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106 Year Old Nun Voting for Obama!!

By Lauren - Posted on 15 October 2008

I saw this on Good Morning America this morning and it made me smile.  She voluntarily said she is voting for Obama, she said, " I think he is the one!"  She is adorable!!  (and obviously intelligent too!)  It's the one that is titled, "106 Year Old Nun Votes From Rome."

Watch this

Sorry guys, I don't know how to do the whole embedding thing!!

I enjoyed watching that cute, sweet little Nun!!  This thought crossed my mind... if an obviously "old school" nun can vote for Obama... surely undecided Americans can too!!!

I saw that sweet old lady on the news this morning, too!

Woo hoo!

I hope she's around in 2012 to vote again, too!

Me too!!!

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