" and "Proud" flaps.

Notice what he said yesterday, of how its because of America why he has this opportunity.

That's a start.

I don't think Obama even wants to eat McCain alive, because I think he sees him as a wonderful ally as a Senator to Obama's Presidency. AND YOU HAVE TO HAVE FOUND OUT, the hand on the heart thing...that wasn't even true, it was one picture out of HUNDREDS of pictures with Obama putting his hand on his heart. McCain never brings it up. It's a done issue, we shouldn't even bring up anymore, OK? Thanks.

I understood totally what she meant, but that is the politics of words.


do any of you really read what this man is all about??? he is the smartist politian I can remember...he has figured out what to say , when to say it and who to say it to to make everyone love him even republicans..both the republicans and democrats will wake up on nov 10th with one real bad headache and hangover.....wondering what in the world they have done?
try looking into his true record, ask how he is going to do all he says he is going to do...are the democrats in the congress going to give up all there power and the republicans are going to stand up and cheer as well...the democratic party has been in control of the congress for two years and we are still in iraq...I do not see anyone addressing this...we  sent them to congress to get us out what happened?  ask some questions before you jump off that cliff and look into his relationship with the republicans in the senate now to get an idea of how he is going to accomplish everything he says he is going to do...just hoping he will do it will not fly..other people are involved both here and overseas..... 
I'm struggling to find a single fact in your post. Maybe you can watch the debate tonight and learn a little about the Senator.

So tell me, Anonymus, since we here are all obviously drunk on Obama Kool Aid or are severely limited in intelligence and unable to make rational decisions or to be able to tell rhetoric from common sense, What is it you would have us do? Our choices are few and easily distinguished.

We can vote for a third Bush term and let McCain take the crusade to Iran and Syria. I'm sure that will be good for the country. How about we elect McCain and let him continue to sell out the middle class and continue our war on choice and gay marriage.

We can vote for Hillary, who is un-electable and whose nomination would certainly insure McCain's win in the general. She takes no stand for which she is not willing to move and she has no message which she is unwilling to change.

We can toss a vote away by selecting Nader or Paul or Other.

Or we can vote for a man of principal with charisma and a vision for the country which is a heck of a lot better than what we have now or could get from any other candidate. He has solid plans, a great deal of support from very experienced people from both sides and the middle and he speaks to the hearts of enough Americans that he will be able to move us forward. 

I know the choice is easy for me, Obama is the absolute best of the field and I will proudly cast a vote for him.

Then the hard work comes, rebuilding our own party and exorcising the neocon influence that has so corrupted the GOP. 

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