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9 and counting

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 19 February 2008

Obama is projected to win Wisconsin tonight by quite a comfortable margin. That extends his winning streak to nine primaries in a row. Hawaii is also voting today; polls will close at about 1 AM Eastern.

It's becoming increasingly clear that it's no longer a matter of whether Obama will win the primary's popular vote, but what the Democratic Party will decide to do after he does.

Another big win!!!


And who else predicted that Clinton would once again fail to acknowledge her losss or his victory in her speech? Sure, she called him and gave a quickie congratulations in private, what a sore loser she is. When Obama lost to her he was gracious and strong in his speeches.

Go Obama, come to Texas and lets end this. 

To whom it concerns,


As a concerned global citizen from the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba, I am submitting this piece concerning the upcoming U.S. Presidential race and its potential to shape the future of both the United States and the World.


You may use this article in anyway deemed appropriate.


Thank you.

Bernard Simon ------Article begins below-------  



Today the United States finds itself facing tremendous challenges both at home and abroad, including a struggling economy, a failing healthcare system, housing crisis, and geopolitical relationships that are in many cases strained at best.

 Therefore, Americans must elect a candidate that can offer guidance and leadership that deal specifically with the necessities of both its citizens at home and its relationship with the rest of the world. The old political habits and self-serving interests need to be put aside when the new president is elected. Creativity, Vision, Innovation, Compassion, Ideas, Strategies and Diplomacy. These abilities will be major components of a successful politician entering this new era. 

This politician will definitely separate himself from those who simply keep replicating the same Old Habits. As Peter Drucker said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

 Creating the future starts with Vision, and what Barack Obama knows best is how to envision and exucute this Vision. When you hear Obama and the people around him, they will tell you that Obama talks about five, ten years in the future as if it were the present. The possibilities and the challenges of the future are so vivid to him that he sees them as a compelling and pulling reality. Obama is Vision driven, a characteristic shared only by great statesmen and leaders! Each individual can make a real and substantial difference as to the course of your great country we call THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  In addition, by making that commitment on Election Day, November 4th, 2008, you are indeed taking on a significant role in the transformation not only of the USA but also for the entire world.  The question arises: “How can we support and contribute to that process? How can we do our part, as individuals, to make sure we are going in a positive, healthy, and non-confrontational direction?” The simple answer to that question is to vote for BARACK OBAMA for President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. There is a quote attributed to Mahandas Gandhi that says: “You must be the change you wish to see in this world.” 

On Election Day November 2008, you will have a unique opportunity. It will be possible for you to be part of changing the future of the USA and the World. This opportunity rests in your hands as you enter the voting booth. It will be your responsibility and obligation to PAUSE-THINK and VOTE FOR ONE CANDIDATE. It will be your opportunity to be part of history and change your future for the better and that of your family and the World.






February 4, 2008  Edited by Tobin Casey  

Oh yea Aaron....I am praying that he continues his sweep.  Hillary needs to realize that it looks like the train has left the station.  From the crowds in Houston, it appears that it is looking pretty good there.  What are you hearing?

im a republican and i am voting for  obama because  we need change i dont want  mccain  has a warped war mind mentality  i belong to a  union about 300.000 across the us and  we took a poll and they said they are voting for   obama  against mcain in  november  i think  obama will be good for the republicans

Well, I wanted to go to the rally here in Houston, but the free tickets went so fast I never had a chance. 50K tickets and they could have had 3 to 5 times that if there were a venue that big here.

I think at this point that Texas will slide into the Obama camp by a healty lead by the time the polls open. I plan to vate early and will attend the caucus. I predict at least a 10 point lead here in Texas by March 1.


That sounds great.  I'm your neighbor here in Louisiana, and I was so proud and excited when Obama took our state.  This movement, truly of the people, is amazing.  I have a cousin in Houston, who is another Republican who supports Obama. 

the republicans here in california we are all voting for obama  over mccain in november   we need change  we need to get out of this war we are not winning and if we elect mcain we will be there forever  obama is our man  for the presidency  2008   REPUBLICANS FOR OBAMA


I hope there is a truly huge turnout for the primaries and the caucus here. It can only be good for Obama if people listen and participate.

Once we win this I plan to celebrate, maybe we can get together with your cousin and have a nice victory dinner, since you are a neighbor :)

Here's hoping Obama can sweep the rest of the states and get this over with fast. In my mind this "movement" is like a huge tornado, and I keep waiting for the house to fall and the toes of the wicked witch to curl up as her ruby slippers of inevitability fall off.

The wicked witch will unleash a lot of flying monkeys before the slippers fall off! :)

The word is that Texas is in desparate need of Obama signs, as I'm sure you know.  Because Sandi had made us aware, I noticed that lack while watching Obama's rousing speech last night.  As one there is the trenches, is there anything you can think of to do to help the process?  I'm sure the Obama campaigne people are on top of this, but anything we can do to help is what this movement is all about.  I am racking my brain for something I can do, but lacking a stash of signs, and them not coming into my state right now, I am at a loss.

I victory dinner sounds like a winner! :)  Especially if Obama sweeps TX, Ohio etc.  Maybe then we can also celebrate the demise of the wicked witch.  :))

On the actual topic of this blog....

 If the DNC were to find some way to over-rule the popular vote and give Clinton the nomination, well then I would suddenly be voting for McCain while holding my nose and trying not to hurl.

Obama to me represents a chance for the country to take another great leap forward in recognizing that we are all truly equal and that the deep wounds of slavery and segregation can indeed keep getting better. This is my hope, I know issues matter, but I can compromise on the cookie cutter issues that get tossed around every election season, if that compromise can help to move the country further toward a day when we see each other as americans and not as a pallette of colors.

If Hillary is the nominee, I will donate money and time to McCain, simply because I believe that we need another Clinton or Bush in the whitehouse like we need another country to invade. 

I'm from Pa and am changing my registration from Rep to Dem so I can vote for Obama. I watched him last night in Houston and was amazed by his speaking and grasp of the problems and solutions. We have nothing else in this country like him.  Tell Hillary to go home it's hopeless.
your not alone for  750.000  people have already change from  rep  to  dem   to vote for  obama  and that  number is increasing everyday  obama will win in november because  republicans are going to vote for   obama over  mccain  because  mccain is nothing but  bush 2   thats all he is  OBAMA   PRESIDENT  2008

Great to meet you MJ. Welcome aboard the best train going in our nation.  I found that the more I listene to him, the more I find out what he is really all about, the stronger my support becomes.

Pa is going to be a VERY important state.  I think it could well be the deciding factor.  Stick around here and discuss the issues, find out what you can do, or just be with like minded people. 

<We are the change we have been waiting for>

Make that 10 and counting!!!!!  Way to go Hawaii!


Obama basically has the same poor views on the issues as Hillary Clinton, except that he speak's more elloquently with an empty promise of change.  Give me a break.  You will all soon tire of Barack Hussein Obama, as many of us already have.  I can't imagine any true conservative voting for Obama, he's as liberal as they come, rated the number 1 most liberal senator.

Republicans and independents needs to come together and vote for McCain, and I'm sure a lot of democrats will as well rather than vote for Barack Obama.  If you really feel like you want to join a "movement", take your carelessness somewhere else that won't hurt the nation.  If you really want want to do something "fashionable," buy a Prius.  But dont, I repeat, please DO NOT vote for Barack Hussein Obama!!!

I think we should judge all the candidates on the basis of middle names.

Does anyone know McCain's?


John Sidney McCain III



I bet he's part of a subversive plot for America to be taken over by the Aussies.



Anonymous...go fgure.

I have followed Obama since I listened to his speech in 04 and I doubt that I will tire of Barack Hussein Obama. I love how all you haters insist on using his middle name in obvious attempts to denigrate him, but I think he should be proud of his name, as I am of mine and as you, anonymous, are not.

McCain has absolutely nothing to offer me unless Billary gets the nomination, then he will be my protest vote. His policies and positions have morphed into something that is indistinguishable from the Bush regime. We do not need another four years of Bush and the religious right doing what ever they feel like doing to our constitution, our liberties and our standing as a leader of the free world.

Vote for Barack Hussein Obama, and you will be voting for something positive. It is time to shake off the past forty years of politics dominated by the anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage agendas. These agenda's only serve to divide the country on one issue that is settled law and another that has no foundation other than one group's religious sensitivities. Until the Republican party re-engages on small government, fiscal responsibility, peace through strength, states rights, constitutional integrity, government non-interference, fair trade policy and other actual republican issues, I will vote my heart as my head sees all choices as equally dis-engaged from these issues.

Barack Hussein Obama has my heart this time around and I will work to help him accomplish those things on which I agree with him.



Maybe that's why anonymous remained...anonymous.  I am a TRUE conservative and I will not vote for a "moderate" Republican who resorts to childish name calling when he doesn't get his way.  No thanks.  Mc Cain and Hillary are to entrenched and set in their ways... neither one of them is capable of changing their opinion on an issue  (McCain has even said so to conservatives in his carefully worded CPAC speech, in which he said he will listen but he will try to convince you that he is right...what he meant is, he will listen and then do what he wants to do period, just roll over and vote for him).

I don't think that is Mr. Obama.  He may be liberal but he's not stupid (nor so old that he can't learn anything new).


No thanks, not voting for McCain in November...I can't hold my breath for that long. 

Is Obama the American Mandela? Obama brings a message of hope and change to a country at the crossroads. It is choice between the past and the future. But is Obama the American Mandela who could inspire Americans to a better future at home? And a future where America takes it rightful place at the global table? Is he the one? The question of whether Obama is the American Mandela is discussed in my blog Angry African on the Loose at

I thought Barack Hussein Obama was the right choice. His books moved me, his speeches are amazing and everything about him seemed right to me. I firmly believed he was my voice...until I did some research and realized his voice and message was a tangled web of lies.

Below is what I have found about Obama. If You don't have time to research, read this...

1. Barack does accept support from lobbyists.
2. Barack didn't vote against the war.
3. Barack's wife, Michelle, is currently a corporate lawyer, which Barack criticized H. Clinton for being some 20 years ago.
4. Barack made a business deal with an indicted crook, arguing that it wasn't a big deal.
5. Barack voted to fund the war just a few months ago, all while giving speeches claiming that he doesn't support the war and never did.
6. Barack refers to women as "biiitches" and doesn't find the need to apologize for it.

When I started researching about Obama, I just realized that he's a typical politician, but with great speechwriters and a great speech style; these tactics had convinced me he was different. I was wrong. The truth is, when you research his campaign tactics and people, you will learn these top six facts above that surprised me.

Are you going to cut and paste this twisted nonsense on every blog and thread?  Grow up.......

Most of us are aware of Obama and his history. 

1. Barack has ten lobbyist bundlers. That's true. But Hillary has twenty and McCain has sixty.  Obama is the only one who does not accept money from PACs

2. Barack didn't vote against the authorization of war. That's true. He wasn't in the Senate yet.

3. Michelle is a corporate attorney. I have no idea what that has to do with Barack.

4. Barack made a minor deal with Mr. Rezco. Clinton and McCain have shady figures in their past, as well. Clinton had to return nearly a million dollars raised by Hsu, who evaded authorities and fled to Hong Kong after being accused fraud. McCain was featured on the front page of the NYT just a few days ago, with questions regarding the history of his relations with various lobbyists.

5. Barack has explained repeatedly why he continued to fund the soldiers. He felt it was unfair to deny our troops the equipment they need while deployed overseas.

6. Source? I have no idea what you're talkling about. But McCain's staff has referred to Barack by his middle name and called him a "hack," and McCain himself laughed when his supporters referred to Hillary as a b*tch in South Carolina.


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