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Polls for Wed Oct 15

By Misty - Posted on 15 October 2008

Gallup: Obama 50%, McCain 43%

Rasmussen: Obama 50%, McCain 45%

New State Polls:

Obama 51, McCain 47

Obama 51, McCain 46

McCain 53, Obama 45

Obama 53, McCain 43

Obama/Biden 2008

To answer your question taken from yesterday's poll thread.

. . . Or those crazy PUMA voters that they're under-sampled? - NoMcSame

Where have all the PUMA's gone?

The PUMA effect provided for an interesting media narrative during parts of the summer, but it doesn’t appear likely to end up having a real impact on the election. Read more

Obama/Biden 2008

Pew Research Center Poll (bottom right of page):

Updated October 15:

All Registered Voters: Obama 50%, McCain 40%
Likely Voters: Obama 49%, McCain 42%

Poll notes: Your chance in being polled are about 1 in 150,000 for any given Pew survey since there are over 226 million adult-age Americans in the continental United States and our polls typically contact around 1,500 people.

Obama/Biden 2008

Dear friends, we are at the crossroad of our future. Let's understand the trick of the enemy. We know that lies, slander and deception are part of the political scenario. Let's pray for Obama to maintain his integrity and character.

So folks, we've got to pray for this man. And please . . . make sure you VOTE!!! Vote early if you can!

Obama/Biden 2008

Fantastic picture.

And the gifts keep coming . . .

Sarah Palin drew some boos and shouts of confusion today, when while speaking in New Hampshire she mistakenly claimed that the Granite State was part of the "great Northwest." LMAO

Obama/Biden 2008

"No sweetcakes, your military right! It's to the top right of the pop-up, scratch n sniff, sing-a-long, American map!"

LOL... I know New Hampshire - both "sides" of it - pretty well. Guess who's picture they'll be pinning up at target practice from now on?

I can now safely predict NH going Obama by at least 10 pts.

Thanks Sarah! (again)

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