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McCain calls Obama a decent family man

By AGrandmother - Posted on 10 October 2008

Yes, it is true, I saw two snipita of video from today. His audience booed him... The only news story I can find on it is Huffingtonpost, and even they dont have video of it.

Translation -- inciting the angry mob backfired.  A few months ago I might have given McCain the benefit of the doubt and claimed that he was coming to his senses and being a gentleman.  No longer.  He's ruined his legacy.

McCain tries to tame flames he earlier fanned, at a campaign rally October 10


Obama/Biden 2008

Whatever McCain.....It looked like when that man said he is scared, McCain had a look on his face like look what I have done he couldnt even talk with out stuttering...It shouldnt take the media calling you out to address this McCain, its to late.

It's all over the news. I'm glad he stepped up to the plate. It has gotten way out of hand. Glad it was them and not us.

Obama/Biden 2008

Me too, Misty!!!

My feelings exactly!  I am so happy to see McCain at least trying to be a decent man.  

I don't know if we'll ever know - but I'd like to think that he came to this decision all on his own rather than having to be B-slapped into reality by his peers. 

I think it finally dawned on someone in the McCain camp that this ugliness really could get out of hand and become violent.
I'm not argueing,I'm just surprised he has enough senses to come to them and not just blindly continue with the hate retoric, distroying himself and this country.

But at the same time McCain is doing that, his attack staff is bashing Obama for having the nerve to criticize McCain supporters over this.

Sorry, but that two-headed dog don't hunt.  McCain doesn't get to have it both ways, because then it is not sincere,  but just playing CYA.

That's why the hunt's over!

"You can call the dogs in, wet the fire, and leave the house. The hunt's over." - James Carville, October 7, 2008

Too funny, I saw your quote after I wrote my reply above :)

I think in a rare moment of lucidity he remembered how things went for the last guy that pulled this kind of crap - George Wallace 1968.

"You can call the dogs in, wet the fire, and leave the house. The hunt's over." - James Carville, October 7, 2008

It's all well and good that someone in McCain's staff finally recognizes how their new "strategy" is getting out of hand, but I think someone forgot to send the memo to Palin.

However, I don't believe it was anyone in McCain's camp that recognized this, I believe it was pressure from state Republicans that may have forced McCain to make a feeble attempt at leadership.  I have to imagine state and local Republicans are getting uncomfortable with McCain's campaign tactics.

Its time to for us to hold local Republicans accountable if they support the devolution of our party.

Too little, too late.

I was just about to say the same thing....AND....the Only, I repeat, the ONLY reason he is saying these things now is b/c he is trying to cover his ass....It doesnt even matter that he is saying these "nice"(if that's what you want to call it) things..b/c its not comming from the heart, we have seen the realjohnmccain, and saying nice things isnt a part of his campaign.

McCain & Palin have crossed the line. To accuse Obama of being a terrorist at their most recent rallies is unspeakable. Not only does it put Obama in harms way, what about his lovely wife and their two daughters. My gosh, what are they thinking?!!!

Great handle you have LOL.  What made you choose "stinkpot"? 

This whole business about inciting near riots has been wearing me down a tad today, but you folks keep making me laugh :)   Just what I needed.


"We need John McCain to leave... uh... lead this country." - Palin, Vice Presidential Debate

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, October 3, '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 28% chance of wi

Too little, too late. But, I saw the video on TV tonight, and I must admit, McCain looked legitimately scared, like he didn't realize what their actions will lead to.


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The enemy of "the best" is not "the worst." The enemy of "the best" is "good enough."

They've been showing the clips over and over on "Countdown" tonight and I have to say McCain looks very scared about the whole thing! I'm not sure what he's thinking, but he certainly doesn't look happy.  One woman called Obama an "arab" and he corrected her and told her that he is a citizen and he would make a good president, but that HE would make a better president. I think the crowd looked kinda stumped!! LOL.

Countdown repeats at 10pm after Rachel's show for those who want to catch it. Keith is off tonight for those who might avoid it due to him.

My only complaint about what he said is that there's an implicit damnation of Arabs. No, he's not an Arab, he's a decent family man. 

Right.  I forgot Arabs lack decency and family values. 

I swear: the one thing that hasn't been addressed enough during this campaign, is that there is an unmistakable under-current of Muslim/Arab-phobia.  I haven't once heard Obama speak to the Arab voting bloc.  I'd feel crappy about this election right now if I were Arab and/or a Muslim right about now.


"We need John McCain to leave... uh... lead this country." - Palin, Vice Presidential Debate

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, October 3, '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 28% chance of wi

He does look scared. Anybody else get a strange feeling from this? I think he's really really scared. It's like he's been warned in no uncertain terms that should one of his "followers" try something stupid, he'll be personally held accountable.

"You can call the dogs in, wet the fire, and leave the house. The hunt's over." - James Carville, October 7, 2008

Kudos to Senator McCain.  If his staff continues to throw out the lies, thre is video proof that McCain does not agree with that tactic.

To me he looks "grieved".  Sort of the "what-have-I-done" look. 

This is not the America he wants to lead.  Perhaps the "old" McCain is coming out of hiding.

I dont think the "old" McCain is coming out, I think its the I called out now Im trying to fix the mess Ive started McCain coming out.
Perhaps I'm just too much of a hopeful optimist.  HA!

I have to say it, I felt bad for him.  I don't think he's a racist or really wanted to go down this road, but I think at a point he got so desperate that he made an erratic decision without considering the consequences or the sentiments of some in the radical right.  I think this is the main reason why most blacks, including myself veer toward the Democratic Party; the sense that we're not wanted over there, even though the majority of us have conservative values. 

That being said, I do believe that he has to own up for his leadership decision, and it shows poor judgement on his behalf, but I wouldnt want to be in his shoes right now.  Whatever decision he makes going forward in competing with Obama is going infuriate somebody, now he has the task of choosing who's he going to go after, his base or independants, and if it's going to make a bit of difference. 

Oh, well, Obama 08! 

McCain/Palin may find themselves all alone. The RNC may decide to devote resources on some of these GOP senators who are at risk.  

Obama/Biden 2008

Maybe Im just being mean b/c I do not like the way he is running his campaign...But...I in no way shape or form feel sorry for him...A grown man should not have to be told that this kind of erratic behavior is  unacceptable...He knew what he was doing, and he was fine with it until MSM & members of his own party called him out....I look at him like a crooked politican you keep on going until you get caught and that is just what he did.

I don't trust Palin. I think she is going to continue with the attacks. She is the one who started it. She is the one who should have given that speech not McCain.

Obama/Biden 2008

I wonder if we heard everything the crowds are saying.  I think it was getting way out of hand and he may have been warned by the Secret Service or something.  I can't see McCain finally caring what anyone thinks of Obama, who he obviously hates. Also the polls are showing these attacks are working.

That's just was I was thinking. A Secret Service warning. Because he looked honest to God scared - and from what I've seen so far, he's not a good actor.

"You can call the dogs in, wet the fire, and leave the house. The hunt's over." - James Carville, October 7, 2008

Wait a minute... when you say "secret service warning," are you saying "threats on Obama's life" secret service warning - or just a warning in general.?

Please say "in general"...please.

I meant somebody having a serious conversation with McKlan, saying: your actions could potentially lead to anything ranging from violence at your own rallies, to threats on Obama's life or even your own. Now stop it before something hits the fan. You will be held personally accountable if it does.

"You can call the dogs in, wet the fire, and leave the house. The hunt's over." - James Carville, October 7, 2008

Thanks for clearing that up for me, alina (I guess it's a little "obvious" now that I think about it.)

It is sad that he let it get to this point, though... maybe he didn't think about the potential for a threat on his own life.  In my opinion, that might explain why, yesterday, he seemed to be enjoying the rebel-rousing, and today Obame is a decent family man whom we should not be afraid of.... 

To which polls are your referring?  All the ones I'm seeing show Obama gaining even more ground.
I think he is scared, too, but not at the possibility of violence. If that were the case he would have reacted to the anger that has been erupting at his town halls. But I watch the videos of them and he gets a cruel grin… looking quite proud of himself. I someone finally told him that the independents and undecideds are turning against him with the attacks and he’s afraid he has destroyed his campaign, his political career, and his legacy. That no one will remember anything about him except the filth that has been spewed through this last few months.

Whether or not the man is scared, it's for his own good that he's flip-flopping back into a "let's respect Obama" mode. 

Let's just face it: his original tactic was to do the good-cop-bad-cop routine, whereby he is the good cop, pretending that it's above him to attack Obama with smears, while sending out his bad cops (Palin, Cindy) to do the smearing for him.  

Conclusion?:  That plan failed.  So now McCain will dial down the rhetoric momentarily, until things appear more calm, and then he'll recreate the whole attack again, perhaps using a different narrative and a more "refined" and subtle approach. 


"We need John McCain to leave... uh... lead this country." - Palin, Vice Presidential Debate

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, October 3, '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 28% chance of winning the election.

Has anyone considered the good cop - bad cop routine?  McCain as good cop, trying to calm the angry mobs.  Meanwhile, the bad cops, campaign spokesman, put out a release blaming it all on Obama, etc.

Well, that and the secret service thing.......I've read that they don't take these kinds of actions lightly, no matter how remote the chance that they could be serious.

Regardless of the reason for McCain's decision to finally confront this, everyone in his campaign continues to push this disturbing narrative.  As McCain's strategy to assissinate Obama's character continues to backfire, I believe we will begin to see McCain painted as a "victim" of his own campaign. 

I heard Ed Rollins on CNN tonight talk about how McCain has changed over the course of this campaign and that he believed it was due to the people brought on from Bush's campaign.  Gergen was there to point out the obvious - that it is McCain's campaign and the way things are run in the last couple months begin to reflect how a candidate would lead as President.

Of course, Rollins may just be doing damage control for the Republican party and himself.  I think some Republicans are beginning to recognize what many of us here already know...McCain's campaign is splitting the Republican party.

everyone in his campaign continues to push this disturbing narrative.  As McCain's strategy to assissinate Obama's character continues to backfire, I believe we will begin to see McCain painted as a "victim" of his own campaign.

If he does not rein in the rest of his camp he will look weak, not in control of his own campaign. Palin’s popularity keeps dropping, there are some people already who have decided to vote for Obama just because they dislike her so much. If it looks like he can’t control her those numbers will raise.

I saw the old McCain out there, the one I used to respect. Honestly, I can't judge what's in his heart, but I do think he wanted to run a clean campaign early on. His fatal error was getting those Bush people to run things and other very poor Rove-Style advisors. Having said that, I do feel he is uncomfortable with the increasingly negative tone, but felt backed into a corner. Having said that, the way this went down and got so out of control shows a serious flaw in his leadership. Either he is telling his people he doesn't like where this is going and they are ignoring him or he isn't saying anything and letting the others run his campaign. Or even the cynical: maybe the technique was not working and this reaction was all about polling. No matter what was the case, it's a great sign of weakness and he's not someone I'd trust as my president. Any one being reminded of Hillary's self-destructing campaign?

On another note, I wonder how Palin would have responded to the woman who said Obama was an Arab. I don't think she could have had that McCain reaction/enough sense to reject the comment. She is all about talking points, loves to rile the crowd with hate talk, and just can't think on her feet or just react in a "human" way to such nonsense.

I wonder what Rush will have to say-I'm sure he is ready to call McCain a wimp for saying something decent and nice about Obama. Those crowds are not going to like playing nice-I think they were really disappointed and may take it out on McCain (although he still has the ads out there and surrogates doing the dirty work.) I'm so confused with this campaign! My head is spinning. -Kelly (Izzy)

I don't like this man, but I resepect him for this.  It almost seems as if he is trying to make peace with himself and getting in line to show respect for the next real POTUS...Obama.  The only thing I take issue with is the Arab...decent family man...citizen.  I don't want to read to much into this, but I hope he wasn't implying anything about Arabs, b/c my stepdad my be fuming. 

I'm glad I'm not the only one who caught onto that gaffe. It just adds to the pain of the whole thing. I can't wait until the Arab American get hold of that one.

Obama/Biden 2008

I think McCain/Palin are waaay beyond caring if they upset Arab Americans... that was done yesterday!

Just by the very fact that they are inciting people who honestly think that because Obama has an Arab name he's automatically a terrorist makes them guilty of propogating such ignorance.

Obama's name actually derives from the semetic language...I learned this a few days ago someone posted this, its an interesting article...

"So, anyway, Obama's first two names mean "Blessing, the Good." If we are lucky enough to get him for president, we can only hope that his names are prophetic for us."

This was a great article, Brittany.  Thanks so much for informing me.   I really enjoyed it.

...but somehow I think Arabs are still probably offended that a gaffe is equated with Arab (albeit ignorant) which automatically means "terrorist" to some many far, hard righters.  I know if I was Arab, I would be. :)

While the vast majority of Arabs are muslim, there are Arabs who are Christian (Chaldean catholics in Iraq, for example. Tariq Aziz is one). And the majority of muslims in the world are non-Arab.

The largest muslim country in the world (Indonesia) has no Arabs. And Pakistan (the second largest muslim country) is non-Arab. So is Iran (the largest predominately Shia muslim country on earth). So people who equate muslim with Arab or with terrorist generally are ignorant, ill-informed dolts.


The good thing is that he was definitive in his answer. Much better than Hillary Clinton when posed with the same type question and she responded "as far as I know."

Golf11, NYC
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