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By Nickole K - Posted on 23 January 2007

I would be interested in putting a promotion for this site on my web site. If someone with just a little internet/design knowledge would create an "ad" with the web site and name of the web site I would gladly display it on my site. Hopefully this will get more people interested in Mr. Obama for 2008 and away from mean-nasty Hillary.

It looks great!!!

I wonder if screen shots work on this forum!?!? I'm trying right here:


Okay - I guess not.

But, you can visit

And you can see it!



I used your code for our newly launched website and it worked great!
Our website is: and we are working on a links page at the moment and I prefer to use logos with a link as I think it looks nicer on the page. Just added you. We are also now working on a brand new message board and will be added a forum of a listing of other sites. I believe it's important for a grassroots Internet campaign to be cohesive and we would like to provide our visitors to our website access to all that is available.

Yours is unique in that it is Republicans for Obama. I have been finding the sites that are up are each unique and each with a different focus so we felt it important to provide different avenues for our site visitors. Take care

I tried twice to go to the website, but got the message that the page could not be displayed.  Has anyone else had this problem??

Thank goodness I found your site. I have voted Republican forever. Next Presidential election if the candidate is Obama, I will vote democrat! He is real. Something that none of the other candidates can claim.

Hey, Republican4Obama-- hopefully we'll have a California chapter up in a short time.

Hi Nickole - We would love for you to link to R.F.O. - I've added a few different logo formats to our "about" page here:

We'll be adding a links page soon - what's your website?



I would like to see Lubbock, Texas added for a Texas Chapter. How do I go about doing it?


I love your site!!!! Heidi

Hi Heidi - Thanks! I just added Texas as a possible State Chapter - would you be interested in leading the group?

Are there any Republicans For Obama stickers? I would like to buy some. Please try and create some RFO items if not already available. Thanks.

An ardent republican now for Obama.

We should have some R.F.O. items available through our site sometime soon. 


Ok - you can now go shopping for R.F.O. goods at our CafePress site: (shop early and often).

HELLO everyone. I saw John Martin in an article holding a Republican For Obama sticker. Anyone got any idea where i can buy those stickers? 


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