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Obama meets with Edwards

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 18 February 2008

Barack Obama met with John Edwards yesterday, at the Edwards home in North Carolina. Obama, who normally travels with a huge press entourage, did not allow any reporters on this trip.

Interesting, huh? 

Very interesting, Barbara.   I also heard on the news last night that the meeting had been scheduled for an earlier date, but reporters got wind of it and were camped out in front of Edwards' house.  They (the news channel) also said that Edwards held a similar secret meeting with Hillary "a few weeks ago".  My opinion is that Edwards is trying to decide where to put his support. (Mabe a VP bid?)  With his strong stand on poverty, I would hope that he will see that Obama's plan on this issue makes a lot of sense.

I am going to open a can of worms here.......I live in an area of the country where much of our minority population lives at or below the poverty line.  So many of them recieve government assistance of some kind.  It has long been my opinion that the Democratic party gives just enough help to the poor to keep them dependent, therefore "buying" their vote.  (Give a man a fish.......)  Obama's plan, as I read it,  intends to put into place programs that will give our nations poor the tools they need to finally rise above the cycle of poverty.  (Teach a man to fish..............) 

For this reason, with Edwards' desire to deal with poverty, I hope he will realize that Obama's plan represents a real change, and not more of the same ties that bind.


I think that Edwards will not endorse is greater than the chances he will endorse. However, if he does, I will be shocked if he endorses Clinton. It wouldn't make sense at this juncture, when public opinion is picking up steam, and concern is increasing with super delegates choosing the candidate. On the other hand, I feel the Clinton's have probably offered him a pretty cush deal if he were to endorse Hillary; should she go on to win the general.

It's kind of a battle between integrity and personal gain, right now. (This is all speculation.) Edwards strikes me as a man of integrity... hopefully he will stay neutral if he cannot/will not endorse Obama. 

... supposedly his wife is a Mama for Obama, and like they say... teach a man to fish and he'll never go hungry, teach a man to go against his wife and he'll never get to go fish. Or something. Ok. They don't say that. But they should...  

He has said before that he will not endorse until he feels confident that one of the candidates is willing to pick up his cause of championing the disadvantaged.

Suzi, I don't think he wants to run as VP again. I thought the rumor was that he wanted to serve as attorney general. I don't know if that's true, though.

I would have a hard time supporting Edwards as anything. To me he is nothing more than an ambulance chaser who made his fortune on a bunch of trivial malpractice claims. The guy is an empty suit who could not even carry his own state as a Senatorial or Presidential candidate.

I've actually been wondering about this myself. How in the world is he qualified to be AG? It's not like he's a revered Constitutional scholar. He's just a malpractice lawyer. So is this how it works now? You just have to get a JD and you're good to go for an AG nod? Sign me up!


Yea, but he has a great haircut!  LOL

(Sorry couldn't resist)

Man, do you guys miss Janet. Or should I say......

Man, do you guys miss Janet?  She must be on her meds. AND I KNOW THAT'S MEAN (and Barbara, I haven't even had my glass of wine yet!)

Guys, I have just been beat up (in my wonderful day) by friends about Obama. I know this isn't the place here, but it just seems to be us. No one controversial is here under Obama meets with Edwards! ha!

I got kicked in the side (figuratively) on Facebook by a REALTOR friend I met in Chicago who slammed me!

There is NO WAY that you are a TRUE REPUBLICAN if you would vote for a Democrat with the MOST LIBERAL voting record in the 2008 Presidential Race. Barack Hussein Obama is so far LEFT, he makes Hillary look like a Rush Limbaugh student...PLEASE don't call yourselves REPUBLICANS for Obama, just call yourselves CONFUSED LIBERALS who happened to register Republican because it was cool at the time. NO TRUE REPUBLICAN EVER VOTES FOR A LIBERAL DEMOCRAT. LIKE what would Jesus do, what would The Gipper do, that's all you have to ask yourself. Voting for Barak Hussein Obama would NOT be the answer.
Brian! Wow! You are so pissed! I have been a registed Republican voting for 25 yrs. I am not liberal, but I don't buy into the same rhetoric you do. I want someone to get something done, and I believe Obama can do it. How's it been going so far? Not so good. I am not going to get into debates wth you. But don't tell me what I am or what I am not. I've earned the right to define myself. I own my opinion. And you say you subscribe to the "Get by giving" philosophy. LIVE IT! I do. Now, I don't slam and insult you. (and I could) but I don't.
Have a nice day.
OMG Sandi! You're killin me! Obama? Where does he stand on the issues. He's not once stated his position on anything yet.
Well, we are still Floydians so I've got to look past this but this is a subject that I'm very passionate about and I hate to see people vote for something just because of the HYPE. I do hope when it's just you in that booth and no one can see what you're doing, you will decide to pull the lever that will Change America, but not for all the WRONG reasons, you'll actually VOTE FOR John McCain, who Believes in us Americans, Fought for us Americans, has Experience, will Protect us Americans, & will BRING CHANGE for us Americans.
Have a nice week Sandi! See you soon.
I am passionate, too. VERY PASSIONATE. And I could say the same about your choice...he scares me to death (and I love him at the same time, and honor him TOTALLY,but I could NEVER do a Bush Third term)
NUF SAID, but please don't think I believe Obama doesn't stand on issues~I didn't come over to this side easily, because I did see where he stood. You won't give him a chance and I did. I am very intelligent when it comes to the issues, but Brian, you don't have 4 boys, and I would never base an opinion on "feelings" alone. I am not insulted by the things you believe me to be, because I know I am not those things.
I respected you when I met you, and if you don't respect me based on my beliefs, I can handle that, and it doesn't change how I feel in my heart and head, I am doing the right thing for the right reasons for me.
As you say "whatever it takes". I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!
Most Sincerely, Sandi
THEN CHRISTINA~another Realtor I met in Chicago:
Well, I really don't get why it is called Republicans for Obama? You are really a Democrat, because I don't think that he is going to become Republican??? That is all I am going to say.
Right, but in 1980, there were Reagan Democrats, which means, they left the party they were attached to to vote for Reagan. That's why. I am not voting for Hillary if Obama doesn't get the nomination. That's the difference. No biggie.
Oh I get it now. But I was little in 1980's.
Sandi Lincoln at 9:24pm Feb 18
Haaaaaaa! I wrote (but deleted) you were too young to remember that, but with all the sensitivity around here, I didn't want you to think I was being "ageist" (someone against someone because of age! ha!) Isn't that a riot! BUT I KNOW YOU WERE TO YOUNG TO REMEMBER THAT! It was just a fact! ha! I don't mind people being passionate, either. I made a careful and thoughtful decision to voice my opinion, and I know that makes me a target. I "get that" but it means more to me, THIS TIME, to put it out there and give my support~whatever the consequences to me. What friends I lose (which, I would never dog someone for their opinion~however I may disagree with their choice) I will gain in knowing I made the best decision for myself based on my experiences. That's all I can do.


Even my mom, tonight, said "I just can't stand Obama, I don't care what color he is, I wouldn't vote for him". She's a sweet 65 yr old woman. I just said "Well, that's why we have choices."... She said that at a hockey game so maybe she felt she could "drop the gloves". This is nothing to what Obama goes through, but I've never been this shocked in my life as to "discrimination". It only deepens my passion to the causes, because something great always happens before the darkest time. I am just a little blue is all.


... from the other side of the aisle (and it's why I try not to get into debates between you real republicans and fake ones- because clearly i have no place in that argument at this time) but it is fascinating to me to see some being labeled "not real" or... "confused liberals". I mean, I've been called unamerican, a traitor, and so forth... but I don't think I've been called a fake anything.  LOL. I have nothing to add here, except that... I am incredibly, incredibly fascinated by the dynamics. It reminds me of my sibling when we I was 4 and she was 9. As long as I played her games, I was the best sister ever. When I started to think for myself, I remember her saying vividly, "YOU'RE NOT MY REAL SISTER!"

Yeah... I was. And there was nothing she could do about it.

So I applaud all of you REAL republicans, no matter how free-thinking, or toe the liners you are.

Awwwwright sister girl!!  I think you handled yourself very well, were respectful to their beliefs, but let them know that denigrating you for yours is totally inappropriate!!!  You go girl!  And I love it when you say that you "own your opinion".  That is a powerful statement, and takes courage and self-knowledge.

WHY do people think that crossing party lines makes you of that party automatically??  If we were party sheep, we could just sign over our vote to a proxy at the time of registration, and save everyone the trouble of going to the polls.  Or how about just count registrations, and the party with the most wins?  No need to even bother with elections at all. Sheesh!!!

Our Republican party no longer has the values it was founded upon.  It has been taken over, IMO, by big business interests and war mongering neocons. It panders to the super rich, the powerful, at the expense of all others.  Then they think they are tossing us a bone with tax rebates. Humph!  That is nothing compared to the tax cuts to the top 2% of taxpayers. 

As for Christine, well, we will just consider the source.  She is probably a very nice young woman, but anyone that says you can't be a Republican for Obama and that she doesn't think he will become a Republican, obviously doesn't have a good handle on how the process works.  Clarity on all of that will come with maturity, I'm sure.  And with you to educate her.  LOL

As for your mother, well, all you can do is love her. :)  Is she computer literate?  If so, maybe suggest that she do a little reading here or at another site?  Just a thought.  I am a 61 year old woman, lived in the deep south my entire life, and I see it so differently than she does.  But I have just the opposite problem......I have twin girls 37 years old.  Both of them thought I was nuts.  One of them even hinted at the "anti-Christ" theme.  That one I have made no progress with yet, except that she no longer goes at it from that direction, since I pointed out a few facts, and give her a refresher course in Bible 101.  hehe  The other one, is slowly coming around.  Just this morning, she said she is leaning more and more towards Obama!!!  YAYYYYY  I do think she will be standing with us before too long.  They are both deeply Christian, but one is willing to search and decide, the other is more concerned with what people think.  I told them both about this site, the searching one has come here and done some reading.  But, taking my own advice, all I can do is love them. :)

Keep up the good work Sandi!!  And don't let them get you down.  There is a lot of strength in knowing you are doing what is right for you!

 Big Hugs back to you!! answer to those who ask what would Jesus do?  I tell them that He would feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and care for the sick.  He said we are our brothers keeper.


I was laughing out loud to your  story about your twin daughters, but sorry that is so funny! They might have you committed or worse, come live with you! Just kidding, I am a 44 yr old daughter and my mom would flip! What is funny is my mom is the sweetest, most accomodating person ever! She recently told me she was sometimes afraid to say what she thinks to me, because she didn't want me to get mad or upset. I was like "so what if I do...I love you, and if you need to say something..go ahead. It won't be fatal!" SO THIS IS WHAT SHE DECIDES TO SAY? Lord Love her! She is a big Huckabee fan, and if that tells you anything. When I think about it, I was one of the first ones in my family to vote Republican. My parents were democrat when I was little. When Dem's took on the abortion thing, they switched. It's all crazy. The lines are all blurred now anyway. I don't think about Obama being Democrat, or my being a Republican. BUT I THINK THE MOST POWERFUL THING ABOUT OUR GROUP is we think so highly of Obama we are switching parties. If we were just another Democrat chosing between Hillary or Barack, it just doesn't carry the power that we have in SWITCHING PARTIES! I love when Maria Shriver said, We are the change we were waiting for. I have a saying I love, too...

I was hoping somebody would do something, and then I realized I was somebody.

Bless you Suzi, with your awesome TWINS who must just adore you so much! I know I do!

email me anytime!


That is some funny stuff. And not every blog needs to have nay-sayers to be good. You've just proven that. If it makes you feel any better, I just convinced two Republicans to vote Obama in the TX primary today! There are people out there who will listen.


Way to go Dale!  Now if they will convince two, and they will convince two.......:)

Texas is very important, probably the most important of the remaining primaries, due to the large number of delegates, right?  Are you in TX?

Keep up the good work!  I'm proud of my fellow Obamacans!

DALE! You bring tears to my eyes! We know we can convince people to listen, because we ARE PROOF, people listen.  YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE TODAY! YOU are the perfect ending to my Perfect/NotsoPerfect DAY!


I Bet people who opted for Obama, when he was a different choice, a change from the old to achieve happiness in unhappy time, I bet many of them, including famous and powerful people, wished they had waited to discover brain of Hillary, heart of Hillary, Hillary the fighter, Hillary the Warrior, Hillary the leader that they didnot know, Hillary the clear choice for their families, Hillary the practical Senator who can bring Congress and Presidency together. Yes, there will be buyers regret.

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