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100,000 In Denver!

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 26 October 2008

Barack Obama drew a crowd of over 100,000 in Denver today.  This number has been confirmed by a Denver police spokesman.  The great thing about these huge crowds is that Obama uses them as a springboard to get people to vote early.  The strategy of his campaign has been amazing.

Go here to see some great pics of the rally.


Obama/Biden 2008

Is that emoticon shouting "Obama"? :)

It looks like he is. :-) cute

Obama/Biden 2008


 Really appreciate the update.


The Media is making  me nervous...  they seem to be siding with McSame lately -  and then I realize,  just another tactic to create drama and keep the public interested in their spin.


Sweet......If (still cautiously optimistic) he carries through the finish line next week, (so close)!!! there's an estimated 300K for the election night party in Chi-town!

That is a beautiful sight! Brings warmth to my soul! Unlike watching Elizabeth Hasselhoff (kidding) inciting riots over sexism. OH can this be over sooner...going mentally back to all the bodies in Denver, and remembering 100,000 in St Louis last week, and 75,000 in Kansas City MO!

Happy thoughts!! GObama 08!

The way that Obama and his staff have run this campaign is honestly a huge indication of the skill and strength he will have in running this country.

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