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Press Announcement - R.F.O. on XM Radio tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. EST

By Tony Campbell - Posted on 13 February 2008

Dear Fellow Obamacans:

R.F.O. will be on the program "Potus '08" on XM Radio (channel 130) at 8:30 a.m. EST. The interview will be focused on our activities, our plans for the next several months, and our reasons for supporting Senator Obama. Tell everyone you know that has a XM radio receiver to listen in to the program. This is not a call-in show but it should be a great vehicle to spread the word about R.F.O. and Senator Obama.


R.F.O. Press Office

Wow! Very good! Do we have a means to save the interview and convert to mp3 or wav? I don't have XM so I can't do it. But if we can create a file we could post the interview on the site.




Is there any way someone would be able to record this or provide a transcript? I have no way of listening to XM radio, as im sure is the case with many others.

Sorry, I forgot to sign in first.
I can ask the producer tomorrow before the interview if we can get an audio file or a transcript.

ACS, how'd it go?

I would like to receive a copy of the audio file to listen in as well.


Obama, 08! 

The interview went well...only lasted for ten minutes.  Mentioned the website three times and gave specifics about states, membership, history and future plans.

Tony, were you able to get a transcript?  I am dying to read it. It sounds like you were given the opportunity to get our message out.  Way to go!

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