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Dude, Where's My Obama Sign?

By Misty - Posted on 15 October 2008

This person signs were stolen twice. Her 16 year old son set up a camera in their house and a cam site for everyone to watch the sign. People all over the world watch this sign. LoL

Obama/Biden 2008

LOL...Im glad I dont have to worry about anyone stealing my sign Ive had it up for about a month. But if I did I would set up a camera too. People here have been stealing Obama bumper stickers off cars


My Obama sign was stolen Saturday night, and then when I went out to go to work on Monday, the new one had been switched with a McCain/Palin sign!  Yikes!

So supposedly, teenagers are out switching Obama signs with McCain ones and vice versa.  I heard that is happening all around our neighborhoods.  We decided that we would just bring ours in at night and put it back out in the morning.

Luckily, my neighbor had about 20 of them in her garage so she can help me restock.




What I took from that, he is 16 and he cares. Beautiful thing, IMHO.

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